9 Best Masturbation Tips for Ladies?

Tantric Masturbation

For many reasons, a lot of women these days would instead engage in masturbation than partnered sex.

I do not mean to undermine the value of sexual intimacy between a woman and another human, but there is just this thing about being able to control pleasure and have it whenever you want without having to bother anyone else.

Now, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to masturbation, Whatever way you’ve been doing it is just perfect. But there are a few tips that might help you get more of the pleasure is a desire from masturbation, and we have all of them packed together in this article.

Whether you choose to masturbate once a day, three times daily, or every single day of the week, it is all perfect and very normal. In fact, masturbation is a very healthy practice as it is excellent for relieving stress and improving your sexual life.

Leah Millheiser, who works as a clinical assistant professor and director of female sexual medicine at the Stanford University Medical Center, says “Masturbation releases stress and anxiety.

We know that you get a total-body relaxation after an orgasm, which is awesome for someone who is tense. Masturbation also helps to increase blood flow to the genitals which is important because blood flow keeps the vagina healthy.”

Talking about how masturbation improves your sex life, Millheiser says “When a woman masturbates and achieves an orgasm, it releases oxytocin, which is a powerful hormone, that makes a woman want to bond more with her partner.

We also know that individuals who don’t masturbate are more likely to have challenges reaching orgasm with a partner.”

Whether you’re just starting out in the game of masturbation or you are one who has been practising it for a long time, there are still some tips and tricks that will help you bring your A-game the next time you decide to touch yourself.

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Table of Contents

1. Get out a mirror for self-exam

To explore the possibility of pleasuring yourself adequately, you have to understand your anatomy.

Download a clinical map of the female anatomy from the internet, sit in front of the mirror with your legs wide open and compare what you have on the clinical map to what you have in your vagina.

Gently get familiar with your body and pay a lot of attention to that button like part called the clitoris as it is a very vital organ for orgasm.

2. Set the mood right

Setting the right mood and environment for sexual activities is not restricted to when you are having sex with someone else only. If you’re going to masturbate, make sure the environment is conducive.

Cleanup up your room, have a bath spray on some sweet smelling perfume and make sure your mind is in a total state of bliss.

It’s generally difficult to feel sexy if you have dirty clothes littering your room or you have takeout food packs from two nights ago all over your bedroom floor.

3. Avoid multitasking

A lot of women are guilty of multitasking even while they’re having sex, and it prevents them from getting the best sexual experience.

The reason for this default setting not multitasking is understandable because most times you have to multitask between jobs, partners, and taking care of your children.

While all of this our daily tasks require that we multitask to maximise time when it comes to masturbation, you have to be focused entirely on giving yourself pleasure, and there is no need to hurry.

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Therefore make sure your mind doesn’t drift, remain focused on what you are doing and avoid worrying about other things you can always sort them out when you’re done. Always remember that mindfulness and focus are critical.

4. Don’t completely shut down your mind

Never make the mistake of completely shutting down your mind to orgasm. While you should be mindful and not allow your attention to drift from your activity, make sure that your mind is focused on every single sensation that you feel as you engage in masturbation.

This way you get to understand your body better and enjoy every unique feeling of pleasure that comes with the techniques you apply.

5. Fantasise as much as you can

If there is one place where you can do anything or be anything you want to be, it’s in your mind.

Fantasise as much as you can while you engage in masturbation you don’t necessarily have to fantasise about having kinky sex, using a strap-on or whips as you have seen in movies or read in novels.

You can fantasise about being with someone who you have always liked, or maybe being with someone of the same gender. It doesn’t question your sexuality, fantasising is a great way to enjoy what you are doing and also exercise your mind while you enjoy sexual satisfaction.

6. Introduce some penetration

Penetration in masturbation is not a common practice for half the percentage of women that masturbate.

Therefore, if you are one of those women who are not too shy to engage in penetration, you could try putting your fingers in and out of your vagina to increase stimulation.

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Better still, try getting a sex toy. A vibrator is excellent; a dildo is perfect if you are up for penetration as part of your routine. Oh and guess what? You just might hit your g-spot and reach orgasm.

7. Engage your lube tube

Lubrication makes sex more comfortable and more pleasurable, and the same goes for masturbation.

The more lubricated your vagina is, the easier it is for you to navigate it as you touch. A lot of people have said it is easier for them to reach orgasm when they’re nicely lubricated.

If you’re one of those persons who want to use a sex toy during masturbation, make sure to use a water-based lubricant; that is if vaginal dryness isn’t a problem.

If you’re one of those people, who take birth control pills that are making you have some kind of vaginal dryness, making use of oil-based lubricant or silicone-based lubricants are the best bet.

It is, however, noteworthy that if you’re making use of a sex toy, you should avoid the use of silicon-based lubricant as it may cause the plastic to melt.

8. Switch things up

Don’t focus on just one pattern of self-stimulation, switch things up. Trying new styles if possible watch films to learn more stuff about masturbation. Learn not to condition your body to engage in a one-way journey to orgasm.

Tease yourself as often as possible when you’re close to reaching your orgasm reduce the stimulation this would help you masturbate for longer.

9. Masturbate more often

Do not stop masturbating because you think it’s an abnormal thing. It is entirely reasonable and very healthy for you to engage in masturbation on a regular basis. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a lube, a mirror, get some sex toys, and get your freak on!

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