How to Be Sexually Attractive to Your Man?

Sexually Attractive

Every woman wants to be sexually attractive to her man, and there are many ways to turn on a man.

Watching movies with skinny women looking all sexy for their men and setting them on the sex craving mode without having to try too hard, could make you crave the same affection from your man.

Do you feel like you lack the required skills to make your man come running towards you, or do you feel like you’ve lost your sexy touch?

Look no further for a solution because a quick fix is right here. Let me take you on a journey to find your sexiness and keep your man craving your body every single time he sets his eyes on you.

First things first, you need to recognize the fact that there is a stripper deep down inside of every woman.

All you have to do is figure out how to unleash the stripper in you, and half your problem is solved. Take a journey through your wardrobe and look at all your panties, your bra, and lingerie.

Do they look sexy to you? If your answer is no, then you have to get a new collection of underwear. That’s the first step to being hot.

There is a thin line between being casually dressed indoors and being a turnoff. If what you wear at home rings “turn off”, then please do yourself the favor of throwing out those mom clothes and get some smart shorts and tank tops. There are many ways you can dress casual yet steaming with sexiness.

Another thing, smelling nice is not an option it is a necessity. You should smell good, so your man would inhale your scent and remember it long after sex. Nothing turns a man off more than the smell of a dirty body so have a bath and wear a sweet feminine perfume.

Your vocabulary matters when it comes to sex and I’m not talking your mental store of educated English words; I mean your vocabulary of dirty words.

Learn to say the “craziest, sexist, and hoe like” things to your man. You can learn a lot from these online, many materials have dirty words that are useful in the bedroom.

Trust me when I say men love to hear these things. Once you’re done fixing your look, your smell, and your vocabulary, the next thing is to learn how to touch your man in the right places.

The Right Spots to Touch Your Man

Once you’re able to communicate your intentions through your looks, the next thing is to touch your man in the right spots. Start by standing right behind him with your breast rubbing his back.

Take your hand down to his penis and begin to stroke it gently back and forth. Gently kiss his neck kiss his ears kiss down the middle of his back and blow gentle breeze as you talk to him. Let him feel your breath on his skin as you say dirty things to him in a soft and erotic tone.

When you notice he has an erection, have him lift you up to carry you while he penetrates you. Once he starts to get comfortable, you should push him on the bed and take charge. Be on top, ride on his penis after all it’s all yours. Let him understand that you can be the boss in the bedroom even though he’s the boss of the home.

I am sure you’re familiar with the 69 oral sex position, but I would like to introduce you to the 77. This position allows for the deepest penetration from the side. Shake up the routine and get out of your comfort zone. Suggest having sex everywhere outside the bedroom except the lawn (you don’t want the neighbors calling the police on you).

Introducing some edibles into the fun is OK. Ice cream, chocolate, and ice cubes are fantastic when it comes to sex and foreplay. You could tie up his hands and put a blindfold on him, then put some ice cream on his nipples, and the tip of his penis. Lick gently to give him a tickly feeling that’ll have him feeling helpless.

The blindfold is meant to create anticipation and have him wondering where the sexy line of attack from your lips would be landing. Keeping his hands tied to prevent him from touching you is very healthy for foreplay because it follows the urge to feel your skin building up. I’ll leave you to figure out what another way you would like to spice up your act.

You don’t have wait for your man to come home before you turn him on. You can send him nude pictures or make sexy videos while he’s at work. If possible, you could make him lunch and take it to the office as an excuse to whisper some dirty things into his ears.


Sexually Attractive

Seriously! Being too prim and proper gets boring and sucks out all the juice from a relationship. Sometimes figure out something he loves to do and do it with him no matter how petty or annoying you think it is. For instance, if he likes video games tell him to teach you or if he loves football watch matches with him.

And yes, do this thing with him on your birthday suit. It may sound weird or suggest nude kitchen work together or naked gaming, but it’s a sure way to accept and learn more about each other’s body without having sex. Playing with your spouse helps you both appreciate each other better while having fun.

You get to unleash the fun side of you which is hardly ever available especially if you drown yourself in work. There can never be too much fun with someone you love to take advantage of it and play as much as you can.

Engaging in activities that make you laugh help you feel younger and could improve your urge for sex. If you have kids around, send them away when you want to get romantic. Let them visit friends or relatives while you spend quality time with the person you love.

talk about it and make a list

If you have sexual fantasies, make a list and have a conversation with your spouse about it. If you feel he might not respond the way you expect to wait till he is in a perfect mood, then bring up the topic. Make sure to look sexy when you bring up this topic, so his imaginations can run wild.

If your fantasies will require supplies or a trip that will cost some money, make provisions if you can afford it. But have a backup plan if your fantasies are too expensive. I hope you find it easy to be sexually attractive to the person you’re in love with. Sex is healthy for you so get as much orgasm as you can while you have the chance.

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