Chastity Device: Fitting and Measurement Guide for Beginners

Chastity Device

So every woman wants to keep her man’s penis for her use only. Every gay couple wants to do the same thing, and I honestly think it’s OK to be selfish with the penis especially when it’s okay.

When you want to purchase a chastity device, the first thing you think of chiefly as a first-time buyer is the level of the device’s security.

Most people look out for an escapable device because they feel it heightens the feeling that they are at the mercy of whoever holds the keys and until that person comes to their aid, that have no choice but to remain denied and locked up.

The fact is that in most cases, fantasy and reality never aligns and that cause most people to become disappointed and disillusioned once they realise that it is straightforward for them to escape if they decide to.

You will find no such thing as a completely escape proof chastity device as they usually come in “one size fits all” and that makes it easy for most men to escape without much struggle.

The ability for lies if men to escape easily makes about if sense if you think about it because the name sex organ varies in shape and size according to individuals.

The length is the penis differs and so does the circumference of the penis at different points regardless of whether the man is cut or uncut, a grower or a shower.

To make matters more interesting, the penis is flexible and can be squeezed, squashed, bent, and manipulated easily to pass through the tightest of rings and gaps.

The penis can even retract into the body, just as the scrotum and testicle can also shrink and vary in size and shape.

For some men, the testicles may drop low while for others they may sit high and tight. The scrotum will also loosen and tighten with changes in temperature for some men.

Putting all these factors into consideration, you realise that it is almost impossible for the one size fits all chastity device to comfortably secure the penis of our male lovers.

The best thing to do in this situation is to focus your mind on the actual reason why chastity is even a thing than getting disappointed over the fact that you can easily escape from your penis cell wherever you decide to.

Except in the case of fantasy play, nobody should be forced to engage in chastity. Both partners have to conclude that it’s something they want to do because they are comfortable with the idea.

Having the chastity device on you with mutual consent should serve as a constant reminder that you want to be at the mercy of your key holder because the thought of pleasing them us appealing to you.

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Deciding to engage in chastity requires a high level of trust so if you find out that you sneak to masturbate or even cheat on your key holder, then the best option would be to discuss the whole thing again and make your partner understand that chastity isn’t really your thing, and you wouldn’t want to keep lying to them.

Orgasm denial and chastity can be enjoyed in a variety of ways so you need to discover what would work best for you before you begin.

Instead of focusing on finding an escape-proof cage, it would be best you focus on finding a comfortable cage especially if this is something you want to do for an extended period.

Some people make the mistake of choosing the smallest and tightest charity device so that they can’t escape but if something that is supposed to fun and interesting turns out to be painful and uncomfortable that the purpose is lost and all the time and energy will be a waste because you would be losing interest entirely.

So if you do not want to take off your chastity device because of pain continually, you have to size yourself before you make the purchase.

This is usually time-consuming, so it might take several amounts of trial and error to finally get the right charity device. Chastity devices do not run cheap so that this process may become expensive and frustrating.

Nevertheless, there are a few technics that you can use to reduce your chances of purchasing the wrong size too many times.

Please note that these tricks do not offer a hundred per cent guarantee that mistakes will not be made as they are not based on any form of science.

How to measure for a comfortable chastity device?

Chastity Device

One measurement you should ensure to get as accurate as you can possibly get it is the size of the main ring. ( the ring that circles your penis and testicles) If you get a wrong measurement, you may suffer from some serious problems later.

If you purchase a cage with rings that are too large, it may ultimately fall off of completely or slip down. If the cage is to tight you may suffer from fluid retention and pains. There is also a chance that you’ll cut off the flow of blood from your penis and that’s very dangerous.

Important to note is the difference between blue balls and actual blue testicles. When you experience pains in your testicles due to orgasm denial, you can be said to have blue balls.

However, when your balls begin to appear blue, red, or pale as a result of the tightness of your penis cage, it is only wise that you take it off instantly before you end up in the hospital.

