8 Best Shower Sex Positions to Try

Shower Sex Positions

Show me anyone who hasn’t thought about having good sex in the shower, and I’d show you a person who doesn’t know what erotic means.

Imagine how turned on you’d be from just watching the water run down your partner’s body as in inhaling the beautiful smell of lavender or whatever shower product he or she is using.

Imagine all the nasty things you could do to that squeaky clean body right there in the shower if you knew the positions that work perfectly for the best shower sex. Who wouldn’t want that experience?

Check out the best shower sex positions you should try tonight with that sexually attractive partner of yours.

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1. The lady wraparound

To do this position, the female has the lean back against the wall and have the man stand in front of her. Raise up a leg and wrap it around your man’s waist or merely tell him to hold under your knees to make a move a lot easier for the both of you.

Why this position works well for deep penetration is because you have support from the wall you lean against and the help of his arm holding your leg in place.

It is very unlikely that you fall out of the tub or slip and the sex is more intimate because you are both face-to-face with each other.

2. The standing doggy

This is one of the most known best shower sex positions. All you are required to do is put your palms against the wall or hold on to a strong bathroom sink for support and bend your knees forward just a little.

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This makes it easy for your partner to slid into your vagina easily and thrust as fast or slow as he wants without anything getting in the way. It also gives him access to your breasts so he can grab on them and caress them from behind at will.

There is so much about doggy style a lot of us are unaware of, but thankfully we have that lesson covered for you.

3. The sit and slide

You can do this position in a tub, but I prefer it on a toilet seat. How it works is to have him sit in the tub with his legs stretched out allowing you to do a bathroom version of any of the woman-on-top sex positions you are comfortable with.

Sitting on the toilet seat and engaging in this position is more comfortable as there is more space for your partner to stretch his legs and you can comfortably sit facing him so he can suck on your breasts when you want.

The benefit of this position is that it allows your man to relax and enjoy you take charge and you can control the movement at your pace.

4. The “Get a leg up” position

This position is the riskiest of all bathroom sex positions, but when done correctly, the feeling is out of this world (might be talking from experience, you never can tell). How does it work?

Lift up one of your legs and place it on the rim of your bathtub then bend over slightly. This allows your partner to slide in from the front or behind depending on what the both of you want.

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Before you engage in this position, make sure the rim of the bathtub is dry, and your foot is also dry so that you don’t slip and hit your head.

This position also allows your partner to perform oral sex on you from under and the both of you can switch it up so you can suck him from under while on your knees (works great from BDSM) lovers.

5. The hanging garden position

This one, you probably have practiced in the bedroom a couple of times. Well, it works just the same way in the bedroom.

Have your man lift you from the ground with your legs wrapped around him. While you are mid-air, he has full access to your vagina and becomes in full control of the to and fro movement throughout the session.

The beauty of this position is that it allows both of you to make out in the shower as you are face-to-face the whole time. However, this position might be physically demanding for your man as he would be carrying you the entire time. Make sure he has the strength for it, so he doesn’t collapse.

6. The standing split position

This position isn’t only sexy but makes you feel as flexible as a gymnast. A little like the doggy, but what you are required to do is to stand with your legs split, bend your head downwards, lift one leg and place it on his chest.

Make sure to position your other leg on a bath mat so you can be stable and enjoy the time you both spend in the shower. If you feel you might not be able to pull this position off correctly because you are not so flexible, you could try taking yoga classes and try again when you feel you are ready.

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7. The love chair position

love chair position

This is one other position that is perfect for a bathtub with a bench area inside and also great for a toilet seat. Have your partner sit with his back against the wall or the water cistern.

Seat on your partner with your back against his chest and control the movement at your pace. This position is also called the hot seat or the man on the chair, and it allows your partner to caress and kiss you from behind.

8. Putting all Hands on deck

When you want to have shower sex, the first thing to have at the back of your mind is that just like sex in other places, shower sex is more than only penetration.

Put your hand to use by giving him a hand job and allowing him to finger you in the shower. Take advantage of the cascading water and the leather available to you in the bathroom and make the experience more interesting by talking dirty and having oral sex in the shower.

If your bathroom is small, you might not be able to do some of these positions, but you can take your partner for a night out and pass the night in a hotel room with a spacious bathroom and get the ball rolling.

Having sex in the shower is so much fun but remember that water is not a lubricant and can make sex a little uncomfortable. Make sure to use any lube of your choice to enhance the shower experience.

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