6 Reasons Anal Sex Is Dangerous

Anal Sex

Sexual intercourse is as old as the creation of life itself. It appears that almost all living things capable of engaging in the act are naturally wired to not only use it as a means of procreation but also to give themselves some pleasure.

That explains why Lions have sex as many as 50 times in a day and why dogs can’t get enough of the humping! Oh! That’s where the word doggy style came from. When it comes to humans, sex has become a lifestyle that evolves with the passage of time.

Hence the evolution now allows for self-expression in ways more complicated than what was obtainable in the days of our grandparents. Ancient history shows that humans have been documenting their sexual behavior in drawings and writing as far back as 400 BCE and 200 CE.

During that time one of the most famous sex books in the world called the Kama Sutra was composed. The kama sutra belongs to an ancient group of texts known as the Kama Shastra, but it has stood the test of time and remains relevant in today’s world than other books in Its group despite it being the oldest of them all.

When people think of sexual creativity, the first literature that comes to mind is the Kama Sutra. But in reality, the book contains only twenty percent contains practical advice on sexual positions.

The rest of the book discusses other pleasure-oriented facilities of the human existence, family, and the true nature of love. The Kama Sutra literature was meant to teach people how to maintain a loving and supportive relationship between themselves and their marriage partners.

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The entrance of the pornography industry marked a revolution in the way people see and practice coitus. This industry made use of real humans engaging in kama sutra positions and made their work available to the hungry eyes of inquisitive people.

As the porn sector enjoyed patronage over the years and began to introduce newer sexual acts for the viewing pleasure of their audience, Oral sex and anal sex became popular.

Here are some things you should know about Anal sexual intercourse;

Sexual intercourse between humans initially involved the penetration of a fully erect penis into a vagina but these days, almost any hole is good enough for the kill, and that includes the anus and the mouth. The vagina is naturally self-lubricating and allows for easier penetration compared to other openings in the body.

Bottom stimulation has even gone beyond sticking a penis into an anus. People now go all the way to insert their fingers, toys, and even their tongues up the ass hole. The pleasure it brings can only be explained by people who enjoy it.

It is true. However, that sex has a lot of positive influence on the overall human health, but at the same time, there are sexually transmitted diseases and also health conditions that can be traced to specific sexual activities. Let us take a look at some of the risks associated with Anal sex.

While people who engage in anal sex say it is a great way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and still have maximum pleasure, there are some risk factors to consider before you embark on the ass journey.

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1. Bowel Incontinence

Bowel or fecal Incontinence is an accidental passage of stool due to an inability to control bowel movement.

Different factors can be responsible for a loss of bowel activity control, and they include but not restricted to rectal prolapse, childbirth, constipation, physical inactivity, and also muscle injury and weakness.

Anal sex can injure or weaken the muscles in a person’s anus, pelvic floor, or rectum because the anus is not elastic enough to handle a continuous penetration of an erect penis. The injury or weakness of these muscles makes it difficult to keep the anus closed naturally.

Not only will penetration cause the receiver pain. Once the Anal muscles become weak due to excessive strain, the victim stands the risk of passing stool uncontrollably. But thanks to the creation of butt plugs, some people with this condition can block their anus using them.

2. An anal tear

The anal opening is not elastic enough, nor does it self-lubricate to make penetration comfortable. Penetrating an anus is sure to cause a tear. Thus, anal sex advocates hit on the use of artificial water-based lubricants to help reduce pain and the limit tearing.

However, the vagina provides a natural lubricant to make penetration comfortable and sex more enjoyable with rare cases of vagina tearing.

3. Infection

Because the anus is the abode of a waste product, it is unhealthy to go from anal sex to oral or vaginal sex without a proper clean up.

A partner who either orally pleasures a penis after it has gone up an anus or allows it into the vagina is likely to have a urinary tract infection, a mouth infection, and other infections that are caused by germs and bacteria housed by feces.

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4. HIV

Though anal sex is a preventative measure against unwanted pregnancies, it is not a preventative measure again sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Research shows that the chances of contracting HIV during anal sex are thirty times higher than the chances of getting the infection via vagina sex.

5. Anal Cancer and Human papilloma virus

The human papillomavirus can be passed on through anal sexual activity and can lead to anal warts and cancer. Studies show that some types of human papilloma virus cause cancer of the throat, cervical cancer, and anal cancer.

A higher population of anal cancer patients are reportedly gay men with multiple sexual partners.

6. It could get messy

This is the disgusting part! There is a chance of your partner passing out stool while you eat their ass hole or have your penis in it. It is called the “shitty situation” and it is very embarrassing. Sure, you do not want to experience that.

With this list of dangers associated with anal sex some individuals still fantasize about deriving sexual pleasure through their anus. Well, to reduce some of the risk factors, you are advised to use a condom.

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