12 Best Lesbian Sex Toys for Fun Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex Toys

There are sex toys for everyone and every couple, and this means that there are sex toys for lesbians that will do the magic.

So many people already assume that lesbian sex is one of the best kinds of sex because girls have a good understanding of each other’s bodies.

Well, this may seem like a fair assumption, but is wrong to a large extent because no two females are a perfect pair when it comes to what gets them there sexually.

There are so many ways that two or more ladies can have sex without involving sex toys, but they are quite popular nonetheless.

It is all about regular practice when it comes to girl-on-girl sex, and many lesbian couples have found that sex toys will do so much good for their sex life.

From here, we will show you how sex toys for lesbians can easily change a woman’s life. So, below we will review the best lesbian sex toys to store in your bedside drawer.

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1. The Classic vibrator

We can conclude that this one is an obvious choice. Almost every modern girl who masturbates will own a classic vibrator if they are looking to get the best orgasms from penetrative masturbation.

No doubt, this is one sex toy that can work wonders on your lady partner too

2. Clitoral vibrator

Clitoral vibrator

A study carried out by The Journal of Sex, and Marital Therapy revealed that 37 percent of women needed clitoral play for them to reach a climax.

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What this means is that a clitoral vibrator is a lesbian’s best chance at getting an orgasm or giving their partner one. Oh yes! The fingers work, but the clit vibrator works the best (ask those who have tried it).

3. Magic wand

Definitely, most magic wands are on the costly end of the price list; they are larger and also require you to plug it in (that’s not very discreet, in my opinion).

However, these tools are definitely worth every penny of the investment with its interesting ultra-buzz, creating some immense pleasure. What girl wouldn’t want that?

4. Butterfly vibrator

Have you heard about the butterfly vibrator? If you haven’t, it is because the butterfly vibrator is not one of the commonly known sex toys, but it is one hell of a treat.

This toy is a free-hand device that any person can strap around their waist, with the vibrator sitting atop the clitoris.

With this super cool device, any woman should be able to experience the tingling, orgasmic pulses that it offers without needing to hold it in place.

This means that both you and your partner can have fun touching each other elsewhere and feeling as many erogenous zones at the same time. One of the coolest sex toys for lesbians if you ask me.

5. Remote control egg

To use this, you need to insert the egg into your lady part, and your lesbian partner can take on the responsibility of controlling how it vibrates and the level it vibrates on.

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Of course, you can agree that this sex toy is great for people masturbating by themselves, but lesbian couples can also use this toy to heighten their sex life in many ways they haven’t done before.

You have a chance to slip the egg into your vagina at any time… and theoretically, you can slip it anywhere. Of course, you know sticking it anywhere is only possible if you’re brave enough.

6. Finger vibrator

Not so popular, but you should consider using a finger vibrator the next time you want to enter your partner in that way.

Who knows? It just might change the sexual experience altogether.

7. Dildo


While it is now a fact that clitoral action makes a large percentage of women orgasm,  it has also been found that 18 percent of women claim that they can come any time from vaginal penetration alone.

If you or your lesbian partner are like this, then this means the dildo may come in since most lesbians do not have an actual penis.

Dildos are not only cool; they can be a real game-changer when it comes to lesbian sex. A dildo is long enough to go all the way in and touch the places that your hand otherwise cannot reach.

8. G-spot vibrator

Not into a basic dildo? you may opt for a dildo that vibrates, also called the G-Spot Vibrator

This device is designed to buzz and shake in interesting ways as it is pulled in and out of your vagina, hitting your G-spot.

9. Anal beads

Anal Beads

We know that butt play is certainly not for everyone, but there are some people that are absolutely in love with it. If you are one of those humans, or your partner is one of those, then anal beads might just be your new favorite toy.

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10. Strap on

Strap on

No, this isn’t weird. If a lesbian couple thinks that what they prefer is penetrative sex, then they can enjoy each other without having to use their hands. To enjoy the best of penetration, they may opt for a strap-on and have crazy sex with each other with this toy, with all the moans and thrusts they can imagine.

11. Nipple sucker

Nipple sucker

Another really hot and sexy erogenous zone for a good number of women is the nipples. This is one thing that may makes the nipple sucker sex toy one really popular one.

In terms of what this sexy tool does… well, you already have a clue in the name.

12. Anal dildo

If you want more of anal play, you may wish to spend some money on an anal dildo as they are shaped quite differently to your regular dildo.

So, these are 12 of the best sex toys for lesbians that you may want to try. While it is so much you can benefit when it comes to enjoying the best sex with the aid of lesbian sex toys; it is vital to have safe sex.

Get tested for infections and other medical issues before you share toys with your partner.

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