Cervical Penetration and Orgasm

Cervical Penetration

Telling you that it is possible to get an orgasm from clitoral and vaginal stimulation would be stating the obvious.

But if I said your cervix penetration could cause you to have the best organ of your life, that might pass for new information. Let us discuss all there is to know about exploring this pleasure zone.

Before you learn how to achieve a full body orgasm by stimulating your cervix through deep vaginal penetration, you need to know what deep vagina penetration is, if you have had one before and if it’s safe.

Some of these questions will be answered here.

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1. What penetration really is and what it is not

The simple definition of penetration is when any object makes it way into our through something. So if we talk about penetration in sex, we only mean a sex toy or a penis is making its way ( being inserted ) into a rectum or vagina.

If this explanation makes you think that penetrating your cervix is what will eventually give you a cervical orgasm, then I have to inform you that what causes the orgasm is cervical stimulation instead of penetration.

2. How possible is cervical penetration?

It is entirely impossible to penetrate your cervix because the cervical opening which is known as the external OS is really narrow making it impossible for a dildo or penis to pass through. The opening is nothing larger than the size of your thumb.

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Also, your OS is home to cervical mucus, and you do not want to be playing around with that. The only time that opening becomes wide enough for anything to pass through it is during childbirth so if you are not about to have a baby the natural way, nothing should be paying through that tiny hole.

3. So if what I’m feeling isn’t penetration what is it?

What you are feeling is nothing but pressure. The dildo or penis is only rubbing against your cervix and not passing through so eliminate the thought of an actual cervical penetration. In fact, I wish I knew why the word “cervical penetration” is even a thing.

4. Is it supposed to hurt in any way?

Getting pain during such deep penetration is possible, so yes, it may hurt. Which is why it is vital to pay attention to his your body is feeling.

Even during normal shallow vaginal penetration, some people feel pain so if something is hitting or rubbing against your cervix it wouldn’t be out of place if you feel some pain.

In fact, studies have revealed that up to 60 per cent of women will feel pain during sex at least once in their life. And when dyspareunia (painful sex) happens, there is a chance that you will experience constant, recurring pain during, before, or after sex.

If you are experiencing symptoms of dyspareunia, please note that deep penetration is not the only cause so you should see your doctor immediately. Your doctor can quickly figure out what the problem is and in no time you can return to having pain free sex.

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6. Is it normal to experience bleeding?

Not exactly, but if you do notice any form of bleeding it is probably nothing to worry about. Most times penetrating in a rush could cause bruising, and that explains why you may notice some blood stains.

This brings us to the importance of foreplay and why you should never skip it and go straight to the main thing.

Foreplay may be a great way to build anticipation, but that’s not all if it’s good for. Natural lubrication can be achieved through intense foreplay so that when you are ready for penetration, your vagina doesn’t get bruised and you do not have to worry about bleeding or unexpected pain.

If you are not sure vagina dryness is to blame for the blood stains or if the bleeding is much, consult your gynaecology immediately so that whatever is wrong downstairs can be fixed before much damage is done.

6. Where is the cervix?

Your cervix begins at the base of your uterus and extends all the way down to your vagina. Think of the cervix like a soft neck made of tissues that connect both parts.

What your gynaecologist sees when they do a cervical exam on you is the ectocervix which is the part of your cervix close to your vagina. For women who have an IUD, the ectocervix is where the IUD strings are.

You can imagine the cervix to be like a gatekeeper between your cervical canal and your vagina canal. A dildo or penis can easily travel through your vagina canal, and if it goes in deep, there is a chance of it brushing against your cervix.

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Beyond that part where the brushing happens us your cervical canal and only sperm can pass through that opening.

7. How long is the vaginal canal exactly

In the absence of sexual arousal, the vaginal canal is between 3 to 4 inches in depth and about the width of your first when measured from knuckle to knuckle.

Your vaginal canal can extend to about six inches when you are aroused so it can accommodate a penis but not every woman will go as deep as six inches so don’t bother doing the math.

8. Is a cervical orgasm genuinely possible?

Yes, it is possible, but it isn’t meant for every woman. For many women, clitoral stimulation is what drives them to the big O and not penetrative sex.

Alright, clitoral orgasms are beautiful and can also be intense, but it’s centred only around the vagina and may not last beyond a few seconds.

However, if you engage in cervical stimulation, you just might feel the build-up of pressure spreading throughout your entire body, and it may cause a full body orgasm (a wonderful tingling sensation that runs in waves from your head to your toes ).

A full body orgasm can last for a long time depending on how relaxed you are and most women who have had it would not trade it for a clitoral orgasm.

9. How safe is a cervical orgasm?

It is as safe as safe can be. But before you decide to have a cervical penetration, make sure you are comfortable with such a deep penetration. If you are not relaxed enough it could be painful and more difficult for you to feel the pleasure and achieve orgasm.

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