How to Handle Delayed Ejaculation?

Delayed Ejaculation

Whoever comes first when engaging in lovemaking will totally depend on the understanding of the partners. What really matters at the end of the day is that both of them comes out of the whole thing satisfied.

So, is premature or delayed ejaculation a problem or just a state of mind? When you look at it in another perspective it might not be a problem to some because when a man takes too long to ejaculate means both partners will have a marathon of a sex session.

However, it is a problem for some partner how long it takes them to ejaculate and the mind plays a major role in the whole process.

When delayed ejaculation is a problem for both partners it needs to be handled.

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What are some of the ejaculation problems?

There are actually three different things that cannot go right when it comes to ejaculation and they are

Premature ejaculation

It is actually one of the biggest problems that most men have had about their sexual performance. This is because nearly every man will want to take longer when having intercourse and the fact they come very fast is an issue not only to them but also to their partner.

Delayed ejaculation

This is sometimes referred by others as retarded ejaculation and affects a much smaller number of men’s population.

This is one of the problems that has not been understood at all as some men have a very difficult time reaching an orgasm at all. whether alone or with their partner and it can be really disturbing

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Retrograde ejaculation

Not so common ejaculation problem, this happens when the semen is not released out of the penis when one has an orgasm, but it goes back to the bladder and later released when urinating.

This can be caused by some diseases like diabetes or just the nerve damage. It might cause infertility for partners who might want to get a child and there are medical remedies to that problem.

Causes of Delayed Ejaculation

You will realize that there are so many causes of delayed ejaculation and one of them is medicine like antidepressants. However, for some men it might be because of the age, when men grow older the nerve in their penis is less sensitive and their reflexes during sex take much too longer than any other average men.

The problem with men that are older is that with time their erection ability will not be as stronger as when they were young, and this might become very hard to ejaculate when they do not have a full erection.

The other causes of the problem might be caused by ourselves, this is because of the fact that we have trained ourselves to get involves in intense pressure and speed because or regular masturbation and ejaculation might become a problem when having intercourse with the partner since they are not able to handle the same intensity. This can be handled by controlling the rate of masturbation in men so as to create sexual desire.

On the other had masturbation can also be a cure for some delayed ejaculation. This can happen especially when one fantasizes about the sexual experience with their partner.

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This will go a long way to creating the much-needed desire during intercourse and the result will be phenomenal. This way masturbation can act as a very good rehearsal for sex in both partners.

Ways to treat Premature Ejaculation

Masturbation is one of the many ways one can take care of their delayed ejaculation. When one has a number or repeated organism during masturbation the chances of delayed ejaculation might reduce to a great level.

It is advisable that when we increase the number of ejaculations every week is the best option to take care of premature ejaculation. It is also another way that can help men control their own level of arousal which plays a very big part I delayed orgasm.

Another way to treat delayed ejaculation that has been proved to work is by using the distortion technique. This works for some men but is another problem for others as it might not only lead to delayed orgasm but also contribute to creating a distance between the partners.

It is advisable that one can also pull one and stop having sex for some minutes so as to postpone orgasm. There is also a technique called penis grip or squeeze-pause, which involves squeezing the penis head when you are almost about to have an orgasm

When having sexual intercourse, it is normally the best practice not to get overexcited about the whole adventure but be involved with your partner. That is slowing down and at the same time altering the movement to ensure that both partners are having a good time at the same time maintaining the erection without getting too excited.

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Talking to your parent about the problem might go a long way in finding a solution to premature ejaculation which is a big ask to some men this might be because of shame, embarrassment or just ignorance.

When you become open with your partners about the problem and helping each other in the bedroom by trying different technique can go a long way in solving this mystery. The lesser you worry about your sex life the more functional you will be in performing even much better.


The problem of delayed ejaculation can be handled by both partners very easily in order to enjoy their sex life. Depending on which approach we need to talk but one of the keys to achieving this is becoming open with h the problem and seek advice from your partner or the doctor.

As earlier advised do not let your pride ruin your sex life as being open and addressing the issue head-on will go a long way not only in solving delayed ejaculation but also a very successful sex life with your partner.

When you let the tension build up in the process it will not make anything better but worse as most of the time you will be worried about overcoming the problem and not having a good time. For more sex education please visit

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