How Likely Are You to Poop During Anal Sex?

Poop During Anal Sex

If you’re planning for the first time to have anal sex, you probably have some concerns. Chief of them is how likely you are to poop during anal sex.

Ready for it? Yeah, that could happen. But before you freak out be sure that you can do things that make it less of a messy, well, messy thing… and something that you really like.

No, this isn’t a crazy normal thing,  but it happens more often than you would expect.  Fortunately, you can do that to minimize the chance that it will happen again and to get you through if you do.

According to a 2013 survey, 24 percent of women with fecal incontinence have a low sexual appetite and lower sexual activity satisfaction.

They also had more problems with vaginal lubrication and orgasm – all aspects that interfere with healthy sex life.

This is why we are here to assist. Below what you need to know.  

Is any sex type fair?

Well, quite a lot, yeah. Pooping can occur during anal sex, but also during vaginal penetration or at any time during a particularly strong orgasm.

What triggers it exactly?

There are several explanations for why this may occur, and below are a few:

  • Positions of sex: Your positioning during sex may place pressure on your abdomen, which may put pressure on your intestines in turn. Of course, pressure on your intestines—especially your lower intestines or rectum—does not necessarily mean that you’ll be bumping. But it can leave you feeling like you are going to. And you might accidentally make you shit yourself if you hadn’t had a chance to go to the toilet before you started, particularly if you are relaxing or very relaxing.
  • Orgasm: You may have noticed some people dogging during birth. Well, the same can happen during vaginal sex with an intense orgasm. That’s because orgasms trigger uterine contractions, which can cause poop to fall out like in labor. Hormones called prostaglandins are produced when you orgasm. This contributes to the contraction of your uterus and to increased blood flow to your lower pelvis to help lubricate. Often this extra lubrication will make it harder to keep your poop (or pee, for that matter).
  • Anatomy: Anal sex can make someone feel the desire to start pooping. This is partially because this part of the body has several nerve endings. If your inner anal sphincter is relaxing—as it is when you go to the bathroom—it might make you believe that is what you are going to do. And – even if you’re not interested in anal play — sexual excitement will increase the anal tissue blood flow. This moisturizes your anal canal and makes it easier for a little poop to slip free. That said it’s worth knowing that it is still pretty rare to poop during anal sex. You are more likely to have a limited transmission of fecal matter, NBD.
  • Underlying conditions: Nerve damage or damage to your anal sphincter will increase your chances of sexual intercourse. Such injuries may occur through continuous stress, constipation, childbirth or sexual assault. Damage to the nervous system can also be caused by such diseases such as multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases and diabetes. Anal leakage may also result from haemorrhoids or rectal protrusions.
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The truth and what you can do

If you never had anal sex, you shouldn’t be shy to have several questions. It’s confusing because it seems, on the one hand, to be a more tabuous sex, less often practised, that needs special knowledge and care.

And on the other hand, if you consider what you see in pornography, anal sex is like other sexes, no condoms, no mess, no interaction required.

The reality is in the centre somewhere. Anal sex might still be tabuous, but it’s social and cultural, not the sex itself. People can have anal sex as healthy, enjoyable and fun as any other form of sexual activity.

And anal sex requires communication, includes condoms (most of the time) and can be a little messier.

After I wonder if it has to injure, the most popular question I get from people who haven’t had sex before is if it means that they come into contact with poo or faeces.

Understand the anatomy of poop

Let’s start with a lesson in anatomy. The rectum and anal canal, where you go if you have anal sex, are pathways, not storage.

This is not where faecal products are processed (higher). If you’ve had a good bowel movement that day and you’re doing some external washing (maybe inserting your finger a short way into your anus when washing), your rectum does not contain faecal matter for more than a minute.

If you have anal sex with fingers, a penis or a dildo, you will not bump a lot of bm (as teachers and nurses like to call it).

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Keep out if you can’t live with the mess

You’re not going to be covered in faeces for anal sex, but maybe you’re even likely to get a little faecal matter when something gets into your anus that may or may not be noticeable.

This is why it is quite important to use condoms and gloves. Not only can they keep you safe and reduce the risk of forgetting and touching your eye or putting your fings in your mouth (or your vagina partners, if there are any), but if you are squamous, you’d like to prevent a clear barrier between condoms and your future poo.

Sex can be messy

Messy isn’t bad and messy don’t have to be risky. But messy can mean that you have to talk or clean up yourself or your partner with a sense of fun and humour.

Nobody of us would like to finish sex and feel like we’ve dirty our partner (in a bad way).

But somebody said…

If you read stories of huge quantities of excrement coming out of nowhere and are concerned about this, you would definitely not.

First and foremost, consider the possibility that many reports you read are not real. It can happen if you or your partner have bowel incontinence. In this scenario, you might still have anal sex (but talking to your doctor first is a good idea).

Make sure you have a bowel movement in advance. Finally, some of the reports about faecal “surprise” are not shocking. Often you find out when you speak to the people involved that this was anticipated, and one or both partners enjoyed it.

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Final thoughts

Never assume anything until you try it. All you need to do is have an open mind when it comes to anal sex and take all precautionary measures. In the end, it’ll be a sweet pleasure.

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