8 Things You Should Do After Sex

Unprotected Sex

There exists loads of literature on what you should do during and after sex, and hopefully, whatever advice given proves helpful on how you should approach the deed.

Once you’re done enjoying yourselves, the situation can get a little bit awkward and how you handle this situation determines whether or not the sexual encounter will have been successful, thus it is happening again in future.

Lots of people just after sex lie there thinking of what to do next, and below are some tips on psychological, physical and interactive that most people do not do.

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Disposing of the condom discretely

A woman can tell a lot just by the way a man throws away his condom after use, this being the least sexy part when it comes to sex.

However, you can dispose of the condom in a way that will not turn off your lady, and this is by taking off the condom, covering it with a toilet paper before putting it in a wastebasket.

Some men just after finishing the deed throw the condoms in the wastebaskets directly, on the floor or flush it down the toilet which is very repulsive.

Furthermore, when disposing of in a bin, always ensure you have tied the top of the condom to prevent its contents spilling in the litterbin which is just untidy.

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Provide your partner with refreshments

While disposing of the condom, getting your partner some drinks, either a glass of water or juice is very considerate having in mind both of you will be thirsty. Moreover, be thoughtful and let your partner be the first one to have a sip.

Clean yourselves using a towel and cover the wet spots

We all know sex leaves us needing some cleaning afterward; thus, you should always offer your partner a clean cloth to freshen themselves before doing the same.

Additionally, wet spots on the bed, which you all know but do not talk about appearing every time you’ve had sex, should be covered with a towel.

It is to ensure both of you have a well-deserved rest and not having to move to the bed’s edge, and such a small gesture is an indication that you do care.

Use the bathroom

It is vital to always visit the bathroom before and after sex, and this is mainly observing basic hygiene than being considerate of your partner. It applies to both genders and its importance is to get rid of any bacteria that may have gotten inside your vagina or penis resulting to a urinary disease.

Despite this not being usually taught, observing it is critical and cleaning yourselves with alcohol-free baby wipes highly recommended.

Cleaning of your sex toys

Often, people always do after-sex clean-up but end up forgetting to clean the sex toys and doing this might result in problems in the future.

The cleaning up of sex toys depends on the type of sex toys you are using, with sex toys having motor parts typically cleaned using a specific cleanser that is gentle in comparison to antibacterial soap which may degrade silicone.

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Nonetheless, sex toys with no motor parts and are made of metal, glass or silicone, boiling them in hot water is adequate.


In addition to the ordinary things you do after sex, an emotional element should also be in the mix of the after-sex care. Unlike porn where everything is perfect with both partners gleaming and dewy, it is essential you review how the sex was, what you liked and did not like and what more of you would want.

For any healthy and long-term relationship, this is vital, and you should always start with something your partner did that you liked and also knowing if they enjoyed.

Subsequently, this opens up the doors for a sexy conversation, both partners offering suggestions on what improvements should be made or what to stop doing altogether.

Stay in bed and cuddle

Partners always need quiet time with each other after sex, be it chilling together either by talking casually, cuddling or seeing each other breath. If, however you need to jump off out of bed and head to the bathroom, which is acceptable and, in some cases, necessary, always let your partner know you are coming back.

Staying or not

Not cuddling after sex is acceptable and great and this should only be the case if you both are on the same page as is the scenario in one-night stands. However, it is vital to let your partner know your intention before having sex, and that should not make you feel obliged to stay over.

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Moreover, if you are not going to spend the night which is okay, you should not get up and sneak out but instead cuddle and chill with your partner winding it down before making a polite exit.

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