Do Sex and Intimacy Relieve You From Hip Pain?

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The purpose of the hip joint is to withstand consistent movement in the body. The cartilage assists in preventing friction in the ball and socket joint. Without it, it would result to wear and tear.

The fluid movement ensures that it is possible. This joint is also susceptible to damage and is affected by the way one uses it as well as their age. It is attributed to the tendons that can easily wear down.

The muscles also can be damaged. Fractures can also occur for instance in the case of an accident. These eventualities result to hip pain. This pain can cause one to be disinterested in intimacy.

However, it is vital to value your partners by remaining close to them. All spheres of life can be influenced by healthy relationships in a positive way, even hip pain.

Release of endorphins

Sex enables the relief of muscle and joint pain. It allows slow and gentle movements that facilitate reducing pain. It also assists to decrease inflammations due to the different range of motions.

As this happens, the level of endorphins increases. It helps to relieve the body naturally from the pain. Sex ensures that the muscles surrounding the joints are strengthened. By doing so, it can allow support. Sex also helps alleviate our mood levels. It also can act as a pain reliever.

Boost in immune system

Regular sex can boost the immune system. Sex enhances the levels of immunity in the body. It can assist the body deal with hip pain which can help reduce the pain. Regular sex ensures that there are increased levels of antibodies in the immune system.

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However, the immune system does not work alone as it entails other activities such as regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Hip exercise

Sex involves a range of positions that can reduce hip pain. Such areas could include lying down with a pillow on the edge of the bed.

By bringing the knees closer to the chest cavity with one raised leg can bring relief and pleasure. These exercises ensure that there is increased blood flow to the hip joint.

It ensures that there is relief in the pain around the hip. The different positions can ensure that there is significant relief of pain. However, these routines should be done on a regular basis for practical results.

Reduces pain

Orgasm can assist with reduction of the hip pain. It is linked to the effect that orgasm has on the body. It prevents pain. The hormone released assists with the relief. In cases where you cannot reach orgasm, stimulation can help.

Vaginal stimulation can prevent chronic pain in the hip. Other times masturbation has been linked to a reduction in hip pain.

Enhances sleep

Patients suffering from various hip pains may have difficulty sleeping. However, after a period of invigorating sex, they can be able to sleep well.

After the climax of sex, a hormone is produced. It is known as prolactin and is responsible for bringing feelings of contentment. It can also lead to elevated mood levels that leave the patient in a happy mood.

The closeness experienced in intimacy and sex also helps to reduce pain as well as the stress related to it. The fondling and caressing also assist in the production of the hormone that enables feelings of joy.

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Intimacy can help to boost the levels of self-esteem thus the best remedy for a healthy relationship. The arousal in sex makes the brain produce a chemical that ensures pleasure is distributed in the system.


Care should be taken when employing some of the techniques in this article. Whenever pain arises in the midst of sex, it is important to stop and re-examine the methods again, especially with ‘hip exercise’.

Intimacy is also essential in a relationship despite one partner being in pain as it can affect relations. Partners can examine what best works for them regarding intimacy.

Patients should also be exercised as some of the tips in this article can result in pain if employed in a hurry. It is vital also before sex to have enough warm-ups to ensure that both the partners are ready both mentally and physically.

A health practitioner’s advice can be essential to offer insights on the positions suited for both of you. It is because they understand better the pain in the hip and what ought and not be done to relieve pain.

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