Making Love to Your Woman the Right Way

Valentine Sex

How often does your woman complement your sex game? How often does she tell you sweet nasty things just because you do her good?

Does she send you naughty text messages telling you how she wants to be treated by daddy?

Most men go about sex the wrong way, and it often always has a lasting effect in their relationship with women. A man should be willing to understand the body of his woman and know how to please it.

Knowing the proper places to touch to get her moist. Connecting the right way makes satisfying you woman easily.

Men make the mistake of rushing the whole sex process, ignoring the attention a woman requires. You would know this when a woman says “she didn’t cum” or “i didn’t enjoy it”.

Taking the time to actually pay attention to your woman’s sexual needs helps your relationship grow in various ways which include;

  1. Better and stronger bond
  2. A stronger degree of communication
  3. Helps curb depression and anxiety
  4. Helps improve insomnia
  5. Helps relieve stress

It is important to note that there are certain things you should do to your partner before you can achieve some level of sexual bond with your woman.

Below are steps you might find interesting and would like to try.

1. Foreplay

It is imperative to remember that a woman’s body doesn’t run on auto. It is not a machine that you turn on and off to prepare her for sexual intimacy. Diving in head first into the sex game sort of kills the mojo and makes sex a little unpleasant for your partner. Take the time to kiss her.

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Kiss her neck, her face, run your hands through her back while you suck on her lips. Verbally touch her with your words, tell her how beautiful she smells, how lovely she looks, how much you desire her and how much you enjoy being inside her.

Women actually love appraisals. Telling her you desire being with her during foreplay helps her relax and feels wanted. Try talking to her while your mouth runs through her body. This gives them a very unique feeling of having their body spoken to and heightens communication.

2. Setting the perfect sexual atmosphere

We are in the era where getting songs directly to your digital music device is easier than ABC. You could download some sexual songs, and go all the way by making a playlist.

There must be something she likes. The right smell, the correct bed sheet, the right room temperature. She might also be into eating fruits before sex. Try bananas; strawberries are also beautiful aphrodisiacs.

Make sure the kids, -if any-, are of no way of distracting you two. Get her favourite flower. A bottle of wine would hurt no one. A box of chocolate even. She might already be wet before you touch her. Going all the way to make her environment comforting gives her a sense of appreciation.

3. Take the time to take her clothes off

Women love to feel conquered. Unbutton her shirt, unhook her bra, ensure you tease her a little before pulling her jean. Put some special effect on your game by kissing her legs while undressing her. Peel off her panties like a gentleman.

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Maintain eye contact while you make moves to arouse her. Let her feel for your hardness as you place kisses on each corner of her body; her neck, her back, her belly, thighs.
Ensure to be slow and gentle about it.

4. Oral sex

For men who don’t mind eating their woman’s pussy you could try communicating with your spouse about how she wants to get eaten. Most men do it wrong by focusing on just one spot for too long, Some use teeth, Some don’t do it long enough, A number of men suck too hard.

You really might want to up your head game by taking the time to pleasure her the right way orally. Try taking it slow, kiss her thighs, kiss the top part of her vagina, run your tongue on her clitoris.

Don’t go in too hard or too fast, avoid hitting her with your chin, worst still, your teeth. Grab her by her legs and pull her close while satisfying her orally. Don’t be afraid to curl your tongue deep inside her, teasing her from the inside.

Try the alphabet writing trick, where you draw words with your tongue. You could also introduce your fingers into the meal, make sure your nails are extremely short so you don’t hurt her, and clean to avoid infections.

You could try fingering and sucking her at the same time. The act of orally pleasing your partner is unique as it requires practice.

5. Make body contact

Maintaining body contact while initiating sex is necessary. Rubbing your body on her’s, grabbing her buttocks while kissing her might have her wrapping her legs around. This shows you are doing the right, the right way.

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If you are into kinky sex, you could try using a vibrator on her or a sex toy of your choice.

You could have her use it on herself while you watch. You could also try kissing her while she caresses your penis. Tell her how good it makes you feel. The point is, don’t be in haste to slide inside her. Take your time to get her wet enough to want you.

6. Maintain communication

Ensure to establish a verbal connection while in the zone. Quiet sex is boring wouldn’t you agree? Tell her she feels good. Tell her how lovely she smells and how soft her skin feels.

Whisper nice things into her ears while you let her touch you. Tease her some more by rubbing the tip of your penis on the outside of her pussy. Let her know she tastes really good and can’t wait to slide in. These simple words make your partner relax and wanted.

7. Perfect ending

It would end perfectly if, after ejaculation, you spend the time complementing your partner, kissing her on her lips, face and body. Lay close to her and stroke her hair while you snuggle up warmly to her body. This is the kind of connection that builds a stronger bond in a relationship.

Trying these options out is sure to guarantee optimised the sexual vibe between your partner and you. Your woman would feel more connected to you since you pay better attention to her sexual need.

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