Why You Should Use a Condom for Oral Sex?


Oral sex may not lead to pregnancy but it is nothing close to safe sex. You can still get and transfer sexually transmitted diseases to and from your sex partner.

If you have never thought of the possibility of getting an infection via oral sex, then you are certainly not alone on that boat.

Although it has become common knowledge that condoms and dental dam provide protection against oral sexually transmitted diseases, these two measures are highly underused and overlooked.

Provided in this piece of writing is everything from basic knowledge on oral STIs, how to discuss protection against STI with your partner, down to tips on how to make the protective measures part of foreplay.

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How common are oral STIs?

Although it has been discovered that engaging in oral sex puts both the receiver and the giver at risk of getting an infection, we are yet to ascertain the overall risk of transmission.

According to researchers, the reason why it is difficult to access the overall risk of oral STI transmission is because most people who engage in oral sex have anal or vaginal sex often. So it is more challenging to figure out the point of transmission.

As at the time of this publication, research on contracting sexually transmitted diseases other than HIV during cunnilingus is limited.

Also, lesser research is available on the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases associated with performing oral sex on the anus. However, here is what we know;

The STIs that are commonly passed through oral sex include: syphilis, gonorrhoea, and genital herpes which is known to be caused by the herpes simplex virus two.

Some of the infections that less frequently occurs as a result of oral sex are: hepatitis A, B C, pubic lice, chlamydia, genital warts which is caused by the human papillomavirus, and finally human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

It has also been discovered that there are some infections that can be transmitted via oral sex but the chances are unclear. The infections are herpes simplex virus one and trichomoniasis.

Other bacteria infections such as the ones caused by Shigella, Escherichia coli, and even intestinal parasites can be spread through anal or oral sex. Bear in mind that barrier methods are not foolproof.

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Just like a host of other methods of protection, condoms and dental dams are quite effective but they are not a hundred percent foolproof. An error on the part of a user ( that includes incorrect application) can reduce the efficacy of these products.

An unexpected rip in the material even if only little, can aid the transmission infections between you and your sex partner. Also there is a chance that STI can be transmitted through contact with the skin of sun infected person that isn’t covered with dental dam or condom.

For example, syphilis and genital herpes can be easily spread through skin to skin contact in an infected partners genital region including the labia and the pubic mound.

Discuss protection with your partner beforehand

It can be difficult and annoying to start discussing what the expectations and boundaries should be when clothes are already off and the both of you as sweet to get the ball rolling.

If you can bring yourself to have the discussion with your partner before you get into the mood for sex, it would go a long way to help your relationship. Here are some good conversation starters you should consider trying.

  1. Say “Baby, we have been having a swell time and I’m excited to try out some new things with you. I was wondering if you and I could read up a few things on how, when and why we should consider the use of protection”
  2. Say ” Did you know it is possible to make use of condoms during oral sex? I read a fascinating article on it and if looks you to check it out with me later”
  3. If it’s a new partner you are dealing with, tell the person ” I like to be clear consent, protection, and everything else before we start having sex and I’d like for us to discuss it now” make sure to have the talk before agreeing to anything else.
  4. You can also say ” It looks like we are going to have lots of fooling around so just In case you and I stay touching or trying to get sweet at anytime, is like us to have a talk on oral sex and protection for our mutual benefit.”

Having an honest, mature, and open conversation with your partner will go a long way to help build your sexual relationship and establish a higher level of trust between you and your partner.

It is important that you and your partner are able to be on the same page and clear the air before bad or worse things happen that could lead to a misunderstanding and breakup.

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What to expect from taste and sensation during protected oral sex?

Receiving or giving oral sex while using a barrier method of protection will definitely feel a little different whether you like it or not. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to ruin the pleasure for either the giver or the receiver.

A few people have reported that condoms and dental dams do not taste nice at all. To minimize the unpleasant taste, opt for a material asides latex and polyurethane.

The lube you use as well as other additives can also affect the taste of the condom or dam. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends  a lot on the kind of lubricant you use.

Condoms that are pre-lubricated usually don’t taste nice so it’s best to start with a condom that has no lubricant and see how that works. Consider using an edible flavored lubricant that is not only safe for ingestion but also compatible with the barrier material.


People must have told you things like the sensation isn’t usually so good and a host of other stuff just to get you discouraged from using protection but the fact is, you still get to feel the movement and enjoy every bit of the experience when you are protected.

In fact someone has confessed that oral sex with a condom feels 85 per cent like the real deal. They even added that the overall sensation is almost equal to what they feel when they have vaginal sex.

For some people, oral sex is too stimulating so a barrier method is a way to increase endurance and enjoy the sensation for longer.

What kind of condom should I use?

Almost any condom used for penetrative sex is good for oral sex. However, there are things to keep in mind.

  1. Size matters: Condoms that are ill-fitting may tear, slip off, or allow fluid to sip in or leak out and even expose your skin.
  2. Lubricant is optional: Even though pre-lubricated condoms may taste unpleasant introducing an added lubrication may help to mask the taste of the material used.
  3. Spermicide is risky: Never use a condom that has spermicide in it as your mouth will most likely become numb and cause you to get injured in the process.

You can cover the penis with an outside condom during oral sex while dental dams and inside condoms should be used to protect the anus and  vagina.

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If you are not in possession of a dental dam, you can create your own dental dam using an outside or inside condom. To create your dental dam from a condom, simply snip off the tip and the rolled end of the condom then slice it down its length.

Unroll the condom and place it over the anus or vagina before performing oral sex.

How to work this into foreplay?

When it comes to putting barrier method of protection to use in terms of oral sex, there is no defined or one size fits all approach.

You can choose to be extra serious by putting on the barrier and going ahead to do your thing, or you can be a little playful about it. How you choose to do it is totally up to you, however, we have gathered together some tips you may find useful to spice things up.

  1. Make sure to minimise effort: Open the package of the condom or dental dam before you start anything so that you do not have to interrupt the fun just to open it. Once it’s time to use it, you can easily pick it up and use without wasting some precious seconds tearing the package.
  2. Rolling is important: Make sure your mouth doesn’t come in contact with any kind of fluid before you use a barrier method. Use your hand too put the dental dam or condom in place and simply follow behind by rolling with your tongue.

Important do’s and don’ts

Never use the same condom used for oral sex if you want to move on to penetrative sex. Once you are set to move on to anal sex or vaginal sex, open a fresh condom for use as it is safer.

Never apply a condom using your teeth because though it may be invisible to you, your teeth can puncture the condom or dam and expose you to infection from fluids that sip in. Also, do not use food as lube because foods can damage the material of your condom or dental dam and leave you unknowing exposed to infections.

Water or silicon-based flavored lubricants are a great option because they are usually compatible with condom material and they are also easy to find.

These lubricants are a great way to reduce the unpleasant taste or smell of the barrier method and make the experience more pleasurable for both you and your partner.

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