How to Increase Sexual Pleasure via Vaginal Weightlifting

Vaginal Weightlifting

There are various solutions that people turn to in order to try and improve their sex lives and boost the pleasure that they get from sex.

Lack of sexual desire and pleasure can affect both men and women for a range of reasons.

One of the things that can affect women is weak vaginal muscles, which can have a negative impact when it comes to achieving sexual pleasure.

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Fortunately, there are steps that you can take in order to strengthen vaginal muscles. Vaginal weightlifting has become an increasingly popular solution for women who want to improve the pleasure that they get from sex.

The history of vaginal weightlifting

While many women may be new to the world of vaginal weightlifting, this is a practice that has been used for more than two thousand years.

Throughout history, the sexual organs of a woman have been deemed very important and have been connected not just to new life but also to wealth, youth and power.

In ancient China, yoni eggs or jade eggs were used to exercise women’s genital muscles. These were smooth, semi-precious stones that were dug up from the earth and then carved to make them egg-shaped.

These were originally used for those in high society and royalty in order to promote good health, beauty, and a long life. It was also believed that this method was able to boost life-force energy and create spiritual energy.

The sexual benefits of vaginal weightlifting

While the history of vaginal weightlifting goes back thousands of years, it is a practice that is becoming more popular again today.

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Women have come to realise that strengthening the genital muscles using this method can benefit them sexually in a variety of ways.

This includes;

  • Increase the number of orgasms you have: Strengthening the muscles using vaginal weightlifting is able to increase the number of orgasms that you have during sex.
  • Intensify your orgasms: Another key benefit that vaginal weightlifting can provide is the ability to intensify your orgasms. This means orgasms that are deeper, longer and far more pleasurable.
  • Increase the libido: If you suffer from lack of libido, using vaginal weightlifting can help. This is because the vagina feels numb when the muscles are weak but once they are strengthened is it far more sensitive, which makes sex more of a pleasure.
  • Improving lubrication: Lubrication can be a problem for many women. However, vaginal weightlifting helps to increase the circulation in the genital area, which means that you produce more natural lubricant.
  • Boost sexual energy: Women with weaker vaginal muscles tend to be more distant from their sexual energy. Strengthening the vagina can help to boost sexual energy and make you desire and enjoy sex far more.

These valuable benefits are all able to help towards enjoying a far more satisfying sex life and more pleasurable orgasms.

You will also be able to look forward to additional benefits such as improving the health of internal organs and easier childbirth as well as quicker recovery following childbirth.

Modern products for vaginal weightlifting

There are a number of products on the market for women looking to engage in vaginal weightlifting. This includes kegel balls, which are designed to enable women to gradually strengthen the muscles and start enjoying the benefits.

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These kegel balls are easy to use and can provide huge benefits to women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

You can start with the insertion of one ball and gradually increase the number of balls that you use in order to increase the weight. These balls should be used alongside a water-based lubricant when you insert them.

In order to remove the balls all you need to do is relax the pelvic floor and they should slip out themselves. If you have inserted more than one ball, once you remove the first one the others will follow because they are magnetized.

Kegel balls are made from body safe medical grade silicone and do not contain any latex, harsh metals, or phthalates.

This means that they are perfectly safe to use internally and they will enable you to gradually increase your vaginal strength.

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