Types of Penis: Size, Shapes and Other Juicy Details

Types of Penis

No two humans are ever the same, and this fact also applies to penises. That’s rights! Penises are unique, just as the owners are.

However, there is no such thing as a penis that’s better than another. All types of penises are just great, and the owners only need to learn how best to use them.

In this article, readers will learn why there is no such thing as a bad size or shape when it comes to the different types of penises; but first, let’s learn about the different types of penises.

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Knowing the typical shape

If there is anything such thing as a typical penis shape, I guess we will be talking about a cylinder-ish shape and the head that is wider and more pronounced. Asides these, nothing else.

Below are the various types of penises and all you should know about them:

Curved upward

This kind of penises are just like a banana in shape. This penis is slightly curved upward, at least when it’s fully erect.

Do not be weirded out by the upward curve, as it only serves as an advantage when it comes to delivering smooth stimulation of all the right areas to offer mind-blowing, full-body orgasms.

Curved downward

Penises in this category look like when a banana is flipped around. You can easily picture the shape already like that of a penis with a curve that is slightly downward. Again, the curve here is only noticeable during an erection.

  • Pro-tip for downward curved penis owners: To spice things up, you can turn that ugly frown upside down with any of the rear-entry positions.


This kind of penis features a noticeable right-side curve. If you or your sexual partner owns a major curve, then you both must be willing to experiment with various angles.

Sex positions that make room for you to work the special curve toward the vagina’s front wall or rectum to give you that hot-spot advantage enjoyed by those with banana shapes.

  • Pro tip for C-Shaped penis owners: You can try the T-bone. This is a delectable sex position that begins with the penis owner on their side with the penis curve looking toward the sky. The other partner on the receiving end will lie on their back in a T shape and drape their legs down over the penetrating partner’s hip.

Straight Penis

The straight penis is the perfect picture most people paint mentally. This one maintains pretty much the same cylindrical shape from shaft to the head.

With not a single angle to accommodate, you can easily find your way through every and any sex position that you and your partner wish to try.

  • Pro tip for straight penis owners: You can both give and get the most pleasure with any sex position that makes it very easy to reach all of the erogenous zones.
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Bigger base with a narrow head

In this case, the penis becomes thicker at the base and remains narrows as you move closer towards the head, making it have a cone-esque shape.

Like other penis shapes, this one has got some really solid perks. The narrower penis head makes for much easier entry, and a base that is wider offers more stimulation as you go deeper.

  • Pro tip for a bigger base with narrow head penis owners: If you and your partner are both open to anal sex, the cone is perfectly built for butt play since the gradual increase in girth is just right for stretching the anus. Don’t forget to use a lot of lube and also do a lot of teasing before going deeper.

Narrow base with a larger head

This is the hammer penis, and it is one long and thin sex piece with a much larger head. It sure has all the right makings for real good nailing.

There is an extra girth at the tip that will help to stimulate the rectal or vaginal walls, and it sure will feel good for you both.

  • Pro tip for owners of hammer penis: Do well to choose positions that allow the fellow at the receiving end to open wide and stimulate their penis or clit at the same time for a better entry. Classics like cows and missionaries are very hammer-friendly.

Where do length and girth come in?

Types of Penis

Penises do not only come in various shapes but thicknesses and lengths, too. Regardless of what combo you choose to work with, the correct moves can make them all O-inducing.

Length and girth that is smaller-than-average

The “gherkin” is on the shorter and narrower side of what we consider to be average, but do not be fooled by its smaller stature. It doesn’t have to be big to be great for action.

  • Pro tip for those with the “gherkin”: If you think its time to go deep, there are some sex positions that are better than others. One of the best options for you is doggy style, as it is great for those with a penis that is smaller-than-average.

Shorter-than-average length with a thick girth

The “kielbasa” is another penis that is shorter, stout, and able to stimulate the rectal or vaginal walls like its nobody’s business.

There are tons of sensitive nerve-endings loaded in and around either of the entry point, so with shorter length, there is room for some serious toe-curling penetration for both partners.

  • Pro tip for kielbasa owners: Use a lot of lube but take things slow, and then master the dog positions, such as the traditional doggy or the downward-facing dog ( like the yoga pose).

Average length and girth

Yay Jack! Your beanstalk is just great! The “cucumber” is neither too small nor too big, but just perfect for any sex position you would like to try.

  • Pro tip for owners of the average cucumber: Make sure to experiment as much as possible to find your most interesting positions! Try variations on all classic sex positions and throw in some standing sex positions as well.
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Larger-than-average length and girth

The “salami” comes as the type of appendage you will most likely see in porn videos: long and thick.

