Sex in Your Pocket: Get the Best Orgasm From Your Mobile Phone

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Are you tired of getting regular sex advice from people? If you do, trust you are not alone. Imagine it was possible to pull out your mobile phone from your pocket and get easy access to all the sex-related stuff you want.

Well, there is no need dwelling on imaginations when there are mobile applications that grant you access to all sorts of information that can turn your sex life around in a few seconds.

Ranging from super sexy foreplay ideas and games to sex positions you have never heard of. Check out these seven mind-blowing mobile applications that are sure to spice up your sex life with some energy.

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The Dirty sex Game by Chouic

This mobile application which was specially designed for adults only is an electronic version of the popular truth or dare game.

You and your partner get to choose one out of a thousand sex-linked truth or dare questions that range from soft to hard. The items are guaranteed to set the atmosphere just right for any kind of sex.


If you are bored of the sex positions you are used to and are open to discover and try new ones, this mobile app was created just for you.

The iKamasutra app costs only ($2.99), and it offers a detailed description and also illustrations of more than a hundred sex positions or pleasure poses.

The application groups positions according to preference, so it is straightforward for you to navigate and find what you are looking for. You can also create a list of your favourite sex positions and mark out new styles you want to add to your to-do list.

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With this mobile application, you can be sure to kiss boredom between the sheets goodbye.

My Sex Doctor

I don’t know about you, but I feel there is something super sexy about having a pretty high IQ when it comes to sexual health. The My Sex Doctor mobile app is free and is a sure way for you and your partner to top up your knowledge on sexual activities.

The mobile application addresses both the female and male body parts; it contains a dictionary that defines dirty sex words and terms and even has fun facts about 100 things you must know about sex and sexual health basics.

However, this mobile application has no connection with a real doctor, so if you need medical advice for any sex-related issues, it is best to see your gyno.

The Kegel Trainer

If you have been worried about your vagina tightness, kegel exercises are all you need to get it back as tight as you want. The Kegel trainer is a very famous application which has proved to be helpful to women who have experienced childbirth and has over 10 thousand 5-star reviews on google play store.

The mobile application will guide you through various pelvic floor-strengthening moves and also lets you set reminders to do your Kegels on a daily basis even only for a few seconds.

The desire

Are you and your partner up for some healthy sexual competition? If you answered yes, then this app is just right for you.

The desire app allows you and your lover to challenge yourselves and earn points as you engage in dares that. The dares include nasty foreplay ideas, dress code, shower hour challenges, and lots of other erotic things. Seeking to know the sweetest part?

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You can set a deadline or an expiration date so that you and your partner can get to do your dares immediately to save time. Cool right?

Perfect Mobile Massager

This is one of those applications that come with a deceptive name. If you decide to judge it by its title, you just might end up missing out on a lot of awesome stuff. Once you download this application, keeping it away from your bedside might become a difficult decision to make.

This application was created as a smart way to help soothe sore muscles, almost the entire 8,000 individuals who reviewed it on the play store were using it solely to ease a stiff neck.

You can use this application on sensitive body parts (like the vagina), and you are sure to get addicted to the pleasurable sensation that comes with the vibe. However, you have to be super careful as cellphones are home to thousands of germs.

The MysteryVibe

Are you thinking what I am thinking? You are right. This application is the perfect definition of tech enhancing sexual pleasure.

This application was created by a sex toy company called MysteryVibe, and the application come together with their famous Crescendo Vibrator. The mobile app allows users to control the speed of the Crescendo vibrator.

You can increase or reduce the intensity of the vibration or change the pattern using your phone. This is the best way to take your sex life to a whole new level. What are you waiting for? Get all that sexiness on your mobile right away!

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