10 Best Period Underwear to Buy in 2022

Best Period Underwear

You may have used period underwear or period panties or heard of them or seen them advertised on social media.

Well, some people haven’t heard of them or even seen them. This post tries to explain everything you should know about period wears.

Period underwear are products that a lady wears during her period. Please note that the word “period” is another name for menstruation.

Period underwear are worn like regular panties and you can wear them under any clothes.

One interesting thing about period underwear and one of the main reasons they are becoming popular these days is that you can wash them after use, dry them, and use them again.

Having said this, let me give you the proper definition of period underwear.

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What Are Period Underwear?

Period underwear or panties are underwear with unique features that absorb menstrual blood and stop leaks from getting through clothes and staining them and they can be reused.

Some of them have a built-in pocket where you can insert your tampon or menstrual cup into the pocket and seal it with another layer of material.

Also, you can wear some period underwear without inserting anything.

Some period underwear have waterproof barriers while others use special fabrics that can absorb fluid and wick moisture away.

Some period underwear can do both of these things mentioned above: they block leaks and absorb fluids.

A lot of period underwear designs have 3 to 4 layers of fabric in the crotch area.

How To Wear Period Underwear?

You can wear period underwear as menstrual protection every month.

You can also keep it on hand at special times like during a big event or long flight and you want extra peace of mind against menstrual leaks.

They can also be worn as a backup on heavy days or you wear them alone on light days.

Who Needs Period Underwear?

Women of all ages, especially those who are still menstruating wear period underwear. However, the purpose of wearing them can be different for each person.

Teens and twins

Young ladies who are still waiting for their period or who don’t have regular period wear them so they can have peace of mind. These special menstrual panties prevent embarrassing leaks.

Imagine having a surprise period during class or when sleeping over at your friend’s house. Period underwear stops all these embarrassments.

Ladies in their 20s

Women in their 20s regard period underwear as an important way of dealing with periods and wearing them is a statement against the old ways of coping with the normal functions of the female body.

Any lady with a wardrobe of high quality period undies will say goodbye to tampons and pads that are bad for the planet.

She also frees herself from purchasing expensive pads and other feminine hygiene supply every month.

Ladies in their 30s

Women get busy with their life, career, and families in their 30s. Period underwear will remove worry about menstrual leaks and embarrassment thereby giving them one less thing to worry about.

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Menstrual underwear even helps women deal with post-partum bleeding after they’ve had a baby.

Ladies above 30

Ladies above 30 are going into Perimenopause. This stage is the early transition into menopause and it is characterized by irregular periods and even extra-heavy period flow.

Women at this age love extra protection and they get it from period-proof underwear.

So you see that period underwear can be different from one lady to the next because it covers a lot of needs, ranging from acting as an extra layer of cover to a new way of handling periods.

Period underwear gives free bleeding with peace of mind from the first day to the last day.

Types of Period Underwear

There are many types of period underwear but the most common types are:

  1. Panties that prevent leaks and absorbs menstrual blood
  2. Panties that absorbs menstrual blood
  3. Panties that hold pads and block leaks
  4. Panties that block leaks
  5. Panties that help hold pads in place

Some period underwear are designed to make women feel super sexy during their period. They have trims and sheer fabrics while other period panties have a more classic and basic style.

Period underwear are available in almost every style that you find the regular underwear.

Benefits of Period Underwear

They have the same benefits like tampons and pads and some of them are:

  • They have anti-bacterial properties thereby preventing bacteria from growing on your skin or clothes.
  • Encourage regularity
  • Increase absorbency and they can absorb both light and heavy flow
  • Reduce irritation
  • They are highly comfortable during physical activities like bike racing and hiking
  • They are hygienic
  • Have zero risks of toxic shock syndrome
  • Reduce the amount of single-use plastics
  • Have zero risks of shifting or leaking
  • They are easy to clean
  • They are eco-friendly. Period underwear are also eco-friendly, close to 20 billion menstrual products like sanitary pads, napkins, and tampons are dumped into landfills in just one country every year.

Now, just close your eyes and imagine the global situation.

Why Do Women Wear Period Underwear?

The main reason a lot of women choose period underwear is because they can be re-used and this, in turn, saves money used in buying monthly pad supplies and panty liners.

Even if you buy cloth menstrual pads that are re-useable, they can shift out of their position since they are held in place by snaps and cause leakage and stains.

So this is why most ladies prefer period underwear than plastic-based pads that are more expensive in the long run and remain forever in landfills thereby polluting the earth.

Apart from protecting the earth, period underwear saves money since they are re-useable and you don’t have to buy them every month. All you need are just a few pairs.

How Does Period Underwear Work?

They have the same mechanism as pads. These menstrual undies are not different from your usual underwear, the only difference is the fabric used in making them.

They work by using extra layers of microfiber polyester that absorbs blood. These layers prevent blood or moisture from coming in contact with your skin or leaking onto your clothes.

The main work of period underwear is to absorb fluids, prevent leaks, and remove moisture away from your skin. The way the fabric technology works can differ according to brands.

But they all work to ensure that you have a comfortable period. Period panties can absorb light to moderate flow or flow equivalent to 2 tampons.

How To Use Period Underwear?

You use them the same way you use your regular underwear. You simply change them regularly and wash them after use to avoid odors and infection.

They are also machine-washable. Put them in a washable mesh bag and wash using gentle cycle or delicate cycle.

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Dry your period underwear naturally under sunlight, don’t put them in the dryer.

Can I Replace My Pads or Tampons With Period Underwear?

