12 Misconceptions About Having Sex With a Physical Disability

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It is unfortunate that people with disability are taken differently from other people and they have to deal with stigma and misconception on daily basis.

The misconceptions have a wide-ranging effect and they negatively affect the lives of people with disability. There are many myths about sex and people with physical disability and most people think that they don’t have sexual desires.

People with disability usually have the pleasure and desire to engage in sexual activities but they are often denied the chance. They face a lot of challenges, as most people don’t want to be associated with them and their love lives become a mystery.

Below are some of the misconceptions that people with disability encounter in their sex life.

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Sex Usually Hurts

People with physical disability are delicate to handle and people wonder on how they can have sex without being hurt. The truth is that there are many positions and ways to do sex, and they just have to select a position that is favorable for their condition.

Majority of disabled people enjoy tantric sex, which is a slow form and it does not hurt. This does not limit them to have fun and enjoy sexual pleasure, as this type of sex increases intimacy and create a powerful orgasm.

Their Sex Organs Don’t Function

It is not everyone with the physical disability that his or her sex organs do not work. They feel bad when asked such questions and the truth is that each body functions differently just like any other person.

Sex organs operate differently and you just need to learn them just like in any other new relationship.

They Don’t Have Sexual Desires

Disabled people experience normal body biological and physiological processes, and they want intimacy and desire sex just like anybody else.

The desire to have sex is a natural process and people with disability should not be denied the right to enjoy it. If you fear they will not have maximum sexual satisfaction, you can use testosterone boosters and have an excellent sexual performance.

It is unfortunate that most people think that people with physical disability don’t have right to consent and they can do with them what they want.

This has to lead to increased cases of sex abuse and violence in the community and the reported cases are not taken seriously. Disabled people have right to consent and they should be consulted about intimacy and their sexual life.

They Have no Interest in Flirting and Dating

People think that having a physical disability disqualifies you from dating or making dirty jokes. The truth is that they have the same interest and sex drive to get intimate and they should not be denied the chance to date and flirt around.

These people have feelings and they want to feel loved and desired.

They are Boring in Bed

Most people believe that having sex with a physically disabled person is boring. This mentality is created by the fact that it is rare to find sex films with disabled people enjoying great sex.

The fact that their condition does not allow them to do gymnastics in bed does not make them boring, as they have their own tricks that help them to enjoy sex in their best position.

They are awesome positions that favor physically disabled people and they can even perform better than the normal people. In case you fear that they may become inactive in bed before reaching climax, Virility EX will help to boost the stamina and up the game.

It is Difficult To Find Someone to Date Them

People see people with disability as they are undesirable and not ideal to be partners. Others fear being seen with disabled people and whether their friends and family will accept their disabled partner.

People think that dating physically disabled people is a burden to them as you are the one to take care of their needs. These misconceptions make it hard for them to find someone to date them.

They Don’t have Right to Choose their Romantic Partners

People with physical disability are often denied a chance to select their romantic partners. Those who are lucky to date and have sexual partners are always forced to accept someone who is not of their choice.

They are treated as if they don’t have right to make decisions and go for what they want. Their rights to consent are usually violated and their custodian and caregivers have the final say in their lives.

They are Not Sexy

People with physical disability are seen to be unattractive and not sexy at all. Their caregivers don’t see the need to dress them in sexy attires and they think that no one will be attracted to them. They are often hidden is a place that no one can access them and this denies them a chance of exposure.

They Can’t Do Fun Things and Live a Normal Life

People who are physically challenged are delicate to handle and it is not that is easy for them to have fun. People think that their body does not function normally and it is difficult for them to live a normal life.

The fact is that they are human too and they desire to live a normal and fulfilling life.

They Don’t Reproduce

Their desire to have children is not met as people treat them like they cannot give birth. They are usually denied a chance to get intimate and enjoy sex, as people think that they cannot be able to go through the normal reproductive process.

Other people think that their biological system is non-functional and there is no need for them to have sex as they cannot reproduce.

They don’t Achieve Orgasm

People think having a disability will disable your body response to sex and you will not enjoy sex and achieve orgasm.

The misconception of physical disability and sex is that the affected can only be objects of sex and their body does not respond to make them achieve orgasm.

This makes them to left hanging after sex as most sex partners stop the act after they are satisfied without minding whether their disabled partner has reached climax and enjoyed the sexual pleasure.


People with physical disability are humans too and they have desires for sex. However, the society does not favor people with physical disability as they think that their body does not have normal biological processes and they are not fit for sex.

There are many myths and misconceptions about people with disability and sex, and this has made them feel discriminated and denied what they should enjoy just like any other person.

Their condition makes people fear the consequences, thus limiting their access to sex. Many people see people with physical disability as if they are delicate and it will be unfair for them to have sex.

The fact is that having a physical disability does not stop you from being human and you will still have feelings and desires to get intimate just like other people. These people enjoy sex too and they also have a great performance and can make very good love partners.

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