Why Coffee Is Good for Sex?


Sex is a very enjoyable activity however it is more interesting when you are in the right condition and mood with your partner.

Many pills and drinks promise us a better sex life however coffee is the pioneer of all sex enhancing drinks even scientifically drinking coffee has been proven to increase a person’s sexual prowess.

According to the research carried out at the University of Texas health centre Houston it was discovered that coffee has similar properties that pills like viagra possess coffee is packed with nitric oxide and caffeine.

Caffeine is powerful enough to stimulate some pharmacological effects in a person’s genital area the major sex areas. What caffeine does is to make the arteries of the genital area to relax completely which will then allow for the free and uninterrupted flow of blood.

Nitric oxide, on the other hand, offers important function before sex. It helps to smooth the arterial lining which will also keep it slippery. In that way, white blood cells and platelets don’t patch in the lining.

Patching may lead to artery blocking and also lead to damaging inflammation which are conditions that prevent blood from flowing easily to the genital parts.

Besides it also helps to smooth the muscle cells of the arteries which will prevent spasms and also keep the arteries open for easy blood flow.

It has also been discovered that men above 20 years of age who drink as many as 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily are less prone to suffering erectile dysfunction.

According to a report published on the PLOS ONE journal, there is proof that men who consume around 50 to 170m of caffeine are 72% less likely to have erectile dysfunction.

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While those who ingest around 171 to 303 milligrams of caffeine at 39% less likely to have erectile dysfunction.

Research carried out by the dailycupo.com reveals that men and women who drink two to three cups of coffee a day and also before sex give their partner some of the best performances.

The best type of coffee before bed

For a lot of reasons, it is advised that people avoid taking coffee before bedtime and one of those reasons is because coffee could interrupt sleep.

However, if you’re looking to give your partner those goosebumps during sex, then an expresso is the right coffee to go for. You may be wondering why an expresso is the best option, find out as you read further.

Increases women libido

According to studies expresso make women more in the mood for sex it makes them super horny they would jump on you at the slightest opportunity.

How that happens well, an expresso creates an uninterrupted flow of blood to a woman’s genitals. Therefore science can easily be called upon to back up the claims that women who consume coffee often I’m better in bed than women who don’t ( i didn’t say that).

Vital to never forget is that libido is the first and most significant step to a healthy sex life. Because in reality, nobody likes a sluggish or barely aroused partner – I mean, no one at all wants that.

Reduces erectile dysfunction in men

Nothing is more annoying and boring than a man who takes a woman to bed with plans of giving her mind-blowing sex but finds out that he can’t function properly.

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Such an occurrence can lead to a marriage of problems including cheating and even break ups. Now in cases like this, you can call on an expresso because it is that one coffee that can increase blood flow to measure sex areas.

Researchers have revealed that people who drink a cup of espresso before bedtime and less likely to suffer and erectile dysfunction.

Now it is OK to think that soft drinks and other fizzy drinks also contain caffeine, and then you begin to wonder if they would do the same job that an expresso will do.

The reason the caffeine in soft and other fizzy drinks will not count is that these drinks are packed with thousands if not millions of chemical sugars. An expresso, on the other hand, is natural caffeine which is strong enough to get you doing wonderful things during sex.

Better athletes

If you make up your mind to have sex, then automatically you become an athlete. That doesn’t sound so right? I can explain.

Almost the same as any other athletic game, sex requires your endurance. You will need strength, flexibility, and stamina to deliver excellent performance. So now you understand where the athletic concept comes in.

And some researchers now claim that athletes drink a cup of coffee before their workout especially those that require endurance such as distance running and cycling.

The sweet smell

Nothing turns a person off more than a terrible smell, same way nothing drives a person into the mood for sex better than a sweet smell like that of an expresso.

So before its time to get under the sheets, taking in some of that nice sweet expresso aroma will trigger all of the feelings that will have you going several rounds in one night.

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Reduces stress

After a hard day’s work or hours spent in class, the last thing you want to do is get involved in any other strenuous activity even if it comes with some pleasure.

People who are seriously stressed cannot deliver a good sexual performance, so what else would help than a delicious coffee aroma that is known to reduce stress?

Coffee makes you happy

Can you imagine what it would be like having sex with a sad person? No one wants to imagine what that experience would be like – definitely an awful one.

Some studies claim that coffee drinkers are usually happier than those who do not drink coffee and in contrast, other sweetened drinks including soda acts like depressants do to all the crap that is added to them.

Sex with a happy person is everything enjoyable, and coffee does the job of stimulating your happy glands.

Boosts brain performance

Intelligence is sexy, so nobody wants to be with a dullard because most of the time they can be boring.

Science has proven that coffee is healthy for the brain also an expresso keeps your mind wide awake and that turns on your brain.

So finally, now that we know all the wonderful things coffee has to offer when it comes to sex, there is no crime getting as many cups as possible whenever you feel like getting active between the sheets.

If you have experienced the wonder-working coffee or you would like to tell us what you think, please share with us by leaving a comment.

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