Why You Should and Should Not Shave Off Your Pubic Hair?

Pubic Hair

As humans grow into adulthood, they become more conscious of their intimate parts and how to keep them healthy and attractive to their sex partners. Pubic and underarm hair has been the subject of several personal hygiene topics.

Not because the pubic area and the armpit are the only places that hair grow on the human body, but because these areas can look dirty and unattractive if we don’t get rid of the hair that grows in them.

For this write-up, we will focus mainly, on pubic hair. For many years now, men and women have found ways to get rid of their pubic hair.

Some people use razors, some use shaving creams, and some others use wax strips to take out these unwanted strands that keep springing out of their “down stairs”. It is difficult to find a civilised adult who has never shaved his or her pubic hair.

But is this shave really worth it?

Before we look at the pros and cons of chopping off the genital fur, I’d love to have you know that contrary to beliefs that the pubic hair has no benefits to the owner, it does.

While your genital fur might get in the way when it’s time to have sex and even become a nest for bacteria and other unhealthy organisms, these tiny strands hold some pre-hormones, provide warmth, and reduce friction.

However, if you are one of those people who can’t deal with the presence of hair between your legs, there are a few shaving tips I’d love to share with you.

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Get rid of pubic hair using aloe vera

Aloe vera is excellent for hair growth, but it also is helpful for hair removal. Take out some aloe vera sap and with granulated sugar. Apply the mixture over your pubic area and let it sit for about 15 minutes before pulling out your hair with a wax strip.

Remove pubic hair with lemon and honey

The lemon and honey mixture not only smells good, but it is also fantastic for your skin when you want to take out pubic hair. Apply the mixture on the area you want to shave and let sit for a little while. Gently get rid of hair using strip or shaving stick.

Oatmeal and honey

Oatmeal and honey are not only great for breakfast, but they are also an excellent combination if you want to make use of wax strips to eliminate hair and you want to experience little or no pain.

Like the above options, merely mix both ingredients and apply on you pubic region before you pull out the hairs with a wax strip.


In salons that provide special waxing services, sugar is used as the significant waxing ingredient in taking out genital hair.

To use sugar at home, simply melt two to three teaspoons of granulated sugar in five table spoons of hot water and add some slices of lemon.

Allow to sit for some minuets so the goodness of the lemon can mix with the water and sugar then apply on the area you wish to shave. Leave the mixture on the region for a few minuets and pull out hair using strips or shaving sticks.

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Sugar and honey

Mix both melted sugar with honey and apply on your pubic area. Allow to sit for a short time before waxing or shaving.

After shaving or waxing your genital area, it is advisable to rub some ice on the shaved area to help close the open pores. Do this after washing the area with warm water to help reduce the risk of infection. Now, let us take a look at some pros of shaving.

Why you should shave?

Pubic Hair

When your pubic hair is shaved, that area looks healthier, and it is easy for you to spot and treat any rash or bumps that would have been hidden if the hairs were left there.

Also, your penis or vagina appears cleaner and more inviting to a partner who wishes to perform oral sex on you (that’s a primary reason why any lover of good sex should shave).

Did you know the skin around your penis or vagina is really sensitive and can increase sexual pleasure? Well, now you know. Any girl who has had good oral sex from a bearded man would tell you how beautiful it is to have those beards on the skin around her vagina when it is shaved.

In the presence of pubic hair, the extra sensitivity is eliminated, and the purpose of enjoying good oral sex is defeated.

Sweat as a result of heat and the gathering of bacteria on your pubic hair is a very sound reason why you should get rid of all that fur.

Infection is almost inevitable if you have not mastered keeping your genital hair clean. Thus, shaving off the hair will help you reduce or eliminate the risk of infection.

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For the guys, you may have thought shaving that area is a thing the ladies should worry about, but did you know that when the hair around your penis is shaved, it appears bigger?

Oh yes, pubic hair hides the actual length of your penis, making it look smaller than it really is, and making the girls compare what you have to cover of a “Bic pen”.

Shave off your pubic hair and see how your penis adds an inch extra when it is fully erect.

Cons of shaving the pubic region

Most of us have been told to let the hair grow because it is healthy, but we do not know what “healthy” means when it comes to keeping genital hairs.

Doctors say that genital hairs protect us from infections as shaving exposes the skin to bacteria and you stand the risk of getting cuts that can be infected when you shave. Some people have claimed that shaving exposes a person to herpes, but that claim has not been verified.

Women mostly have recorded cases of vagina infections associated with clean shaving. A doctor during a health talk show on the radio some days ago claimed that 60% of women in the United States of America had experienced health complications associated with shaving activities.

Do we leave our pubic hair to grow or is there another option?

Leaving your pubic hair to become bushy is not advisable, and shaving clean can cause bumps and itchiness most times. However, you have the option of shaving lightly so that you still have some hair in that area and at the same time, it doesn’t look like a forest.

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