Well, this totally depends on you. Your decision here depends on a lot of things like:

  • The type of period underwear you buy
  • How heavy or light your flow is
  • Your level of physical activity and nature of your job, etc.

Can I Wear Pads With Period Underwear?

This is up to you and it depends on your flow. If your flow is heavy and you want to double your trust that you won’t get stained, then you can wear pads along with period underwear.

And if you don’t have heavy flow but you just want extra protection, you can use pad together with your period panties. Just do what you know will make you feel confident and comfortable.

Can I wear Period Underwear All Day?

No, you can’t. Even if your flow is light, we advise you to change at least once a day.

Once you start feeling the wetness of the underwear, it is time to change because that is a sign that it has reached its absorption capacity.

Is Period Underwear New?

No, they are not new. In 1967, a type of period underwear in the form of “period petticoat” was patented.

But only few people knew about them or used them until recently when period underwear came into the spotlight.

Period underwear is popular now because women feel more comfortable talking about their periods. It is no longer considered a taboo as it used to be in the past.

Are Period Underwear Convenient?

Yes, they are more convenient than pads and tampons. One of the main reasons for its high convenience is that you can insert something small into the pocket without having to unpack your bag.

With this, you can easily put it into your gym bag or purse when running errands or going about your day’s activities.

They are also more discreet than pads and tampons because they do not contain any obvious signs of menstrual blood outside your skirt or pants that you wear them with. 

10 Best Period Underwear

best Period Panties

Now that you’ve learned a lot on period panties, let’s go on and give you a list of quality, highly absorbent, and leak-proof menstrual underwear.

1. Bambody

This brand of period panties provides extra protection to women having heavy flow, that is why they are a little bit thicker or bulkier. It has special absorbent layer.

Bambody is ideal for women who are physically active even during their periods. So, you can comfortably wear this on a period gym day. And the absorbency is equivalent to 2 tampons.

2. Evawear

This brand is one of the best period underwear for women are new to it. Women who are still trying to get over the “yuck” factor when they hear of period panties will feel comfortable with this.

It is made with period-wicking fabric that is highly absorbent. Evawear will keep you feeling cool and dry even when you are on heavy flow.

The absorbency is equivalent to 2 tampons.

3. Intimate portal

These lacy mid-rise hiphuggers are really cute. They come in varieties of colors and provide strong anti-leak layers to protect you during your menstruation.

This brand is the best lacy lingerie style of period panties and they are also handy for women having post-partum bleeding and incontinence.

The absorbency is equal to 2 tampons.

4. Undiepads

Are you looking for disposable period panties? Then go for this brand, it is the best disposable option out there.

Undiepads have built-in pads that can absorb up to three times the amount of your regular pad. And you don’t have to wash them because they are disposable, you just discard them when done.

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The absorbency is 3X more than a pad or tampon.

5. Amazon Brand-Solimo

This period panty is great for incontinence and can also be used by post-partum women. It has high absorbency and it quickly locks away wetness.

Solimo controls temperature and moisture thus helping your skin stay dry, comfortable and even healthy. The cotton enhanced top sheet will soft against your skin and it does not contain latex.

This brand also has a dual odor control system that helps in neutralizing and controlling odors. This keeps you feeling fresh all through your period.

6. Bamboo viscous fiber brief

This high quality leak-proof period panty is made of 95% bamboo viscous fiber and 5% spandex. The water-proof fabric is made of 82% bamboo fiber and 18% polyester.

You can easily wash it, either by machine or hand and air-dry it. It comes in a variety of colors and it is seamless, breathable, comfortable, and has high elasticity.

Bamboo period panty is excellent for days with heavy period flow, urinary incontinence, and post-partum bleeding. You will worry less when you are wearing this.

7. Innersy women’s cotton period panties

The innersy menstrual underwear is designed for heavy flow. The inner crotch is made of 100% cotton while the menstrual pant is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

This menstrual underwear will make you comfortable and active even in your heavy period. It has extra protection that prevents leaks even sitting or lying down.

8. Thinx bodyshort period underwear

This amazing period panty prevents leaks and stains. It has built-in leak protection and it absorbs your menstrual blood without you feeling bulky.

It also has a leak-resistant moisture barrier that keeps you dry. This menstrual panty neutralizes odor thereby keeping you fresh and it is machine-washable.

9. Thinx organic cotton brief period underwear

This period pant from Thinx is comfortable, soft, and has strong anti-leak protection. It keeps you feeling dry. The breathable fabric looks good just as it feels good on the body.

Women who are physically active will love the Thinx sport menstrual underwear.

10. OLIKEME Menstrual Period Underwear

This quality menstrual pant is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It offers a flattering look with comfortable coverage under any outfit. It has fine permeability that keeps you cool and dry.

Do Period Underwear Have Side Effects?

Period Panties

No, there are no side effects and only one disadvantage is known and that is menstrual odor. Some ladies find this disturbing because as their period is flowing outside their bodies, there is a chance that they can smell it.

Well, this is both good and bad at the same time. Good in the sense that this means it has no toxic chemicals that we find in regular pads and tampons, these chemicals are used to neutralize odors but they can cause problems in the body.

But the odor can be uncomfortable, which is the bad side. You can use mild perfumes to mask it.

Another disadvantage some women find with period wears are limited styles and they are a bit more expensive than pads and tampons.

Then be prepared to get hands-on because period wears needs washing. If you are the type that doesn’t like seeing blood, then period wear might not be for you.

Even if you use a washing machine, period wears needs wringing out before putting it into the washing machine.


We hope this post has explained a lot of things about period underwear and why women love them. Also, if you are not sure about the one to get for yourself, you can check the list in this post to find the best one that suits you and your lifestyle.

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