A tape measurement will hardly give you the accurate size of the main ring this some people recommend that you tie a few strings around your genitals and use that as a measurement but it isn’t also accurate.

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However, a more reliable method of measurement would be to visit a hardware or sex store and purchase a few rings ranging from approximately 2 inches in diameter and gradually reducing in size by ¼ of an inch. Ensure that the rings are made of solid materials like plastic or metal because a stretchy material may give you an inaccurate result.

Starting with the largest ring keep trying them on one after the other till you find one that fits your penis perfectly and causes no form of pain or discomfort. Also make sure that the ring you choose is smooth and rounded so that it doesn’t cause you any pains during wear.

Once you have found the right size of ring, wear to for a few days and monitor how comfortable you feel at different times when you have it on. If at any point you feel discomfort may be due to an erection or anything else, take it off and sexy m search for another ring that will be more comfortable.

The right ring may cause you minor discomfort when you have an erection, but it should never cause you pain in your penis, testicles, or abdomen. If any of these happens to take off the ring immediately.

Measuring for the cage length

The length of your permits cage should ideally be one that allows the tip of your penis to sit at the end of the cage when worn. If the chastity device is too small, you may begin to feel like your penis is been held back into your body regularly.

You may notice your glans uncomfortably bulging through the end hole, and the penis may appear to bunch up towards the base.

For males that are uncircumcised, the foreskin may slip out from the end of the cage and even get pinched. If the device is too long, it may not cause any major issues except for the part where urine might splash inside the device and cause it to smell and build up moisture.

To measure the length of your penis for a penis cage, place a ruler under it when flaccid and measure from tip to base. Pressing the rules unto your scrotum will give you an incorrect measurement so just make sure the ruler makes contact with the skin in that area only.

While it is essential that you measure when your penis is flaccid, you shouldn’t do it when you are afraid, or the weather is cold, and your penis has been forced to withdraw.

For the most accurate result, measure your penis several times a day until you archive a very comfortable measurement. Once you have discovered the right size, proceed to deduct a ¼ to a ½ inch from the final results, and that serve as the ideal length for your penis cage.

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Measuring for the diameter of your chastity device

It is less important to measure for the width of your cage, but there are some benefits to having the correct fit. Some of the benefits of having the right diameter are spilling less urine inside the cage and increased comfort.

Some people will prefer to have a cage that hugs the penis and makes a reasonable amount of contact with the skin but doesn’t feel too tight and uncomfortable.

However, I would prefer that you go for a cage that is looser because it would allow air to circulate quickly. When the chastity device is skin tight, it could cause storage or sweat and smell which might lead to problems with infections.

There would also be times when your penis will pull back naturally because of weather conditions or some other reasons when it’s time for it to move forward again there might be issues.

It is up to you to decide whether you would rather have some room for air or have things snuggled tightly but I’m a lover of air and some amount of freedom.

Why spacer is important?

Chastity Device

Another vital measurement you should be aware of is the gap between the cage section and the central ring. Most masses produced trapped ball devices come with spacers that allow you to adjust the gap between the cage and the ring.

The reason the measurement of these spacers is valuable is that they help you to reduce your ability to take off the chastity device especially if you are concerned about security.

The smaller the gap between the central ring and the cage, the harder it becomes for you to slip your penis and testicles out of the cage easily. You need to find one that is just right for you as going for a tight spacer might cause some discomfort.

Some of you might still want a very secure penis cage, and that is fine. You can go ahead to get yourself a custom-made cage that fits your exact specs.

However, considering how flexible the penis naturally is, this too is not guaranteed to offer you the maximum level of security you are looking for. You can also go for a chastity device that comes with a variety of add-ons that are designed to reduce your chances of escape.

Finally, before you decide to use a penis cage or even get any of the available add-ons to make sure it is what you really want and not what you would do because everyone else does it. Beware of irritations and infections as well.

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