10 Reasons Sex is Better after 55

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There is an abundance of myths out there about sex after age 55, including beliefs that a woman’s libido shrivels and dies after menopause. In fact, the opposite may be true.

For all of you women out there who have heard this, and wonder why it doesn’t apply to you, you have no reason for alarm.

We shall discuss 10 reasons why sex is better after age 55.

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1. Changes in responsibility

For many of us, after age 55, the children are grown, out of college and have families of their own. There are changes in the types of responsibilities.

Raising children takes a big chunk out of our time and energy, and can lessen the libido through physical exhaustion and actual waking time available after completing the associated tasks of raising a family and surviving financially.

When this is no longer a part of the equation, there is more time to focus upon personal needs and rekindling that precious intimacy between couples.

2. Physical changes

After menopause, physical changes occur and some of them can be problematic, but there are treatments available to alleviate the troubling symptoms such as vaginal dryness and loss of libido.

One benefit of the change is that after the cessation of menses, pregnancy is no longer a concern and many women feel liberated along with the mix of other emotions.

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3. Psychological changes

Although many women experience a mourning period during and after menopause, when this phase of life is completed, a new chapter in life is experienced. Life is about changes and adapting to welcome the new possibilities that are associated.

This stage of life is often referred to as the “golden years.” Acceptance of the aging process does not mean that death is eminent and there are associated benefits with having maturity and life experience.

4. More freedom

With the shift in responsibilities comes a sense of freedom. No longer getting children ready for school, taking them to sports events, doctors appointments, dentists, and a long list of tasks which take priority over personal enjoyment activities, there is now time to fill.

Sex doesn’t have to wait until the kids are asleep, and can actually be more exciting and spontaneous.

5. Maturity

Along with aging comes a wealth of knowledge and maturity. Thought processes and behaviors are more mature, which can also mean more refined. At this stage of life, people gain a sense of stability related to knowing who they are and what they want out of life.

This is a good time to pursue interests including an active sex life.

6. Experience

Women and men over age 55 have had years of experience which they can now draw upon. With a new outlook on life, and the maturity to accept limitations, this is also the time to pursue possibilities.

Sex can become new and revitalized. Draw from your experience, but you can also experiment to discover what new tastes you may have developed over time. Your circumstances are probably different now, so go for it with gusto and add to your collection of wonderful experiences.

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7. Medical advances

Some women who experience difficult physical symptoms during menopause such as depression, painful intercourse due to thinning vaginal walls as decreases in moisture now have options available to alleviate, and sometimes eliminate the discomfort.

There are also treatments for men suffering from a lack of sex drive or impotence. There’s no reason to suffer in silence when help is available

8. Health benefits for relieving stress

Sex after age 55 is actually beneficial for your health. It is a tremendous stress reliever, and induces natural chemicals produced in the body that present a warm fuzzy feeling.

It’s also a natural pain killer as a successful climactic romantic encounter produces chemicals that have a similar effect to morphine. Science has got your back for a reason that sex over age 55 is recommended.

9. Lower your blood pressure

Sex also has the effect of lowering blood pressure. It also boosts cardio health reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition, you’ll reap the wonderful benefits of exercising those muscles to help tighten and tone your body.

10. Changing attitudes

With advances in medicine, people are living longer and maintaining a better quality of life by being more physically able. Society is changing in attitudes towards sex after 55.

What was once a taboo subject is now spoken of more freely as a normal part of life. Yes, you’ve got it…SEX!


Here we have 10 reasons why sex is better after age 55. This is the time of life when people generally have more time to spend doing the things that they want to do, instead of constantly catering to the needs of others.

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We are sexual beings and this is a normal and healthy part of life that should continue as long as we are physically healthy enough and able to do.

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