Reasons Why You May Suffer Cramps After Sex

Cramps After Sex

Most women are no strangers to cramps, but it usually occurs when it’s your time of the month, so when it happens after sex you might be worried and confused about it.

It isn’t really unusual for women to suffer cramp after sex. Women have a few reasons to suffer non-cancerous ranging from period pains to ovulation and even fibroids.

But not to worry cramps after sex doesn’t really mean anything bad. To some women, it is a normal thing after the pleasure while to others it may be a reaction to partners sperm or an underlying medical condition.

Here are some reasons why you may suffer cramps after sex.

  1. Partners sperm
  2. Orgasm
  3. When you’re close to your period
  4. When you’re on ovulation
  5. When there is fibroid in the uterine
  6. Use of contraception
  7. Endometriosis
  8. Cyst
  9. Pregnancy
  10. STI

1. Partners sperm: Sperm contains a hormone called prostaglandin. This hormone can contribute to cramping, and even inflammation and some women have an adverse reaction to it.

The prostaglandin hormone is found in almost every tissue in the body. In women, it plays a major role in the induction of labour by causing cramps in the uterine. It also helps in blood flow and blood clotting.

2. Orgasm: when you reach orgasm it causes contractions in the uterus which can result to cramping in some women. Orgasm may not only trigger contraction of the vaginal wall, but it can also lead all the way up into the uterus.

The contraction caused during orgasm while pleasurable, can also cause intense tension in the uterine muscles and therefore cause cramps.

3. When you’re close to your period: for most women, cramping is a sign telling you that period is about to start. Period pains occur when the muscles in the womb are tightened waiting for the lining to shed monthly.

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In some women period cramps tends to start a few days before the period starts and become more intense as it gets closer or when the period starts. And during this time as your body go through this process it produces prostaglandins, and this hormone can make the cramp more intense.

Sex during this time can also make the cramps intense because the sperm also contains prostaglandins which we know can cause inflammation. Since the uterine is already working hard to get rid of menstrual blood, more prostaglandins released into the body might leave you in a worse situation.

You should try checking your cycle to know if you experience cramps after getting down and dirty when close to your period.

4. When you’re on your ovulation: we know that ovulation is when an egg is released ready for fertilisation. Ovulation cramps in some women are far worse than period cramps.

Cramping during ovulation may be caused when the follicle which is a part of the ovary stretches before releasing an egg or when the follicle ruptures after the release of an egg.

Sex during this period of ovulation can increase cramping during and after sex since the follicle is still working.

5. When there’s fibroid in the uterine: Non-cancerous growth that occurs anywhere in the uterus can cause cramping. Depending on the size of the fibroid, the cramps may increase after sex sometimes leading to irregular bleeding, heavy period flow and cramping in the pelvis.

6. Use of contraception: If you had an intrauterine device (IUD) fitted, you may experience cramping for a few weeks, although it would go away on its own. If you’re using an IUD, then it’s not uncommon to experience cramping after sex. IUD is a small plastic and copper device that is fitted in a woman’s womb, and can last for about five to ten years.

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The IUD is more than 99 percent effective against unwanted pregnancies, but can also cause painful periods in some women.

While the uterus adjusts and tries to get used to having it there, you may suffer from intense cramping during and after sex but will eventually go away after a few weeks.

7. Endometriosis: this is a chronic condition which causes the tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb to grow outside the uterus and can cause pain and cramping all the time.

The symptoms of endometriosis can vary from person to person, but the most common ones include painful or heavy periods, pain during sex and after and difficulty conceiving.

8. Cyst: When the ovarian cyst bursts it can cause cramping, as well as bloating and painful periods. An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops on a woman’s ovary.

The ovarian cysts may affect either both ovaries or only affect one ovary at a time. An ovarian cyst usually causes symptoms only when it ruptures, is very large, or block the supply of blood to the ovaries.

This is when you may experience intense pelvic pain, pain during and after sex and sometimes irregular periods.

9. During pregnancy: while it is safe and healthy to have sex up until your water breaks, you may experience cramping after sex. This is usually because orgasms set off contractions in the womb which lead to cramps.

Women in their third trimester of pregnancy will experience this more as the uterus is stretched and bones and ligaments are shifting around to make room for the baby’s delivery. Relaxing for a few minutes or more can allow the cramping to ease.

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Cramps during pregnancy may be a symptom of Urinary Tract Infection especially if she is prone to them. These cramps are followed by the persistent urge to urinate, reddish urine and cloudy urine.

10. STI: Some STIs can cause abdominal cramps after sex especially chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease, hepatitis etc. Other STI symptoms may accompany the pains so you may want to go for a test if the symptoms are similar to that of STI’s

How To Treat Cramps After Sex?

If cramps after sex not related to severe cysts, STIs and any complicated medical condition, treating them is easy. Taking pain relievers is one way to treat cramping after sex, applying heat to the abdomen, taking a hot bath etc. can increase blood flow to the cramped area to relieve pain.

Also adding supplements like vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B-1. B-6 and magnesium to your diet can help ease tension in the muscles and lessen cramping.

You may want to practice relaxation techniques like yoga, stretching and meditation. Also, reducing excessive drinking and smoking should be considered since they make cramping worse

If cramps are accompanied by Fever or chills, painful headaches, Heavy spotting or bleeding, vision changes, feeling faint or dizzy and Pain or burning during urination, please seek medical help.

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