7 Ways You Can Avoid Depression From Interfering With Your Sex Life

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Depression affects over 15 million adults in the United States, which accounts for as much as 6.7% of the US adult population, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

This mental disorder has been linked with many symptoms, as well as certain health conditions that may lower a person’s quality of life and make life less enjoyable for them.

Depression can creep up on a person and systematically cause symptoms, or it can lead to a faster progression of symptoms and also result in adverse effects occurring rather quickly.

While depression raises the risk of developing heart disease and many other diseases, people often do not attend to the fact that depression also affects a person’s sex life in numerous ways, and often leads to a loss of interest in sexual activity.

Men are also prone to developing signs of erectile dysfunction, as well as ejaculatory problems when they become depressed.

In this post, we are going to consider seven of the most efficient ways to improve your sex life if either you or your partner is depressed.

We’ll cover different topics, from eating foods that enhance your sex drive to doing some exercise to improve your depression symptoms and alleviate your sexual problems.

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1. Don’t Over complicate Things

Couples tend to over complicate things, especially when depression or anxiety affects them. Over complicating sexual intercourse often comes from the particular individual in the relationship that is affected by depression.

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They think that sex has to be perfect every time, which causes them to become uninterested in having sex if they do not feel like they would be able to perform at their best.

Instead of concentrating on the finer details, such as sex that may not be perfect, rather focus on the moment and the interaction between you and your partner.

2. No, You Don’t Need A Six Pack And 0% Body Fat To Have Sex

Both men and women tend to develop a lower self-esteem when they are severely depressed, which could also lead to a small body image.

Unfortunately, this effect can take a toll on their sex lives as well, as they may think that their partner will not find them attractive enough to want to have sex with them.

Bolde recommends showing off the parts of your body that you are confident about and keeping what you don’t feel comfortable with covered to help you out.

If the man feels like they need to build some muscle to be more impressive in bed, he could opt for methods that can increase testosterone level in Men, but this should not affect his sex life in the meantime.

3. Couple Workouts

It has been scientifically proven that physical activity assists with relieving the severity of symptoms related to depression.

Mayo Clinic reports that physical activity may also improve your mood and alleviate anxiety for the time being – these are all advantages that you can benefit from in the bedroom if you find yourself depressed and in a bad mood.

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To make this tip even more useful, try to do some workouts with your partner – this will give you some much-needed bonding time.

4. Play A Little

When you feel depressed, you might be tempted to initiate sex and get it over with as soon as possible. There may be a lot of things that cause such an emotion.

For example, a man may be worried that his erection may go away if they stretch things out. Men’s Journal reports that foreplay is something that both men and women can benefit from, so, instead of jumping right into sex, do some foreplay.

5. Do What You Love

Every person is different from another; thus each person will also have their own particular aspects of sexual intercourse that they love and, of course, aspects that they hate.

Talk to your partner about what turns you on the most and ask them what turns them on the most. Find things that both of you really like to do and initiate in these activities.

6. Don’t Wait For The Perfect Moment

When you feel depressed, you might wait for the moment to be “perfect” before you initiate in sexual intercourse with your partner.

Unfortunately, due to your depressive mindset, you may never really feel like there is a “perfect” moment.

Stop waiting for the right time and just do it. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your mood and mindset can change once you have initiated sex.

7. Check In With Your Doctor

According to a report published on Time.com, the majority of people that suffer from depression are not being treated.

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Depression is a highly treatable mental disorder, but if you do not obtain the appropriate medication or therapies to help you cope and improve your symptoms, then it most often will not go away on its own.

Check in with your doctor and talk to them about how you are feeling, as well as how depression is affecting your sex life.

Final Words

If you are your partner is suffering from depression, then you already know about the many symptoms and adverse effects on your general well-being this particular mental disorder can cause.

Your sex life has also most likely taken a hit by this condition, and you have been wondering how you can get back your “oomph” in the bedroom.

If this has affected you and your sex life, then only follow the simple tips we have shared here, such as implementing an Erectile Dysfunction natural treatment into your lifestyle, to help you overcome the sexual disadvantages of depression.

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