10 Foods to Enhance Your Sexual Activity

Sexual Activity

Have you been in search of foods to enhance your sexual activity? Here’s where to find help.

Sexologist has tried to explain the idea behind the right foods for intercourse and how they can enhance the libido.

“Any healthy ingredients or food is proper for sex. However, some specific foods are precisely beneficial. Foods like walnuts, avocados, strawberry, watermelons, and almonds are near perfect. One has to be informed that alcohol is horrible for a wholesome sexual life – it may increase the need for sex and alternatively decreases your performance.”

Below are some of the foods that may enhance your sexual activity

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1. Strawberries and raspberries

The seeds of these two lovely fruits are drowned in zinc, which has been found to be imperative for healthy sexual intercourse for both guys and ladies.

If the female folks have high degrees of zinc in their our bodies, it becomes easier to get in the mood for sex. In men, zinc is what controls the level of testosterone, which is also responsible for the production of sperm.

It is essential that guys load up on foods rich in zinc as their zinc levels will reduce for the duration of intercourse.

2. Walnut


Walnuts are great when it comes to improving the quality of sperm. Studies have even shown that walnuts can improve the shape, vitality, and movement of the sperm. You may consider including walnuts in your diet to boost fertility.

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3. Watermelon


Watermelon has a reputation for improving erection and even increasing libido. They additionally incorporate citrulline, which will release arginine and amino acids in the body. Arginine is accountable for vascular health.

4. Almonds


Almonds is filled with arginine, which improves blood circulation and also relaxes blood vessels. This is a helpful amino acid observed in almonds that helps people maintain an erection.

5. Chocolate


Dark chocolate is sexy as it releases endorphins and serotonin that improves a person’s mood. It doesn’t boost libido; however you sure won’t be a grouch.

6. Eggs


Men can consume eggs if they want to have a healthy erection. Eggs are known to contain an amino acid called L-arginine that can possibly fix erectile dysfunction.

7. Peaches

Peaches are displayed for sale with summer fruits and vegetables at a farmers market in Falls Church, Va., Saturday, July 28, 2017. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Vitamin C is abundantly present in peaches, and that improves sperm count and quality. Peaches contain a very high level of vitamin C that is also a wonder for reducing infertility.

8. Coffee


Coffee isn’t just a drink. It is also a stimulant; hence it spikes a person’s sex drive. Coffee is capable of stimulating the brain to heighten sexual arousal.

9. Saffron


Saffron has been a trusted natural aphrodisiac for a long time and should be consumed often to boost your sex drive and even better your performance in bed. It is also known that saffron can increase energy and stamina.

10. Steak


Steak may not be everyone’s thing, but it is an excellent ingredient to boost a person’s sex drive. Stake contains vitamin B, zinc, iron, and protein.

These compounds are essential for both women and men as they will help improve the libido.

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So, guys, these are 10 of the best foods to enhance your sexual activity. Remember that these foods don’t work like magic, so you have to let them work at their own pace.

No matter how much foods you enhance your sexual activity are available to you, never forget that safe sex is an option to consider.

Look out for protection such as condoms to shield you from possibly getting or spreading an STI.

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