Impressing an Uncut Man in Bed

Uncut Man

Many girls in my part of the world loves to have fun, they love to mix up with people, they love to meet new friends and they love to learn new stuff. But if there is one thing a lot of us haven’t tried and may next get a chance to try, its having sex with an uncut man.

It is almost a general thing that every man around here gets circumcised as a baby which is why it is rear to find men who are uncut and for that reason, sex with a man who still has his foreskin is an experience that people might have to travel as far as Europe to have.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some pointers on how to take care of your future foreskin friends when you eventually get to meet them.

You might not know but the foodie on a man’s penis head is a centre of pleasure. It is home to lots of nerves and even more years than the head of a circumcised guy’s penis. This extra nerves can create some extra pleasurable feelings but at the same time they are extra sensitive so basically you can refer to the foreskin as a man’s clit.

So go ahead and seize the foreskin with your tongue and even your fingers but be gentle. Don’t try to make it seem like you’re putting in too much effort because you just my rain the whole thing.

Uncut Man

The very first and most common technique that will get your man to the spot you want to take him to his by circling the inside of his foreskin with your tongue. You can also massage the head lightly with your pointer finger and your thumb.

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But do not make the mistake of pressing too hard because you must stay soft with the touch if you want him to enjoy it. Nobody enjoys sex when it is too sweet so you need to be moderate and delicate about it if you really want to make a good impression.

Something else you must understand is that not every man likes it when too much attention is paid to that part of his body so if he decides to tell you to back off a little you do not have to take it too personally.

It is important that you always respect your partner’s wishes and try as much as possible not to get embarrassed. Nevertheless, it can never be a terrible idea to let him know that you are willing to go the distance.

Another truth is that it might be difficult for you to tell if your man is circumcised whenever he’s charged up for some action. The reason for this is that once a penis is locked and fully loaded the month for scan would roll back on his own without help.

Nevertheless, there are times where it might stay put so once you begin to play around down there you just may have to move it away from that high traffic tip.

Before you try to slip it back even a tiny bit, make sure to ask for permission first. Make sure you do not push the foreskin past the head and you must not be forceful about it this is one of those situations where easy does it.

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This is an extra trip that just might be the magic you need to blow up the mind of your uncircumcised guy. When it comes to deep throating, men who are uncut are obsessed and would give anything to have a woman do that to them.

A lot of people who I’ve experienced sex with unknown call to manage have testified to how impressed they really are about ladies who can deep throat so either love out blowjobs thing you’re pretty much on the safe side regardless of how you decide to do it.

Since uncut men have more nerve endings down there, the best advice I can offer anyone at the moment is to focus on that tip and play with it like your life depends on it (do not forget to also be gentle about it) and just watch how you become the real MVP in your new man’s life.

Once you are sexy and confident enough to try new things with your uncut man, do not hold back or feel like you might mess things up.

Feel free to take risks but tell him before you start that it’s OK for him to let you know if he is uncomfortable with anything you are doing. That way, you can both feel safe and enjoy your time together.

I can’t tell you sex with an uncircumcised man is more enjoyable than sex with a man who is circumcised. However, what I can tell you is that it is worth the trial and you just might discover a different level of sexual pleasure and finally choose what works better for you.

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We would love to hear from you if you have more tips you’d love to share on how to blow the mind of an uncut man, please feel free to share with us via the comment section.

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