What Is Penis Captivus?

Penis Captivus

Penis Captivus is an issue that a lot of people will experience from time to time, but it’s not something many people like to discuss.

Penis Captivus is literally characterized by a penis getting trapped and immobilized in a vagina during sexual intercourse.

Many people don’t want to discuss this problem at all because they’re embarrassed. They might think that it reflects poorly on their sexual performance or their anatomy.

Other people who actually find themselves in this situation are often baffled as to how to handle it.

Since it’s an issue that is not discussed very frequently, most people don’t really know why it’s happening and what they can do about it.

Penis Captivus Causes

When people consider the nature of sexual organs, the fact that Penis Captivus occurs should not be surprising.

Women who are experiencing an orgasm will go through a number of different physiological changes as a result.

Their pelvic muscles will go through a powerful and energetic sequence of contractions. Meanwhile, the penis itself is engorged with blood, and the blood flow to the penis might have increased since intercourse began.

This can change the nature of the fit.

At some point during orgasm, the vaginal walls can tighten around the engorged penis as a result of these vaginal contractions. Because of this increased tightness, withdrawal can be more difficult for the partner with a penis.

Essentially, Penis Captivus is an unintended consequence of the muscle contractions that can occur during orgasm. Given the nature of orgasm, this situation happens by accident.

Women are capable of experiencing very long and powerful orgasms compared with men in many cases, and they’re also capable of having multiple orgasms during a typical act of intercourse.

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This means that the risk associated with Penis Captivus is higher than it would be otherwise because the number of vaginal contractions is particularly high.

However, it should still be noted that Penis Captivus is still uncommon, given the number of acts of sexual intercourse that occur.


People who are afraid of experiencing a situation involving Penis Captivus should know that it’s rarely serious.

There have only been a few documented cases of this issue requiring actual medical attention. For the most part, Penis Captivus ends in a few minutes or so.

For the most part, the vaginal contractions that cause Penis Captivus in the first place will stop the moment that the woman finishes with the orgasm.

Even a woman who has multiple orgasms will still stop eventually, and the different orgasms will still vary in terms of their intensity.

There’s also the fact that the male partner might not want to withdraw during this part of the sex act anyway, and the Penis Captivus situation might be only theoretical.

The Penis Captivus situation can also resolve itself when the male partner ejaculates. After ejaculation, the penis starts to become flaccid again as the blood flow exits the penis.

Given the timing of ejaculation and female orgasm, in many cases, the Penis Captivus situation might last for a few seconds.

Couples who are in this situation typically should not panic. They should usually just relax and allow their bodies and muscles to relax as well.

In the very rare cases in which Penis Captivus would be a problem, the main issue would be the lack of circulation to the penis. It would depend on the tightness of the vaginal muscles in situations like that.

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For the most part, the vaginal muscles should not be so tight that they could severely cut off the blood flow to the penis. Situations, where that would happen, would be rare.

It should be noted that some sex toys will cut off the blood circulation to the penis in a way that is much more straightforward and severe.

Men have been fine after that. Women who are concerned about the possibility of severely hurting their partners through Penis Captivus should remember that this is unlikely to happen.

Even if there is some lost circulation involved, it’s unlikely that it would cause permanent damage. The couples who required medical attention related to Penis Captivus in the past were not necessarily permanently harmed by the act.


The important thing to remember regarding Penis Captivus is that partners who communicate with one another are less likely to be involved in a difficult situation like this.

Even if the Penis Captivus situation is occurring, partners should be able to keep each other calm. This will allow their bodies to relax and perform more effectively, making it that much more likely that the Penis Captivus will resolve itself.

People who panic are more likely to run into genuine issues. After orgasm and ejaculation, the situation should change, and people should be able to withdraw from one another.

Ultimately, couples who communicate and who avoid shame will be less likely to experience any major problems of any kind.

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