5 Sex Subjects You and Your Partner Should Talk About


We all want a relationship with people who not only makes us feel comfortable but have the potentials to maintain a stable relationship. Many people go into a relationship with other people without confronting some significant issues.

There are issues with serious sexual relationships that need addressing, and one way to achieving that is by asking questions that would lead to eye-opening discussions. We have 5 sex subjects you and your partner should talk about, and it’s time you each take a seat.

Do you think you are in a good place in your relationship? How often do you have to be self-conscious whenever you are around your significant other? You’d agree that nothing beats being amazingly comfortable around your partner, especially when sex is concerned.

Sex is an integral part of many relationships, but a lot of people are forever stiff in the bedroom. Awkward moments can be avoided if you and your sweetheart took the time to ask each other sex-related questions.

The key is to have conversations that address very important sexual issues, no matter how complex they are being presented. Voicing each other’s preferences, desires, and sexual intentions are keys to laying a good foundation in your relationship.

5 Sex subjects you and your partner should talk about has to include the following:

Discuss desires, fetishes, and fantasies

How serious you take this exercise matters a lot, but it is imperative that couples looking to enjoy each other in the long-term should talk about their fantasies and desires. Many people worry about how their partners may react if they bring up sexual fetishes, particularly when their partner thinks they know them well enough already.

The use of lotions and oil aren’t uncommon. Toys and BDSM practices are pretty standard also. It is only proper to know where your interests lie when these sexual subjects become a factor. Many individuals who are secret dominatrix and bondage queen can use this chance to inform their partners of their wild side.

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Communication is vital in saving future embarrassment, so partners need to voice out their thoughts before they can know each other intimately. Many individuals who enjoy the use of toys keep it a secret in their relationship because they don’t want to be seen as “freaks.” Aren’t we all freaks?!

It is better to save yourself the mental boredom of engaging in routine sex by letting your partner know your sexual interests. The advantages of exploring each other’s sexual fantasies are endless, and this goes way beyond penetrative sex.

Boundaries are stated and clarified when you both understand you need to relate in a relationship – so speak up!

Talk about your sexual past and future expectations

Nothing eats you up worse than when you have a secret you wish you could tell, especially when the person you love isn’t in the know.

Many of us did stuff in the past we aren’t proud of or too shy to talk about, but talking about it with your partner can be an excellent way to break hard grounds in your relationship. You both need to talk about your sexual history as a way of letting each other know your experiences.

You could start with test history, possible infections, number of partners, and gender of partners. No matter how bizarre the information you both share during this talk, you have to understand that these are in the past.

You need to be aware of your partner’s health status, and this includes STD testing. It is imperative that you know when last, your potential husband or wife got tested.

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You’d be making a huge mistake by assuming that your partner would always do the right thing, especially when your sexual health is concerned. By asking your partner the right questions, you are also securing a healthy future for not only yourself but your partner as well.

The responsibility of your sexual health lies on your shoulders, and it’s best to know everything, no matter how unpleasant. Also, you can extend the conversation into a projection of your future together.

You can discuss family planning with your medical doctor. This helps to put you in charge of any possible unplanned pregnancy before you and your partner are ready to become parents.

You both can discuss your options that may include vasectomy, IUD, and many more.

Discuss your commitment with each other

How committed are you with your partner? Do you feel the need to be with other people while still frolicking with your spouse?

Your partner may Be the one rocking this boat, but whatever the case, it is best you each know where you stand in your relationship.

It is best to be straight up and ask your partner if they are emotionally attached to other people. Finding out if your partner isn’t dating or married to other people can save you a ton of emotional complications and confusion.

Discuss bad sexual experiences with your partner

One of the most crucial sex subjects you and your partner should talk about includes talking about your sexual secrets with your partner.

A large proportion of people, particularly African American men and women, have been faced with at least one form of sexual abuse. Healthy sexual communication is achieved through the expression of one’s abuse, no matter how ugly.

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You can go ahead and ask your partner if they’ve ever had any sexual abuse at any point in their lives. Also, do well to express your experience, if any.

It’s true that approaching such a subject can be quite discomforting, but let’s tag it a necessary evil.

Partners would benefit from initiating one-on-one conversations that address such a sensitive matter. It’s best to set the right talking mood and be in the mood with your partner before engaging such issues.

You can start by asking a series of questions before you ask more profound questions.

You can also start by letting your companion know that you would appreciate more in-depth conversations with them, and you are not comfortable about the conversation, but you would prefer to maintain a higher level of honesty with them.

It helps to get your partner’s attention when you admit how difficult it is for you to put you in that position.

Talk about health and habits

Many people suffering from severe medical complications feel ashamed about their condition and would prefer to keep it to themselves.

This is the best time to ask your partner if they have any underlying health conditions or habits they feel the need to share.

Most relationships grow when the people involved have a complete understanding of each other.

As soon as you can find your way around the tension and awkwardness, do well to touch every aspect of your relationship that concerns you.

You shouldn’t constantly put yourself at risk with someone you don’t know completely, especially sexually. So what do you say? You should plan that talk soon.

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