Tight Vagina Race: Do Asian Women Have the Tightest Vagina?

Tight Vagina

From perky breasts to a tiny waist and a tight vagina, the female body has been highly sexualised for ages, and the level of sexualisation has increased a lot more recently thanks to pop culture.

Most of the standards women have been subjected to are honestly unrealistic, but some ladies like to play along with it. Science has shown that most, if not all of these abstract ideals have an adverse effect on the self-esteem of women.

However, asides weight gain, boobs size, and ass size, one other factor that has bothered women is vagina tightness. Is there such a thing as women of a particular race having the tightest vagina? We are about to find out.

The expectation of a tight vagina from women is common and has caused a lot of emotional and mental damage to women around the world. Tight vaginas are valued in almost every culture and society that has a strong patriarchal root.

The tightness of a woman’s vagina has been considered a sign of chastity and virginity, arising from the belief that female should remain untouched until they get married as they will become properties of their husbands.

Another reason why tight vaginas are a big deal these days is because men feel it gives a more pleasurable sexual experience when their penis goes into one.

This craze for tightness has had women going for vagina rejuvenation surgery, engaging in kegel exercises, and the husband stitch.

The stereotype that right vaginas are the best vaginas has affected especially Asian women.

There was a time comedian Amy Schumer made a joke about Asian women and their right vaginas saying: “It doesn’t matter what you do, ladies, every guy is going to leave you for an Asian woman… And how do they bring it on home for the win? Oh, the smallest vaginas in the game.”

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It is uncertain how the myth of Asian women having smaller and tighter vagina originated but alot about it points back to colonialism.

Patricia Park was able to trace this sexualisation of Asian women back to when the United States of America establish a military presence during the Korean and Vietnam War.

During the war, thousands of women from all over the Asian continent including Filipina and Thai women were forced into prostitution with the American soldiers.

The ripple effect of this forced prostitution during the war is mostly evident in Thailand where mass sex tourism became a thing developed to pay off debts.

As a result of the above, the forest encounter many men had with women from Asia was in the context of sexual domination and military conquest.

Robin Zheng also made a point about how this sad history has an impact on how people are exposed to women from Asia in the present day.

Hollywood has also increased this stereotype by painting pictures of Asian women as submissive damsels in distress, dragon ladies, China dolls, and finally, tiger moms.

To worsen the situation of things, the porn industry has quickly taken advantage of this stereotype and made films showing Asian women as desirable sex items who are available for exploration.

A lot of men have admitted learning that Asian women have tighter vagina through their exposure to pornographic films.

According to a 27-year-old man who chooses to remain anonymous Pornography contributes significantly to this idea.

There’s a lot of pornography to promote it, for example, they may pair together an Asian female and a black male, playing off those appealing sexual stereotypes. So, I think that it has become something that men of our generation have ingrained in their psyches.”

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One may want to believe that this stereotype is only promoted by men, but some women sadly promote it too. A half Korean lady known as Michelle Eigenheer from Kentucky recalls one experience with her OB-GYN who is a white female.

According to Michelle, she believes the tightness of her vagina during the examination was probably because she was tense but it didn’t stop her mind from wonder if Asian women having a tight vagina was more than just a myth.

Another 27-year-old Asian woman called Jenny Snyder claimed her back in high school, her classmate had asked her if her vagina was located sideways. According to Jenny, The classmate of hers though she has a horizontal vagina and even butts cheeks ( that’s just about the most hilarious question anyone could ask).

Most Asian women reportedly first encountered this tight vagina stereotype when they had their forest sexual encounter with men of other races.

An American-Asian 19-year-old female reported her experience with a white man she dated in her sophomore year who told her she had the tightest vagina he had ever been in saying a lot of her make friends have talked about how a tight vagina is always the best.

This has given her and many other Asian women the impression that a tight vagina is a favourable thing when it comes to being sexually desirable. While some Asian women find this stereotype interesting, many others find it disturbing.

According to an interview with Healthline, Phi Anh Nguyen who is an Asian-American female from San Francisco has this to say: “I guess that’s something to be proud of. However, tying this trait to Asian women to make them more sexually desirable isn’t a healthy thing. It objectifies us.”

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Since there is no scientific proof that backs up this claims a rising number of Asian feminists are making moves to see that this stereotype is ended for good so that younger females do no grow up seeing themselves as sex toys.

Besides, no woman wants a vagina that is too tight as it would mean painful sex almost every time.

A reasonable number of Asian women who live in other parts of the world have never heard of the tight vagina myth which just might be evidence that the stereotype is gradually getting erased.

Nevertheless, the fact that the myth seems to be dying doesn’t change the fact that its effects are still evident in the lives of women of other races.

Making women feel less of herself because she isn’t Asian and her vagina doesn’t fit your idea of perfect is a terrible thing.

Women who have experienced childbirth and women who engage in sports may not be so tight down there but It doesn’t mean sex with them will be less pleasurable.

Creating a mindset that women with less tight vaginas are loose and have had sex with plenty of men is unhealthy and should not be encouraged. Why on earth does it even matter how close a lady’s vagina is?

All women were created different, and no two people have the same vagina, so it is far from the truth that all Asian women have tight vagina.

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