Sex with Your Exes: Pros and Cons

Sex with Your Exes

There are several reasons why sleeping with your ex is a good idea, but it could be the worst. The best advice most individuals get when they leave a relationship is to close that chapter of their lives.

There is a good reason why. Well, most people tend to have this issue “my ex wants sex but not relationship” and will have no clue how to handle it.

There is a feeling of shame we get from sleeping with exes, but there is also a feeling of satisfaction.

We know a lot about their sexual preferences, such as porn or violence, favorite lubricant for condom and so on. Having such knowledge makes sex fun.

We offer other pros and cons to having sexes with your exes.

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1. The Thrill is Exciting

Doing something forbidden has an absolute thrill to it. The same applies when having sex with your ex. It will be exciting and adventurous to be fooling around with an ex, especially knowing that it’s simply that.

There are no responsibilities, and it will, therefore, be easy to have fun with them. It’s quite enjoyable to have sex with a person you know very well, but without the accountability.

2. You Both Know Exactly What Satisfies the Other

Partly why sex with an ex is exciting is because they know precisely how to give you sexual satisfaction or the best oral sex.

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For most people, the first sexual encounter with a stranger often leaves them dissatisfied. To avoid this situation, you’ll find that most of us go back to the ex to feel satisfied.

Although the majority of individuals feel the need to hide such encounters, they are quite popular.

3. It’s Often a Straightforward Affair

Whether it’s spoken or not, there’s always an agreement on the boundaries. Well, unless they don’t get respected. You’re both aware that it’s just about the sex and nothing else.

There are no responsibilities, and you’re merely having fun. You both know what turns the other on or off and will respect that.

4. That Arrangement Has Its Benefits

Not everyone gets to move on to the next relationship as it takes time. During the period, they will most likely have dry spells.

That’s where sleeping with your ex after a breakup comes in handy. They will be curing your dry spells and at the same time, a fun thing to do. You’ll be having a “friends with benefits” kind of situation.


Of course, there are disadvantages to sleeping your ex. You’d better be aware of them before going down that road.

1. It Can Be Frustrating

At some point, you might find yourself relieving the breakup. Not physically but emotionally, especially after sex. Fooling around with your ex works against your vulnerabilities.

You may find yourself getting addicted to them again, but at the end of the day, you are having good sex. That situation tends to be frustrating for most individuals. There is the “whore” kind of feeling because once you’re done, your ex often leaves.

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2. It Might Hamper Your Moving On

Dating and moving on, in general, takes energy and commitment. Fooling around with an ex will hamper your efforts of trying to move on.

The time spent having sex with your ex will probably have been better spent going on dates. There is also the chance that you’ll get comfortable and find no reason to go out and meet new people.

3. Was the Breakup a Mistake?

Over time, such situations will start to get confusing. You will find yourself addicted and probably regretting the breakup decision.

It is also not just over time that you may begin to rescind your decision. The process of getting intimate with them may also have the same effect. That is regardless of the obvious, going back is not something you both want to do.

4. They Really Haven’t Changed

It is a common phrase, “I slept with my ex and regret it.” Well, if you don’t want to be the one making such a statement, you might want to think twice about sleeping with the ex.

The reality is they are still themselves and have not changed one bit. It may be exciting now but painful later on.


Go to the Google search bar and type the words “how to get your ex-girlfriend to sleep with you.” You will get numerous pages offering varied advice. However, is it really something you want to do?

One must explore all the variables of such a situation before going all in. Well, there are pros to sleeping with an ex but not without cons; analyze such a situation before proceeding.

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