Is It Normal to Fart During Orgasm?


Sex is an experience that sometimes is different for different people. If you have grown to love and get used to a particular person, having sex with them is usually less embarrassing than when you are having sex with that new guy or girl you met at the mall.

There are various reasons why sex can be embarrassing as much as we hate to admit it. For some people, they never have sex with the lights on, some never have sex with their clothes completely off, and then we have those who hate to kiss during sex.

If you are one of those who can easily take off your clothes slowly in the sexiest way possible and walk confidently to the bed and get to work, you should count yourself lucky.

There is, however, one other thing that happens to a lot of us during sex and we are almost embarrassed to talk about it. I mean farting during sex or during orgasm.

While expelling gas is a normal thing for us humans to do, it can be embarrassing when we do it in front of people or during something as intimate as sex.

One of the reasons why we feel shy about passing wind is the fact that it could stink and could make an embarrassing sound that’ll have people laughing or worse still, feeling disgusted.

People, especially ladies, fart during orgasm not because they want to, but because their bodies want to and it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of.

It is noteworthy that there is a difference between farting and queefing during sex. While farting comes with a sound and an awful smell, Queefing is the vagina’s equivalent of making fart sounds with your mouth.

It is usually odorless and less embarrassing because some people already know the difference. We will treat queefing as an individual topic in a different article.

So, is it a normal thing for ladies to pass wind during orgasm, especially when the sex is so good and the orgasm is intense? To answer this question, let us borrow a few lines from the writer James Joyce’s letter to the woman he loved Nora Barnacle.

James wrote how much he appreciates during sex, Nora’s “big fat fellows, long windy ones, quick little merry cracks”. The love-struck man even went further to claim that “I think I would know Nora’s fart anywhere”. If you ask me, Farting during orgasm should be something you and your partner celebrate because it means that the sex was worth it.

I mean, if you are the type to fart during orgasm and you miss it during a particular sex session, it probably means you didn’t get as much pleasure from the intercourse and your partner should know that you probably faked an orgasm because you didn’t fart as expected.

Let’s get real here, you are a human being and your body as a person is very unpredictable. That is why you can fall sick without your body giving you any warning signal.

Your body can also do hilarious things and become deliberately inconvenient. But this same human body is the most beautiful, and pleasurable thing on earth if you think about it sexually.

As ladies, people expect everything about us to be perfect and classy. If we are to live by the standards set by the rest of the world for us women, we would undoubtedly lose ourselves and forget how to be human.

If the person you are having sex with makes a big deal out of your farting during an orgasm and you feel bad about it, then you need to seat down and think again whether or not you want to be with that particular sex partner.

Being embarrassed about something as natural as passing wind at the height of sexual pleasure, would mean eliminating the reality of your own body.

What Are the Possible Reasons Why I Pass Wind During Sex or Orgasm?

Indigestion and Bloating

One of the possible reasons why you fart during sex is indigestion. Sometimes we eat things that upset our stomach or cause us to be bloated hours or a few minutes before we have sex.

This kind of eating is mostly done unintentionally but it doesn’t spare us when it comes to pulling the embarrassing stunt of making you pass gas when you least want to.

If you feel this sounds familiar, all that is required of you is a change of diet or simple rescheduling of the time you consume such foods. It is better to eat after sex because you would have exhausted enough energy and would be left with a big appetite for food. Also, drinking carbonated beverages and beer can send you to fart land in a matter of seconds.

People sometimes want to take a few bottles or glasses of beer before sex so they can be tipsy and enjoy the feeling of sexual pleasure better. While that might work for you, it is a very strong reason why you get bloated and unintentionally pass wind during sex.

Now that you know, you have to watch it.


There is a huge chance that most of the time you are not passing gas but just letting out air that got into your vaginal canal. During penetration, air can be pushed into your vaginal canal and when that happens, expect it to come out with a fart-like noise.

It is a very normal experience and 85% of ladies who are sexually active have experienced queefing at one time or another. However, if you are uncomfortable with queefs you can discuss with your partner how to reduce the speed of thrusting.

This is because queefing can be mitigated by less rigorous vaginal penetration. But I really don’t think you should bother about whether or not air comes out of your vagina as it has no smell.

This Is Sex and the Human Body; Anything Is Possible

Come on, this is love-making we are talking about, and this is the human body also. Things happen when they want to during sex because sex itself is messy and funny.

If your partner finds you passing gas disgusting, ask him why he makes an ugly yet funny face when he ejaculates. Besides, due to muscle contraction, you can experience an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, known as a Valsalva maneuver.

When you have this abdominal pressure and it pushes against your rectum, you should expect an intense orgasm and farting. So it’s not something to make a big deal out of.

If you are engaging in oral sex with your partner and you feel like you are about to pass wind, simply tell him to come up for a kiss or go straight ahead to inform him that you are about to detonate a bomb and it’ll be safer if he took cover. Sex should be fun, don’t get too serious.

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