Can You Have Sex When You Have a Yeast Infection?

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The vagina is an organism of its own, a very complex part of the female body that requires maximum care as it is vulnerable to a number of infections.

Of all the vagina infections, the yeast infection is one of the least talked about because they are fairly common.

Vagina yeast infection can cause abnormal cervical discharge, itching and burning in the vagina, this could also cause painful urination, and all of this makes it challenging to have painless sex.

If you have yeast infection and still decide to have sex, there are a lot of risks that are involved even when you do not show signs.

Engaging in sexual activities could prolong the yeast infection and even make it worse. There is also the possibility of the infection returning when you think is gone for good.

The worst part? Sexual activity is a vehicle to transfer the yeast infection to your partner.

Sex may cause pain and worsen other symptoms of the yeast infection

Having sexual intercourse with a yeast infection is not an enjoyable experience as it is both painful and uncomfortable.

Skin to skin sexual contact may be rough if your labia or vulva is swollen and also penetration can increase irritation and itching as well as aggravate the tissues that are inflamed.

Introducing anything into the vagina like fingers, tongue, or sex toys could introduce new germs and worsen the condition.

When you’re sexually aroused, your vagina becomes lubricated, making for an increase in moisture which can increase itching and discharge which is not healthy for you

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Having sex may transfer the yeast infection to your partner

Though it is very possible that during sex you can transfer the yeast infection to your partner, however, it depends on your partner’s anatomy. If you’re having sex with a circumcised man, you’re less likely to infect him with a yeast infection.

However, if you’re having sex with a female, there is a high possibility of you transferring the yeast infection to her. In other words, if you are into people of the same sex, it is better to have protected sex or stay away from sex altogether.

If you’re having unprotected sex with a male partner who is uncircumcised, there is also a chance that you could infect him with the yeast infection.

Furthermore, some additional medical evidence is needed to back up the claim that sexual intercourse with someone with a vagina is going to get them infected.

Having sex may delay the healing of the infection

Having sexual intercourse when you are infected can ultimately slow down your healing process, so it is advisable that you completely avoid sexual activities because when you become lubricated, you’re creating an atmosphere for the infection to bloom.

Something else to note is the fact that if your partner contacts a yeast infection after having sex with you, there is a possibility that they would infect you back the next time you have sex with them, so it is best to heal completely before engaging in any form of sexual activities with anybody.

How long does a yeast infection last?

If you have your first yeast infection, your doctor is likely to prescribe some over the counter anti-fungal drugs for you, and this would clear the disease within 4 to 7 days.

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Because most of the anti-fungal drugs that are prescribed for people with yeast infection are oil based and oil is known to damage condoms, if you and your partner make use of condoms as a means of protection or pregnancy prevention, then you might have to consider other options because there is no guarantee of safety.

There are alternative methods of treatment for yeast infections, but this alternative methods usually take weeks to work. Some women claimed to have had their yeast infections resolved without medication but then it comes back after a few weeks.

When such a thing happens, you might have to take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor to solve it with up to six months maintenance treatment.

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