Yes, people say size does matter. However, while a penis this size will leave some receivers excited, it can be a daunting task taking it in — literally.

The key to enjoying the best of this kind of penis is lots of lube and sex positions that give the receiver a lot more control.

  • Pro tip for salami owners: Ensure to lube up and try out sex positions that allow your receiving partner to keep their legs tight so they and you can control the depth. You can achieve this through positions like spooning, missionary, and even various rare-entry positions.

Larger-than-average length with a thin girth

To be certain, the “pencil” kind of penis isn’t exactly pencil-thin, but it’s visibly narrower and longer than average.

If you wish to make the best use of a pencil penis, stick strictly to tight-legged positions. With the tighter space, sex becomes more pleasurable for both of you and still allows the receiver to stay in control of how much of the length goes into their body.

  • Pro tip for pencil penis owners: You’ve almost got no choice but to try spooning. Coming in from behind will help to create a tight space and also requires additional length to reach the best ends. Spooning also works perfectly for those who are into anal.

How skin tone affect the color

Regardless of a person’s race, a penis can be quite considerably different from the owner. The same difference goes for nipples and vulvas.

This is nothing wrong and entirely natural. The color of these areas differs because of our sex hormones that help to regulate melanocyte cells. These are nothing but skin cells that naturally release melanin, which is what handles pigmentation.

Rising levels of testosterone throughout a person’s life lead to darker skin in the penis, nipples, and vagina. The color can look brown or grayish.

And during erection, the flow of blood can make it appear reddish or even purple.

Everything color related is totally normal and has no impact what so ever on function.

Hair, foreskin, and more

Adding to the character and charm of the different types of penises are other traits like veins, hair, and foreskin.

Below, we get to take a closer look at some of the unique attributes as well as the best ways to handle them.


Circumcised types of penises have been found to make up as much as 70% of the penises in the United States of America. These kinds or penises have had the foreskin cut off.

What this means is that the penis head is always on display. In other words, there’s absolutely no need to pull back the foreskin to access the dick head.

  • Pro tip for circumcised penises: Note that the foreskin does not make any difference in regard to how much pleasure your partner feels, but using lube could help to minimize chafing for you when you try a long or very snuggly session.
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A penis that is uncircumcised still has its foreskin intact. Only some part of the penis head is visible here, unless it is erect and, even in that case, it depends on how much foreskin there is.

  • Pro tip for uncircumcised penises: Foreskin is designed to works like sleeves. You can alternate between sliding your penis back and forth over the cap and slightly pulling it back and revealing the head for some specific attention.


Having hair around the base of your penis and your balls is pretty much a very normal and expected thing unless you choose to shave it off.

It is even possible for you to notice a few stragglers on your penis shaft. That’s all good!

  • Pro tip for hairy penis situations: If you have decided to go au naturel, ensure that you do what it takes to keep things clean and fresh down there. If you or your partner would rather get a trim or prefer a hairless nether region, you must take care to avoid any painful mishaps.


In this case, there is not a bump or vein to see; a smooth penis allows for an easy and silky smooth entry.

  • Pro tip for smooth penis situations: Do you want more? You can get some more action if you choose to mix things up with a cock ring or textured condoms for an entirely different sensation.


Some cocks come with uber-accentuated veins, mostly when they’re aroused.

A veiny penis shouldn’t weird you out as it often comes down to muscle and genetics and is totally nothing to worry about.

  • Pro tip for veiny penis situation: Too much sweetness? You can look to getting thicker or differently textured condoms that will help to prevent overstimulation.


Freckles are not the most common thing to see on a penis. However, it all comes down to pigmentation that may appear more pronounced in certain areas than others.

It’s nothing but pure aesthetic.

  • Pro tip for freckled situations: Freckles on any penis or any other part of the skin is totally normal, but if your partner is worried about the beautifully spotted appearance, you can choose to hit pause and discuss with your doctor or other healthcare professionals before you take things further.


A shower is a term used in reference to a penis that stays the same size, whether it is erect or not.

Experts are not sure why this happens, but it appears to be a relatively common thing according to the available information.

  • Pro tip for shower situations: Nothing to worry about, do well to proceed as usual!


As you may already know, most penises are naturally growers. This means that which becomes bigger when they get hard.

  • Pro tip for grower situations: Here, there is nothing extra or out of the world required. All you need to do is get busy!

Final thoughts on types of penises

As mentioned at the beginning, there is no one type of penises that is better than any other. What this means is that you can spend all your time enjoying the pleasure it can give, rather than looking at its appearance.  

Also, do well to always have protected sex as no sex position or penis type protects you from STIs.

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