How to Have Sex in the Cowgirl Position: 8 New Ways

Cowgirl Position

Numerous couples discover that cowgirl is easily the best sex placement for her climax. Perfect for clitoral stimulation– the more she leans onward, the far better the rubbing.

The guy’s activity is somewhat minimal here, so this sex position is all about the girl and how she decides to move her body.

But even for great cowgirl sex, a little aid from both individuals is required.

How to do it:

She has some control over the speed and deepness of the penetration. We like this aspect of power to it by letting women pin their man’s arms to the bed while making love with him.

Hot Cowgirl sex Hint

For something a little new, try leaning back rather. This will enable even deeper penis penetration as well as give both of you easy accessibility to her clitoris.

1. Reverse cowgirl

Her face is positioned opposite him in this posture, yet her fingers or anything else is working to make her feel crazy clitoral stimulation along with the infiltration he does at the same time. It’s a great deal for her.

2. Face-to-Face

When you do the cowgirl position facing your partner, it is nothing but the best part for communicative sex. So, stop imagining and begin acting, it’s due time you horny fellas.

3. The Resting Pet cat

Do you like to see her purr like a kitty? She will if you let her be on the top. You don’t need to do anything, as whatever will undoubtedly occur, will happen out of her sensual steps. Just really feel the warmth and let your needs dance on her vulgar rhythms.

4. The Wave

This wave, I tell you, can push you in a storm of erotica. It’s slow-moving and not that penetrative, yet the pleasure you ‘d obtain out of it is exemplary. Do not think about it. Just take a shot and also feel it.

5. Pro belly dancer

Exactly how does it really feel when her juicy boobies are in your hands while she gets on the top of your shaft and also keeps propelling? Great!!! Her hands on your upper body make her more stable in her backwards and forward steps.

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6. The Asian Cowgirl

Asian Cowgirl sex position

The very best method to ride a man! The Asian Cowgirl is a fun girl on top posture, terrific for intense penetration.

In this variation on backward cowgirl, the man lies on his back while the woman crouch ( not kneels) on top of her companion with her feet level on the ground.

Numerous couples like the Asian cowgirl better compare to the common lady on top sex position. They claim it makes it easier to enhance the thrusting rate and leads to more extreme climaxes.

Plus, maintaining her feet close together as she bows actually makes points limited.

This bowing position truly stresses the legs and also can get tiring for a lady. If she needs a, try location her hands on your upper body or on either side of the bed.

You can additionally aid by supporting your girl with your hands. Try placing your hands under her legs or backside to bounce her, or balance her with a hand on either side of her waistline.

What are the advantages of the cowgirl position?

In the cowgirl position, the lady has complete control and can dictate the rhythm, rate, and deepness of penetration.

You can go slow-moving or quick; whatever rocks your watercraft. It is among minority sex-related settings that permit the female to look down at the man, instead of vice versa. That feeling of supervising or being in charge can absolutely give a large self-confidence increase.’

Females are additionally more likely to accomplish orgasm in this position. It’s a much better placement than missionary for playing with the clit, both with the penis and with the hands.

In addition to that, there is constantly eye interaction, so you might claim it’s a setting that enhances a feeling of intimacy, along with being extremely sensual.

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What happens if penetration really feels too deep?

There are means to vary the cowgirl sex position to make it a lot more comfortable. Keep in mind; you remain in control.

The trick for a comfortable cowgirl is obtaining the angle right. Do not rest directly at a 90-degree angle– rather, lean forward a little for a 45-degree angle.

This will provide you with the easiest and most comfy infiltration. It is vertical penetration that is typically one of the most agonising.’

Do not go easy on the lube, either. A good water-based lubricant can be bought for as low as ₤5 a container and is an essential aid to all sex settings, whatever your age.

The wetter you are, the better sex feels for both of you. Using lube boosts sex and also is no representation on your natural lubrication.

As well as what if it isn’t as deep as I want?

The most convenient way to discover the depth you want is by readjusting the angle of your hips. When you want some actually deep penetration, relocate into an extra upright placement.

You can additionally attempt spreading your knees further apart.

In addition, have your companion put their hands on your hips for added comfort as well as to maximise the impact of the grind. Change up the rate and also the deepness of the penetration so that there is no discernible pattern.

Try gyrating back and forth, or in circles, as opposed to simply backwards and forwards.

Cowgirl position sex tips

Whether you require some extra support or looking for a little added excitement, these expert-approved sex tips have you covered.

1. Pause

Suppose the placement is taking a toll on your thigh muscles, pause. When your muscle mass really feels worn out, take a break for a moment as well as lean back. Do so by putting your arms behind you, probably on your companion’s knees, and also take a couple of deep breaths prior to returning into the action.

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 2. Have him rest upright

Alternatively, you might have your partner move into a seated placement. Also, no rule claims the companion who does the penetration needs to rest on his back during. Thus, they can sit up to ensure that you have close body contact and also hang on to your back to offer additional support.

3. Put your legs under your man

For additional comfort as well as assistance, change the setting or position of your legs. ‘Tucking your legs under your partner’s can also grant some additional support.

4. Switch up the rhythm

Changing the speed and deepness of penetration is one means to add more excitement, says McKenzie.

5. Use your hands

Do not forget you can utilise your hands as well to have fun with his sexy balls, press the base of his penis, and tweak his nipple areas. Find out what extra thing to do by asking what they need and want. Also, urge them to tell you without you having to guess.’

6. Introduce a sex plaything

A cowgirl sex position is an ideal placement to incorporate a sex toy. She can supply additional clitoral stimulation with a simple toy such as a bullet vibe. Bear in mind: two-thirds of women struggle to climax through sexual intercourse alone, so this added excitement is vital if the receiver is most likely to orgasm.

7. Some gentle restraints

Attempt taking control away from your partner by holding his hands above his head, or limiting him with cuffs or a connection, as well as telling him not to move.

‘ Adding a blindfold is fun too.

8. Invert the action

Alternatively, opt for a ‘reverse’ cowgirl, where the placement allows you to face his feet instead. ‘It’s a possibility to display your butt in action.’

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