8 Reasons Why Sex Is Better When You’re in Love

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Ever just sat down and wondered “Sex is Amazing”? I know I have. Not just sex with some random guy or even a close friend though, but sex with someone you’re absolutely in love with.

There’s nothing as passionate, steaming hot, or as wildly satisfying as exploring your body with someone you’re positively and utterly in love with.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with finding charm in casual sex. As a matter of fact, the adrenaline you’re pumped with when you have a one night stand, for instance, is crazy addictive. But while that has a nice ring to it, it pales in comparison to the pure feeling of getting it from your heartthrob.

Love is a beautiful thing. It comes with all kinds of tingly feelings as much as it comes with all kinds of perks. I love love. And I love the chocolate it puts on sex (Yea, I love chocolate).

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If you’re one who enjoys hooking up with strangers or peeps you have no emotional attachment to, then, by all means, allow me to regale you with reasons why you should totally fall in love and experience sex in a whole new light.

Check out some reasons why sex is better when done with someone you love.

1. You are comfortable telling them exactly what you want

To please me, you’ve got to know what I like. And to understand what i like, i have got to tell you or show you. But there’s only a level of audaciousness I can possess to make me tell a stranger intricate details about my body.

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Much less disclosing how I want to be touched.

If you are like me, then you know that getting maximum pleasure or enjoying sex to its fullest relies a lot on having someone you can really talk to. And love makes you open up.

2. You both know what gets you off

It doesn’t take so much to ruin sex. Hit the wrong spot, and you’ve made a list for ” my worst sex experiences” But being intimate with someone you love guarantees a level of familiarity with their body. You know every contour, every crevice. You know where to touch and how to touch it.

You’re both in tune and extremely sensitive to where you want to be fondled and where you want to be touched. If you ask me, I’d say It definitely guarantees a better sex experience.

3. Flipping over for DOGGY isn’t rude

Lol. I know that sounds weird. But it’s true. Ladies, you feel me? Having just some guy flip you over on all fours makes you feel conscious in a way. You begin to think “does he not want to see my face”? “does he think I look ugly”? ” Am I making funny faces”?.

But for someone you love and who loves you back, you know that he flips you over simply because he wants to hit it from behind.

4. You are not afraid to experiment

You do not want to try the “crazy monkey style” with just a fuck buddy if there’s a chance it will be a colossal failure. It just might be an awkward experience you cannot outlive.

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But, if you decide to experiment or try something new with someone you love, and it fails. It doesn’t get to be something you become embarrassed about, but something you both get to laugh over. Maybe for a long time. No weird moments whatsoever.

5. You can be disgusting with each other

Yea. I said it. Has he whipped out his dick and pulled a “dickcopter” on you? (look it up). OR. Has he cleaned semen off your ass or spread your legs to wipe his jism off your punani with a cloth?

Well, there is nothing you both would do that could ever be a turn off for either of you. So be nasty!

6. You are both looking forward to pleasing and pleasuring each other

No, sex doesn’t only work when you’re doing it with someone you love — actually, its an opportunity to make your partner feel good. If I love you, I want to make you feel heaven bound all the time. (except for the few times I just want to fight for no reason).

So, if you’re having sex with someone you love, you want to do all you can, even go the extra mile and leave your comfort zone just to make your lover have an amazing sexual experience. As a result, you look forward to sex.

Because the feeling you get off of it is incomparable.

7. Everything is romantic

Is it just me, or does every single thing your beloved do to you and with you during sex seem really romantic? Well, it’s not just me. Because I did my research. And “there’s always just something sweet about the way she puts your dick in her mouth. OR.

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The way he looks at you when he is about to cum. This is because love allows for sentiments. So why not be with someone who sees your sex game as perfection!

8. The post-sex cuddling is absolutely comforting

Ever noticed how your heartbeat syncs with your partner’s when you lie close together?. For real, that’s actually a thing! (you should take note of that the next time you’re all snuggled up).

Cuddling brings you and your lover closer. Which is usually not accepted in most casual sex. You just hit it, get dressed and be on your way. You feel loved and comforted when you cuddle up after sex.

Have any more reasons why you feel sex is better with someone you love? Share it with us in the comment section below. Thank you.

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