13 Types of Taboo Relationships You Should Know

Types of Taboo Relationships

A taboo relationship goes against the conventions of the society in which the individuals live. A taboo connection might range from incest to a single person having an affair with a divorced person; as long as it is not permitted in that culture, it is termed a taboo relationship.

Historically, taboo relationships have been defined as a love that defies culturally imposed behavioral norms by transforming into a “hidden love” that the rest of the world should be unaware of.

However, many of the taboo relationships of the past are no longer taboo now.

In contrast, others, such as interracial dating in America, are not formally outlawed but can be tacitly repressed further as Western society progresses along a socially libertine path (except for a few from the cultural margins).

Unfortunately, No matter how libertarian we are, we can’t deny that passionate love has a prohibited element. Cases like the teacher who romances a pupil or the married politician who dates his secretary or has a mistress appear in the media regularly.

When we’re looking for an ideal connection, we don’t always find it. What if you meet Mr. or Ms. Right and discover that they are one of those persons you are forbidden to love? In our society, certain types of relationships are frowned upon.

We’re not talking about incest or partnerships between members of the same family. However, These are just interactions that are considered unprofessional or unethical by society standards and are tagged as a taboo relationship.

These are Thirteen prohibited partnerships that can nonetheless grow into absolutely wonderful ones.

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1. Relationship between a teacher and a student

Setting aside age differences and professional integrity, what’s wrong with a teacher falling in love with a student or vice versa?

A ‘guru,’ or instructor, is given the status of a parent in most traditions. That is why humans have an almost incestuous reaction to teacher-student relationships.

2. Relationship with a married man or woman

Dating a married person is considered a taboo relationship because one of the people involved is married.

And society will frown against your union. Hence you won’t be able to take the relationship public. Expect you planning to become a second wife or third as the case may be.

3. Your Best Friend’s Ex

You may have always liked your best friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend, but even if your friend breaks up with him/her.

You still can’t pursue them. If you do, you’ll be breaking the ‘man code,’ which states that you should never look at your friend’s girl.

Furthermore, you will be held responsible for the split! Hence it is considered a taboo relationship

4. Ex’s Sibling

You ditched the older sister and went straight for the younger ones. It’s not going to work!

In our society, dating your ex’s sibling or sister is considered a forbidden connection partly because it would resurrect terrible memories and somewhat because you might find yourself in bed with both.

5. Second Cousins

It’s all in the family, but it’s not permitted in many parts of the world. Weddings between first cousins are allowed in some groups, although marriages within the family are considered a taboo relationship in others.

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It has something to do with genes, but we are all Adam and Eve’s children.

6. Relationship between the boss and the secretary

This kind of relationship is considered a taboo relationship. While any office romance is deemed unprofessional, we are more forgiving of two coworkers who fell in love and married.

A boss who falls for his secretary, on the other hand, is not treated with the same indulgence. The role of a personal secretary is entirely stereotypical.

People assume that a secretary is a hot woman with limited intellectual abilities and that the boss is a successful middle-aged man going through a mid-life crisis.

7. Someone who is not a member of your religion

Well, I believe it depends on how committed you are to your religion. Because if your religion has taken on a life of its own.

Your spouse would not only disagree with your religion but also with your personality. However, some religions consider it as a taboo relationship.

8. Doctor-Patient Relationship

A doctor’s professional integrity requires that they only ‘treat’ the patient. When a doctor falls in love with a patient, they lose medical impartiality. Find a new doctor in that situation.

9. Someone much older or much younger

Although, in my opinion, and a matter of personal preference. If you’re young, you might choose someone younger, or at least your age group. Whereas if you’re looking for gold, you might prefer an older potbellied man.

10. The Sister of a Best Friend

This is yet another ‘man code’ issue. Your friend may like you as a friend. But who knows what he has in mind for his adorable little sister.

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A respectable man will be furious if he discovers that his friend has a thing for his kid sister. Furthermore, as a ‘friend,’ he may feel betrayed because you never told him!.

11. A neighbor

Being exposed to someone regularly can deceive your mind into making you feel attracted to them.

And the fact that your neighbor is just down the hall or down the street, so readily available when you’re feeling, well, playful, can quickly escalate this form of taboo relationship.

However, your emotions can be perplexing: is it proximity or compatibility that keeps you together? This is a question you should ask yourself.

12. Step siblings

Another type of taboo relationship is a relationship with a step-something. It could be a close relative, such as a stepsibling, a married cousin, or an embarrassingly young step-uncle.

But, because pseudo-family has so many similar experiences, you can’t help but form a special affinity with a particular gorgeous non-blood cousin at some point.

13. The well-known jerk

Everyone knows he’s a jerk who doesn’t respect women and believes he’s God’s gift to the earth, among other things. Everyone despises him.

You, on the other hand, crave for him. There’s something seductive about dating a bad boy. These are some examples of partnerships that may be ideal yet are taboo in our society. Do you think these kinds of relationships should be forbidden?

We discussed taboo relationships, as well as what we mean by taboo relationships and forbidden love.

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