Risks of Using a Yoni Pearl for Vagina Detox

Yoni Pearl Vagina Detox

Personal hygiene is one very essential aspect of staying healthy. Every day, as we go about our activities, every part of our body, is exposed to millions of germs.

While this article is about vagina detox, it is essential that we first understand why people seek to detoxify their body in the first place.

The food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink may have traces of microorganisms, toxins, and other compounds that are not healthy for our system.

Sometimes, when we feel sick or experience some symptoms that make us feel uncomfortable, the first thing that comes to mind is getting rid of toxins and free radicals. This is where detoxification comes in.

Detoxification isn’t a 21st-century practice. People in ancient times took herbs to help themselves stay healthy and also get rid of harmful toxins. However, when it comes to vagina detoxification, it’s not as simple as taking herbs.

While the human body isn’t generally self-cleaning (which makes using a detox reasonable), the vagina is one part that stands out because it cleans itself and doesn’t exactly need your help to do so.

The earliest form of vagina detoxification involved the use of hot water and dried or fresh herbs. A lady would have to boil the herbs in clean water, leave the liquid to become warm and steam her vagina by seating over a bowl containing the water.

Some women even used salt and hot water to detoxify their private parts. Even though these techniques do not involve the use of harmful substances, or even inserting anything into the vagina, they still cannot be considered healthy.

Why do people get a vagina detox?

In African medicine, herbal vaginal detoxing is believed to increase fertility and help with postpartum vagina healing. In Chinese medicine, vagina detoxification is believed to relieve coldness and stagnation in a woman’s body.

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At present, companies that sell vagina detox or Yoni pearl have claimed that their products can dilate the blood vessels, provide oxygenation, increase blood circulation, and even relax the pelvic floor muscles.

Other claims include curing vagina infections, getting rid of fibroid, increasing fertility, preventing material cramps, vagina tightening, and even pulling down dirt that allegedly has gathered inside the vagina.

If you ask me, I’d say the above are too much work for a single product go do. But these companies have become smart enough to create different yoni pearls for different purposes just so people like me don’t get to raise an eyebrow.

Why you shouldn’t get a vagina detox?

Yoni Pearl Vagina Detox

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing to pay attention to this vagina health. As a matter of fact, it is commendable that many females are getting interested in knowing how their vagina works and how to care for it.

But you just may be trying too hard to fix what was never damaged, and this will mean creating a dangerous result that’ll leave you with regrets.

Yoni pearl is tiny bags containing herbs that are sold as vagina detox. A customer is expected to insert one of these tiny bags into her vagina and leave it is in for three days. The end result is usually mind-blowing because it is visible.

The internet is flooded with pictures and testimony from people who have used these bags of vagina detox. The testimonies, usually claim that the testifiers had lumps of vagina discharge dropping from their lady part after a brief use of the products.

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No woman, out of curiosity, will see such images and claims and not be tempted to try out a yoni pearl. Besides, being clean down there will not only mean well for the woman’s health but may also make the vagina more inviting to sexual partners who are interested in oral sex.

Can I share the truth of the matter? using a vagina detox is both pointless and harmful. Here is why:

1. Your vagina doesn’t need to be disturbed

Seriously, you cannot be in the 21st century and claim not to have heard or read about how washing the vagina with soap, douching, or wearing a tampon for too long is unhealthy. If you know these things, then understanding the danger of trying to help this vagina do its job should be easy.

Your uterus isn’t dirty or too tired to function as it was designed to. Your vagina also does not appreciate it when you turn it into a purse where you stuff things just because you’re trying to keep it clean.

If something ever goes wrong in that area, expect that vagina to inform you but giving off a bad smell, itching, or even bleeding. Your doctor is in the best position to tell you what to do when you experience any vagina problems. Vagina detox or the use of yoni pearl has no medical backing.

2. The herbs could be dangerous to your vagina

To be candid, you really do not know what the tiny bags contain ( it could be tiny pieces of dirt and crumbs from almost anything).

Many plant extracts can be irritating to the skin and the vagina, coupled with the fact that they are usually not tested for vagina use before they are stuffed into those little sacks bags.

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Your risk of getting an infection increases because these plants could be harmful to your lactobacilli and vagina lining.

3. The visible results are visible damages in disguise

So, those pictures of vagina discharge that you see on the website of yoni pearl sellers are supposed to be results from satisfied customers. It may shock you to know that those results are proof of the damages caused by using the yoni pearl.

When you insert anything into your vagina and leave it in there for two to three days, anaerobic bacteria begin to grow and your vagina starts to smell bad.

People who have had retained tampons removed can testify to how horrible the smell can be (ask your gynecologist) and that’s how it also works with yoni pearl.

These bags of vagina detox become a nidus for infection when you decide to use them. The vagina can only produce those ugly looking discharge when there is an infection or the growth of bad bacteria. That tells you that these pearls are dangerous.

4. Toxic shock syndrome

You only knew about prolonged use of tampon causing toxic shock syndrome, but yoni pearls are also toxic shock syndrome bags in disguise. The reason for this is that these vagina detox sacs are not created for prolonged vagina use.

Stop meddling with your private part. That girl can do bad all by herself so she doesn’t, and may never need your help. If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment below and share.

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