A Few Reasons Why Its OK to Go Braless

Having a bra on for long hours is one of the most uncomfortable things that a lady has to deal with almost every day. Because we have been created differently and have different shapes and sizes of breasts, not everyone is bold enough to set the tatas free and go ahead with daily activities.

I’d like to think of a few reasons why I bother to put on a bra at all, asides the social ideology of it being a decent thing for ladies to do. The only thing that comes to my wondering mind is “hiding the always pointed nipples” (My nipples are sort of on the big side), but that’s just me.

Other reasons why we ladies wear the cups is to make our breasts look fuller and more attractive when we put on our clothes. However, depending on the society you live in, it is very OK to dress up without wearing a bra.

Let’s face it; there is almost no way you can avoid this underwear if you have small breasts and you are straight. Not all of us are comfortable in our skin, and that’s OK.

It takes a lot of courage for a woman with little melons to pull off a braless look without caring what the opinions of people will be in this era where big breasts and backside is everything.

Is there any valid reason why you should ditch the bra and walk around with nothing but your boobs under your shirt? Oh yes! There are a billion reasons. Plus, it’s super sexy and comfortable.

Recent studies have shown that the myth we believed of bras helping our breasts to develop better and prevent sagging has been false all along.

Girls who allowed their breasts grow without having to strap them in bras always end up with better lifts and healthier breasts. Sometimes I feel like bras play a role in hindering breasts from growing to their full sizes when girls wear them at the developmental stage.


Wearing a tight bra always can leave strap marks on your shoulders and these marks are not only unattractive but can be slightly painful sometimes. Also, it is a terrible thing to go to bed with your bra on.

It not only gets in the way if you get horny at night and want to do a few things with your partner, but it can also impair your sleep and even cause irritation and skin pigmentation.

Bras cut off the circulation your breasts need to stay healthy and prevent gravity from naturally helping your breasts gain more tone thus it isn’t far from the truth that bras can make tour melons sag early.

We deserve to choose whether or not to let our boobs bounce while we run. Getting comfortable with how mother nature designed your body is the best thing that can happen to any woman with body image issues. It doesn’t matter if your boobs are big, medium, or small.

Whether your nipples are always pointing at guys like mine does (These things have a mind of their own), or they are the tiny one that is hardly noticeable when you wear a T-shirt, one thing you should bear in mind is that they deserve some breathing space and all the love in the world. Set the TATAs free today!

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