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Yes, I’ve Heard girls talk about their sexcapades. When they had sex, who they had sex with, and how bad or good the experience was. The whole gory details actually. I must admit, i often find this talks a bit of a bore.

Why is that? You might ask because some of these ladies are basically inactive during the entire process.

I know that at one point or the other, we’ve heard that “it’s a man’s world”. Even if that is true, it doesn’t have to apply in the bedroom. Are you ready to drive your man wild in the bedroom?

Here are a few tips on what the average guy would love to experience in the bedroom.

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1. Take the lead

Do not assume that a man always wants to be in charge. Sometimes, he wants to see you take the reins. Put your hands on him first. Kiss him first. Initiate the whole process. You might find that he likes you to be the boss of him if it means he gets to stick one in.

2. Tell him what you want

Girl, trust me. They don’t always know what you want. How you want to be touched and where you want to be touched. Girls differ. So if he’s been with only girls that hate cunnilingus, he might assume you would hate it too.

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Or, he might assume that since Phoebe loved being spanked, you might love it too. So, be outspoken. Tell him exactly what gets you off.

3. Ask Him what he wants

Try not to be selfish. A brother has needs. It’s not all the time he wants to go missionary style. Some days, he really just wants to take it from the back.

So as much as he tries to please you just the way you want it, you should do the same to level the table and create a memorable moment for both of you.

4. Use your hands

Yes, men love to be touched too. Don’t just lay there and let him touch you in all the places you like to be caressed. Put those hands on him. Caress his biceps, run your hand through his hair, rub on his chest, don’t forget about his nipples either(Yea! They love that too).

We often tend to lean towards women when we talk of caresses, touches, kisses and fondling. Well, now you know men love it just as much. So get touching!

4. Be Open Minded

Men possess the most active and very crazy imagination. They have so many ideas of things they’d love you to do to them and what they would love to do to you. Yea, some of these acts might make your skin crawl just to think about them.

But what the hell, you just may enjoy it as much as he will, or maybe more!. I can’t stress how amazing it will be for your man if he cooks up something in his sex kitchen and you’re all up for trying it with him. Get my drift?

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5. Be Creative

Routine sex is boring sex. I’d assume you don’t eat bread every single day of your life. So spice things up. Browse the net, read books or discreetly find out what his fantasies are so that you can surprise him when you both get down to it in the bedroom.

Try not always to give him the same pill to swallow every single time. Do something out of your routine. If he can’t guess what you have in store for him, I bet you; he’ll keep coming back for more of you.

6. Let Him know when He’s doing something right

I can’t imagine performing extremely well in front of an audience and not getting some form of well-deserved acknowledgement.

Can you?. So, if your man is hitting it right, do him a favour and let him know he’s doing a good job. There are diverse ways of making your man know he’s on the right path.

  • Say his name
  • Don’t be afraid to moan
  • Grab his ass, biceps or just generally hold tightly to a part of his body and squeeze

Men are very physical beings. It really doesn’t take so much to set your eyes away from yourself just a bit and fix it on your partner.

It’s not a lot of work to please him and keep your sex life spicy and healthy. Men love you to be vocal. So use that voice. Tell him what he wants to hear. Just be honest about it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article? Do you practice any of the above-listed points? Care to share some of your experiences with us? You can do that in the comments. Thank you.

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