Infographic: 10 Types of Sex Addiction (8 Is a Shocker)

Types of Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction has been a topic of interest for a while, and there has been the question of whether it can be considered a medical disorder and whether every addict has similar traits.

This infographic explains sexual addiction and categorises it into ten distinct types.

Dr. Patrick Carnes developed the ten types of sexual addiction highlighted here after over two decades of research and treatment of sexual addiction as a disorder.

During the course of the study Dr. Patrick was able to draw a link between psychology and sexual addiction. The types of sexual addictions listed in this infographic are carefully divided into general categories of which a sex addict will most likely fit into one or more of them.

Evidence from several studies has proved that the cause or origin of sexual addiction varies from victim to victim, and this makes it difficult to pin down one specific cause for the disorder.

Nevertheless, Dr Patrick Carnes, in his study was able to trace each type of sexual addiction to traumatic events that must have occurred in the victim’s past.

This makes a case for the establishment of expert sex addiction treatment as an essential tool in correcting the behaviour of people who have sexual desires or engage in sexual activities that trigger negative consequences in their lives.

This infographic goes further to explain each type of sexual addiction to broaden the reader’s knowledge on the factors surrounding the sexuality of the addict, the triggers of sexual arousal, the ultimate goal, and what these individuals think about those who suffer from the actions.

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The ten categories carefully represented by images in this infographic are designed to drive home the message that there are similarities in behavioral patterns of the different sex addicts.

And if carefully studied, these patterns can be identified, and addicts can also seek professional assistance.

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