Best Ways to Make Your 69ing Orgasmic


There is something about discussing the 69 positions with a friend in the presence of other people who are oblivious of what you are talking about that might remind you of high school.

There is always that teenager or group of teenagers who giggle over punching 80085 into a calculator to mimic the spelling of BOOBS. In reality, the 69 position is awkward in a variety of way ( I’d like to assume everyone agrees with this).

We know very well that reaching the desired orgasm when your partner goes down on you can take a while. In fact, not every woman is fortunate enough to genitals an orgasm. But when it comes to doing a 69, you not only worry about getting an orgasm but also try to concentrate on giving your partner one at the same time.

That is a really demanding task, but somehow we manage to get involved in it. Some good things have to be paid for in some way, so if you want to make 69 super enjoyable and sexy, here are some easy tips to help bring your 69 dreams to reality.

Let us talk about the basics first

I would like to assume you already know what a 69 is and how to get it done. However, for the sake of those days when you need to be reminded, I’ll bare it all here.

Have your sex partner lie down on their back (This works for both sexes so any of you can lie on your back) then climb on top of them, so you are not facing them.

Make sure that your vagina or penis aligns with your partner’s mouth giving them easy oral access to your sex organ.

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Your partner’s sex organ should align with your mouth as well so that you have access to your partner’s penis or vagina. The 69 can also be done in a side-by-side position. Making the 69 positions hotter for you.


1. Try not to take it too seriously

If you are looking to do a 69 like a pro and still have as much fun as possible with it, the key is not to take it as seriously as you take your 9 to 5 job. Make sure to keep your activity sensual and relaxed throughout the session.

One example of how you can make it fun and easy is to begin by having your partner lie on the bed with their head a little over the edge, and then spread your legs standing on the floor over him or her.

Kiss and massage tour partner’s upper body and slowly make your way down to their genital so that you get in position for a 69.

2. Get your hands on the journey

You have probably heard or read this a million times over that the hands are beautiful helpers when it comes to making sex more sensual and easier.

There is plenty of the skin to explore during 69 so make no mistake of focusing all your attention on your partner’s sex organ.

Let your hands travel around your partner’s body, reaching every spot reachable and touching in the most erotic way possible. Adding some nicely scented body oil to the mix can make it even more erotic for the both of you.

Rub on a fair amount of the scented body oil so that your hands can travel easily around your partner’s body and make sure to reach for sensitive spots that will keep them feeling wanted.

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When you feel your mouth is aching or you just need a breather, your hands are also wonderful and helpful with doing the job while your mouth gets the needed rest.

3. Turn the 69 sessions into a sensual experience for you and your partner

Have you heard or read about sensate focus exercises before today? If you haven’t, let me introduce you to an exercise that requires you and your partner to focus all your attention on the sensation of being touched sexually.

This exercise has been used by sex therapists over the years to help partners reconnect with each other in the bedroom.

The trick of this exercise is that when partners consciously focus on how it feels for them to be touched in some particular ways, they gain a better understanding of the things that get them turned on, which will ultimately lead to a better sexual experience.

When it comes to 69, how these exercise works is that it helps you concentrate on how it feels to be touched or having your genital orally stimulated while you engage in offering the same pleasurable service to your partner.

Take a short time to run your fingers down your partner’s spine if you are having a 69 in a side-by-side position to help them concentrate better on what you are doing. I can’t explain the science behind the spine touch on concentration connection, but rumor has it that it works like magic.

4. Invite your vibrating buddy

Having oral sex in a 69 position can be annoying for some people, but they do it regardless just to please their partners. If you are one of those people, take advantage of using a vibrator to make the job more comfortable and more interesting.

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Not only will you rest your mouth as much as possible, but your partner will also enjoy stimulation at different speeds and might even squirt in the process.

If you do not have a vibrator, your fingers or your partner’s fingers can do the job by rubbing on the clitoris while your mouth gets busy down there. By the way, if you are bold enough to get your sex organ eaten, be brave enough to give your partner the same pleasure.

5. Take advantage of the side position

If what you plan is to make the 69 you’re your whole thing, then the easiest way to do it without getting tired is to lie down side-by-side.

What this position does is to help prevent muscle strain or your limbs finding their way to places where they shouldn’t be. And if you need a pillow, you can easily rest your head on your partner’s thighs.

6. Switch things up

A lot of guys have developed the habit of writing the alphabet with their tongues when giving oral sex. While this may have worked for them before, it could get very dull for the lady if it all you do.

Try new speeds and do different other things with your tongue. Make sure to create a new experience every time you have a 69 so that it doesn’t lose the magic. Enjoy!

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