Tips for Incorporating Lube Into Masturbation

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What’s the big deal about using sex lube? Lubrication isn’t just for sex anymore; the right formula will enhance masturbation with or without sex toys and other enhancement products all while protecting and nourishing your skin.

Solo play is an important part of your sexual health, so it pays to invest in a quality lube. Whether you’re looking for a masturbation cream or a toy-friendly gel, here are a few tips to keep in mind to improve your experience.

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Choose the Right Lube Base Ingredient

There are dozens of great lubes on the market each with their own great qualities and potential downfalls, but to find the perfect product for you, you’ll have to think about how you’ll use it and with what other sex products. Oil-based lubricants are great for male masturbation as well as anal play, although they’re usually not safe for vaginal.

Oil will also break down latex and silicone.  Since it’s not water soluble, it’s not particularly easy to clean up. There are several different types of oil-based lubes on the market which are typically in a jelly type consistency.  The exception to this is with Gun Oil Stroke 29.

This oil-based masturbation lube for men starts off as a thick cream like consistency but the more you stroke, the lighter and smoother it becomes.  If using condoms are your thing, only use oil lube with lambskin condoms, as mentioned earlier, oil will destroy latex easily.

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Silicone lubricants have a velvety smooth texture, and they last for a very long time without wearing out.  They’re safe for vaginal use, but they’re not compatible with silicone toys.  As with oil lubes, cleanup can be difficult with some silicone products.

Silicone lube is waterproof so it’s a great lube if you want to take your fun into the shower, spa, or anywhere else. If you plan on using sex toys with your silicone sex lube, just be careful and do not use with any soft material sex toys such as silicone and jelly.

When combining silicone lube with soft toys, the lube will destroy the toy, trust us!  Silicone is great for hard sex toys made from metal, glass, plastic, wood, and others. If you choose to use silicone sex with condoms, do not worry, silicone is good to use with latex products.

Water-based lubricants are pretty much the standard when it comes to lube.  Water based lube doesn’t don’t last as long as either of the other options, but they’re compatible with all toy materials and safe sex products such as latex and all condoms.

They’re also fairly easy to clean up.  Water based lubes are 100% water soluble so your body will absorb the lube as you use it. A trick you can use to make your lube last longer, when it gets dry or sticky, just use a little spit on the lube and it will be as good as new!

You can also find hybrid water-silicone formula for a long-lasting lube with easy cleanup.

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Experiment with Different Consistencies

Everyone has different preferences, so try a few different lubricants to find out what you like.  Thicker lubes usually stay in place better than thinner formulas, so they’re typically better for coating toys, while thinner lubes provide a more natural experience.

Thick lubricants are also great to use with penis pumps and penis extensions as the thick lube helps create an air tight seal on these types of products.

In general, thicker lubricants are more popular for masturbation, but there’s no “right answer” here; different textures can provide different sensations, so find out what you like.

Take Care of Your Skin

Chafing can ruin your good time.  Many lubricants will moisturize your skin, but if you’re still dealing with occasional dryness, you can pick up a lube with vitamin E (often listed as tocopherol) or Aloe Vera.  These ingredients help to promote healthy skin.

If you have sensitivities or allergies, you might decide to avoid products with parabens, fragrances, and unnecessary herbal ingredients. Look for lubes listed as “hypoallergenic” or pick up a silicone lubricant – since most silicone lubes only have two or three ingredients (all silicone), they’re usually safe for allergy sufferers.

Don’t Use Hand Lotion or Other Non-Specialized Products

We know that you probably have hand lotion and Vaseline laying around the house but please try and refrain from using these types of products for masturbation.

These are usually of a lower quality and not designed to be used in such a method as masturbation; where there is a lot of friction happening. A quality lubricant is a much better investment for your masturbation needs.

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Lotions dry out much faster than a specialized lube, and some can irritate sensitive skin.   If you really like the feel of hand lotion, try an oil-based masturbation cream (Gun Oil’s Stroke 29 is an excellent example).  You’ll enjoy less irritation and a better overall experience.

Tips for Using Toys

If you use toys for masturbation, make sure that your lube won’t damage your toys (as mentioned earlier, silicone and oil-based lubes can damage some materials).

You should also spot test your new lubricant with your toy; apply a small amount to your toy and wipe it away. If you see any signs of damage, don’t use the lube with the toy. When you’re finished, remember to clean up properly to prevent bacteria and fungi from growing.

A specialized toy cleaner can make the process easier.

As you get used to lubricants, you might try experimenting with warming and cooling products for new sensations. Remember, the point is to have a good time and get rid of all that unwanted friction- as long as you choose safe products, you can have plenty of fun exploring.

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