How to Have a Pool Sex?

Pool Sex

So you have had sex in your bedroom, sex in the hotel room, and sex in the shower. Let’s help you switch things up a little with pool sex!

I won’t exactly say this is the weirdest place to have sex. In fact, the pool isn’t on my list of the top 50 odd places to have sex but not all of us are daring enough to try risky sex, and I totally understand.

However, the pool is a pretty cool place to work something different when it comes to sex and trust me; it’s not as easy as you would like to imagine it is.

Before you choose to take a dive into the blue water and get your freak on, let me give you a little tutorial on the risks, benefits, and the techniques required for the best underwater sex experience.

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Is pool sex good or bad?

Pool Sex

Well, the concept of good is relative, so I’ll leave you to try it and be the judge (Not mean enough to do that).

So, pool sex is great, but you have to be super careful. Some of us ladies have a very delicate ph level in our down low. If the Ph balance of your vagina gets messed up in the process, you are likely to get a yeast infection.

It is advisable to get a really thick lubricant as some of the regular lubes are water soluble so they will wash away in a very few seconds and you natural lubrication won’t do much to help the process.

If you are looking to have a long round of sex in the pool, I don’t know how you’re going to enjoy that in a highly chlorinated pool because you already know that can mess with your vagina Ph and cause an infection.

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But a quickie is the best bet if you want it to be fun. You can have a few quickies.

The truth is, people have been having sex in water for centuries but because of the chemicals, we put in pools these days it becomes a little “not as safe” as it used to be.

But, if you have a personal pool, you are sure to have the best pool sex experience as you can fill up your pool with chemical-free water and have sex as long as you want (yea, you get to avoid the quickie).

Can you have oral sex in the pool?

Oh yes you can! With you are a good swimmer and you are bold enough to go down and suck that vagina in water, it is excellent and even safer than thrusting back and forth because you won’t be pumping all that chlorine inside the lady yet she gets to have electricity running up her spine.

Same goes for the ladies who are good swimmers and can give good blow jobs under water. Any guy would kill to get head in a pool, so you girls better go practice.

One beautiful thing about having sex in a pool is the temperature of the water and how it keeps you feeling clean, and you have freedom of movement because of the space available to you.

Try pool sex in summer, and you would never want to take a dip on a hot afternoon without your companion.

Sex in a pool is for fit people because you require some level of energy to stay the whole time afloat. Some people have become so good at it that they can have sex in the deepest parts of a public pool so that people don’t know what’s going on.

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Asides pool sex being a clean way to enjoy your partner’s body, if you are someone who has body image problems, sex in the pool helps you to hide your body while getting all the goodness of sex.

All you have to do is move your swimsuit to the side a little and have your man slide in while the rest of your body is buried in the pool.

You can explore as many sex positions as you want in the pool if it’s a private one, so you don’t have to bother about getting bored from doing just one style.

What should your concerns be?

We have said good things about having sex in the pool and mentioned the only risk of a yeast infection. However, a major concern when it comes to pool sex is drowning.

If you suck at swimming, you might want to stick to having bathroom sex instead; it’s a lot less complicated and demanding.

If you are going to try oral sex in water, bear in mind that you still need to breathe.  You better be good at underwater activities, so you don’t end up saying I encouraged you to go drink up.

Underwater sex techniques

Pool Sex

You may feel water would make penetration and back and forth movement easier, sorry but water is nothing close to a lube. Water will wash off all the natural lubrication and make sex difficult so it would be a brilliant idea to apply some lubricant before you dive in for the kill.

The pleasure you derive from sex in the shallow part of the pool is way different from what you get in the shallow parts so you and your partner should try both areas and compare the sensation so you can choose what works best for you.

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Ever heard of a free-falling penetration? It’s a little complicated, but it provides you with the most gratifying pleasure if you can pull it off perfectly. The free-falling penetration is for sex in the deep ends of the pool.

This position requires you to be submerged under the water with no part of your body in contact with any of the pool edges. Penetrate slowly and stay afloat as you thrust. Don’t say I told you, but she just might “cum.”

For the not so good swimmers like me, we love the shallow part of the pool for apparent reasons, and there are a thousand great ways to enjoy sex in the show parts.

It’s a lot easier to do all your stuff in the shallow parts because you get to make use of the pool edges and standing sex positions.

If you are a lady to likes to self-pleasure, the pool can offer you something really special and “orgasm inviting.” You know those holes on the sides where the water makes bubbles are they flow in? Yeaaaa!

You could position your backside there and have the water make contact with your vagina. I guarantee you’ll be smiling to yourself while everyone else just assumes you’re either crazy or lost in rich imagination.

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