How Loud Should Ladies Moan During Sex?

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Every laborer deserves his wages. Regardless of how these wages come, the satisfaction of getting a benefit for the effort is what spurs people to work harder. This theory isn’t restricted to our everyday careers; it has a role to play in sex too.

Sex is communication whether we choose to admit it or not and what makes good conversation is when a message is sent, received, and interpreted as intended. What do I mean?

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If you are having sex with a lady, you expect that she proves to you that she feels every move you make inside her and on her body by either touching you back, making physical signs that indicate you are right on track, and most of all, she has to make sounds.

Sounds made during sex could be of two types though, she could either moan or groan. If she is moaning, then she is making those sweet sounds that tell you to do more, and every man loves to hear that.

If she is groaning, she is either in pain or uncomfortable for some reason. If she makes no sound at all, I’m sorry, but you need to go back to the kindergarten of sexual intercourse and start learning from the very basics.

So let’s talk moaning if you are having sex with a lady and she moans you feel fulfilled because you know she approves of your skills, but then, some ladies are often bewildered with the questions, how loud do guys expect their ladies to moan for them during sex?

What kinds of moaning sounds are the sexiest? Do guys expect ladies to whine during foreplay too? All these and more will be treated in the course of the article.

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Let me leave a caveat before we go further: this article might turn you on and mess with your ego, only also read if you can handle heartbreak where you are as you read.

What is moaning?

Moaning describes an inarticulate sound made by a person when in pain or discomfort and this case, experiencing pleasure.

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Why do ladies moan during sex?

There are lots of reasons why ladies moan during sex. Guys moan too only not as much or as loud as the females do. Guys moan, curse, and grunt when they go in balls deep because the feeling is way too good for them just to stay silent. But for the female folk, it’s beyond that. Hold on to your heart guys; I just might break them with these facts.

1. Most women moan actually to speed their partner up. They moan so you feel they have arrived at their destination and you can burst now. Does that hurt? Sorry, but in the world of a woman, you never can tell what you are doing right if you don’t ask.

2. One research shows that women also moan just to massage their partner’s ego. What? This is that part where most of us ladies look away and act like they don’t have an idea what I just said but it’s something we all do, and we might never stop doing.

Researchers wrote in the report of the research that “While female orgasms were most commonly experienced during foreplay, copulatory vocalizations were reported to be made most often before and simultaneously with male ejaculation,”

3. Women moan when the sex is annoying, so you don’t really know you are boring them to death. Do you see? We care so much about your feelings, so we just pretend till it’s over and then we never return. Ignorance is bliss they say, and that is true in this case so just keep enjoying yourself and try to believe she’s enjoying it too.

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4. Women moan when they are having an orgasm. With all the reasons I mentioned before this one, you may find it hard to believe there are real moans of pleasure, but there are. When you do it right, she responds right, but it’s difficult to tell the difference between a real moan and a fake one.

How Loud should a lady moan?

A lady asked on a forum if it was annoying for a lady to moan loud during sex because her boyfriend had made her moan into a pillow the night before. Here are the responses she got from other guys.

Boshcak said:” I —ADORE— a woman moaning during sex. It turns me on immensely, especially if I’m the one causing her to moan – preferably by being busy doing oral on her…

He’s probably just respecting other people’s privacy by doing what he does. In my opinion, no mikes hetero-preferring man can find a sexually moaning woman annoying!!! “

Fuentes said: “Nah but if other people around id have put ur face in the pillowcase cause I ain’t tryna hear my roommates talking bout they were outside my door n jacking off or puttin it on snap chat or IG story lol, I know thatd be embarrassing for u haha cause my homies to do that”

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Jon said: “Yes I dated this girl and as soon as I touched her she was bullhorn megaphone PA loud it would break my concentration.”

Teddy: “It’s okay to be loud as long as it’s genuine. You should neither be embarrassed nor shy, neither should you apologize. Unless of course you did deprive them of sleep or simply frustrated them.”

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Manual: “Guys like your sex moaning if it genuine and not a fake. Are you moaning when it is good and keep quiet when it is bad. Only moan if you feel it and do not fake it. Though most mike thinks your load moaning is fake even if it is not. SEE FILM HARRY MET SALLY – the MEG RYAN load moan scene”

Vines said: “I don’t think it’s annoying, but I found it embarrassing once. I took a new girlfriend to bed for our first time one quiet Sunday afternoon. It was a warm day and. I left the windows open.

What a mistake! Neighbours were sitting in gardens, kids were outside playing, and all I could think was”shut up for god’s sake!” I felt the need to apologise to some of them next time I saw them in the street. We did it a few more times after that day, but always with the windows closed tight.”

And finally, a guy called HellaCray gave a very interesting answer, he said “Have you seen porn with no sound? Cause I have and it’s not that sexy. in my opinion, noise is a big part in communication and the art of making sweet sweet love.”

So while some guys like it the porn star way, other guys like it a little lower. The bottom line is, no matter the volume of the sound you choose to make, do well to be real about it, and discuss with your partner if you feel he isn’t doing something right.

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