The Best Sex Position for Every Trimester


I recently heard a story of a newly married couple that had a misunderstanding because the man refuses to have sex with his pregnant wife.

This is something that happens with even couples that already have kids because some men believe that having sex with their wife who is expecting, might endanger the unborn baby ???. Well, their excuse is understandable, but it is actually a very funny misconception.

Sex during pregnancy is safe, healthy, and even more enjoyable. However, different sex positions suit the different trimesters and in this article will look to explain to you the perfect sex positions for you and your pregnant wife.

There are a few reasons why sex during pregnancy is more enjoyable for the woman, and one of them is the vagina is more educated, and my breasts are more sensitive or wherever I must warn you not to engage in the missionary position when having sex with a pregnant lady if mines reduce blood flow from the legs to the heart which is very dangerous for both herself and unborn child ( that’s just about the only thing that should get you worried, asides it, you are good to go).

Let’s start with the very first trimester

The first trimester of a pregnancy is from the beginning to the third month during this time this woman’s tummy is not visibly bigger, and almost any sex position can go, but then you have to be very careful as the foetus is still not firmly attached to the mother yet.

So let’s look at positions that are perfect for the first trimester.

1. Scissors

This position is great for fathers who are scared of poking their babies in the head with their penis as it allows for shallower penetration. The scissors position will enable you to go back and forth with ease, and the man’s pelvis is and on the clit giving the wife a sweeter sensation because of the increased blood flow to that area.

How it is done

Sit down on the bed facing each other and put your left leg above your partner’s right leg and your partners right above your left leg.

When that is done, you can lean back and have your partner gently slide into you and move back and forth as smoothly as possible instead of trusting forcefully. Gyration is what matters here, not a constant back and forth hit.

2. Cross buttocks

This is a great sex position you should totally engage in before the baby bump starts growing big. One thing that makes this move better during pregnancy than other times is the fact that it required plenty of lubrication and the abundance of hormones in a pregnant woman’s body provides this lubrication.

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How it is done

Very easy, all you have to do is start with the missionary position (which every person is used to) then you can have your partner slide the rest of their body away from yours so that his limbs cross over yours and the both of you form a cross with your bodies.

3. The X-files

By the second trimester, you’ll be unable to lie on your back, so this sex position is best practice while you still have the chance. One reason why the x-file position is excellent is that he gives your partner full access to your breasts which are now very sensitive because of the hormone flow you are having.

Also, your partner is entirely in control, and all you have to do is sit back and relax penetration with this position is more profound if you’re one of those people, who have gotten past the fear of reshaping your baby’s head with your penis.

How it is done

To put this move or lay on your back with both legs in the air. You can decide just to hold your legs straight up in the air or have them crisscrossed behind your partner’s neck.

Also, you can just cross your leg while they are in the air, this way your vagina becomes tighter and sex become more pleasurable for the both of you.

4. Edge of couch missionary

The missionary position is considered a lazy sex position, but for a pregnant woman, it becomes one of the most challenging sexual positions to assume because of your growing baby bump.

Well, the edge of the couch missionary position is perfect for you if you crave some missionary position sex the cool part about this position is that your partner gets to do everything while you relax.

How it is done?

Rest your back on the edge of the bed or couch with your legs firmly on the ground and your hands on the ground to support you if possible your partner is going between your legs and hold your waist well he moves back and forth.

Second Trimester

The second trimester of the pregnancy is the next three months. That is, from 4 months to 6 months of the pregnancy.

During this time, your baby bump will begin to grow fast and doing certain sex positions to start to become more difficult this section of the post is dedicated to explaining sex positions that are perfect for the 4th month to the 6th month of pregnancy

1. Doggy style

When you are pregnant, there is no strength to go all acrobatic on your partner, all you have to do is make do with the easily accessible positions.

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Almost everyone is familiar with the doggie style, so it doesn’t really require much of an explanation. But for the sake of those who still do not know what it is, I will go ahead to explain.

How it is done

To engage in this position you are required to go on all fours either on the ground or the bed this is a rare entry position to your partner has to slide in from behind.

If you feel uncomfortable with the doggy position for any reason, you could support your tummy with pillows or try some other entry positions.

2. The leapfrog

this position is almost like the doggie only a little more exciting one great thing about the little place is that you get to rest your elbows and your head while your hips are elevated to an angle that is more accessible to your partner.

How it is done

Assume the same position as in doggy then lean down a little in a manner that puts your weight on your elbows the rest your head on your arms if you feel like (you could lift your elbows on your head with a pillow).

Lift your hips into the air and spread your legs a little bit apart so that your partner can easily penetrate you effortlessly from the rear.

3. The hot seat

This is a very sexy position especially for active women because it puts you in control (if you choose to be in power). The hot seat gives your man access to your nipples and your clit, so he can touch and stroke them at will.

Also, some people love to do this position in front of a mirror because it feels more intimate and erotic, but the choice is yours. Whichever way you choose to do it you’re still going to derive maximum pleasure from the activity.

How it is done?

To do the hot seat position, have a partner sit on the edge of a bed, a toilet seat or a couch. Then sit on his laps with his penis carefully inserted into your vagina make sure your legs are closed in front of his legs, if you choose to put them apart it is also excellent, but it is more comfortable when the legs are close together.

If You have enough energy to spare and you feel putting it into sex is what you want then you can decide to go up and down on your partner’s penis while in this position. If you are not energetic enough, going front and back is a lot easier.

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4. Cowgirl

The cowgirl position is the most famous female on the top spot, and it is also one that gives a lady charge over every the entire process. If you’re looking to get deeper penetration, this position is perfect for you.

How it is done?

To achieve this position, have your partner lie down on his back and knee down just next to him. Separate your legs and sit on his waist then lift yourself a bit to insert his penis into your vagina.

Making sure that you are sitting straight up, you can decide to move up and down the front or back at your pace.

Third trimester

1. Spooning

The spooning sex position can be done anytime, but it is best during your third trimester as it keeps your stomach out of the way and doesn’t allow for deep penetration. That way you get to enjoy the pleasures of sex and at the same time feel very comfortable.

It is, however, advise that you have a pillow underneath her left hip to prevent the weight of the baby bump from resting on your vena which is o vain in your abdomen.

How it is done?

You and your partner should lie down facing the same direction then slowly lift your left hip and support it with a pillow and having penetrated you from behind this is one of the most comfortable rear entry positions.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

A reverse cowgirl is given away by its name as it is an apparent variation of the girl on top position. This sex style puts you in charge, and it’s a very significant way to stimulate your clitoris as you would be facing the other side. And what else you can put your angle to whatever position you feel is more stimulating for you.

How it’s is done?

To engage in the reverse cowgirl position sit on your partner the same way as in the cowgirl position then turn to his next direction you can decide to sit up straight or to lean towards his legs then go back and forth exposing your clitoris to the to and fro movement of his penis.

3. Tabletop

This position puts the lady in a very comfortable position because she would be seated comfortably on a tabletop with her legs wide open While her partner does all the work it is for the last trimester because it makes you relaxed.

How it is done?

What you have to do is lay on your back on a table, they raised your legs and placed it on your partner’s shoulder so that he gets easy access to your vagina.

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