Things That May Kill Sex Drive

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A healthy sexual relationship between couples is necessary for a happy union. Reduced or total lack of sexual intercourse has in most cases reduced intimacy between couples.

On a more personal level, lack of sexual intercourse prevents one from enjoying the many benefits of sex.

Lack of sexual relations among couples may be caused by different things but one of the most common one is low sex drive, also known as low libido, in an individual.

Lack of sex drive makes it impossible to for anyone to be physically ready for the sexual activity. Things that may reduce or kill sex drive are:

1. Obesity: men suffering from obesity tend to suffer from low sex drive because these fat cells tend to release estrogen, the female hormone, and in the process, reduce sex drive in men. Also, obese individuals get tired real fast and may even sweat a lot which may be huge turn offs for people.

2. Too much alcohol: having a high amount of alcohol in the body, that is being intoxicated, makes it difficult to be physically prepared for sex. Alcoholics generally have low libido and do not always satisfy their sexual partner.

3. Distractions: when a person is sexually aroused, it is easy for the arousal to leave as quickly as it came. A distracting thought or conversation can quickly get someone out of the mood. No one wants to think of bills that need payment or what their parent said when they called, or what their boss needs them to do before the next day when having sex.

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4. Fatigue and tiredness: when your fatigued or tired, your brain and body can’t fully process stimulus which makes it harder to be physically ready for any sexual activity.

5. Lack of sleep: it is very difficult to be thinking about any sexual action when all that’s on your mind is how to get enough sleep before you have to wake up again to your busy schedule.

6. Medications: some medications can lead to low sex drive especially most anti-depressant drugs. Anti- depressants also have adverse effects on orgasms.

7. Depression: people suffering from depression tend to have very little or no sexual drive. Depression pays a double role as medications for its treatment, anti-depressants, also reduce sexual drive.

8. Changed contraception: some contraception has been linked to hormonal changes and the imbalance of hormones can lead to low sex drive. It’s best to consult a gynecologist on the best contraceptives for you to use if that’s the case.

9. Dehydration: not drinking enough water can lead to fatigue and dizziness which are causes of low sex drive. Also, dehydration leads to vagina dryness which makes sex difficult, painful and not pleasurable and may even result in injuries.

10. Diet: most salty high fat foods are generally not healthy and may cause one to have low libido. Instead indulge in healthy aphrodisiacs like watermelon, pineapple, coconuts, dates, etc.

11. Low intimacy: people tend to have low sexual drive if they are not attracted to their partners.

12. No exercise: lack of physical fitness can cause one to be fatigued easily which is a major turn off. Persons that involve themselves in physical activities tend to have more endurance and there is an increased level of hormones, giving one a higher than normal amount of sex drive.

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13. Erectile dysfunction: individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction find it impossible to be physically ready for the simple act of penetration. Also, having a partner with erectile dysfunction is a turn off for many women as they need to put in more work and get stressed out.

14. Self-consciousness and insecurities: being self-aware and worrying about your physical appearances and your performance in bed makes it difficult for the mind to concentrate on getting aroused. Also, people find confidence very sexy and find lack of confidence as a turn off.

Understanding what causes your low sex drive can go a long way towards helping you solve it. There are also special diets and therapy for those suffering from low sex drive that have proved really useful.

If, at the end of the day, all effort seems in vain, consult your doctor for help.

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