Can You Get Pregnant From Period Sex?

Sex During Pregnancy

When it comes to sex, there are a few things we try to shy away from, and one of those things for the ladies is having sex while menstruating.

If you’re not naturally a very fussy person, you might find sex during your period exciting and maybe more enjoyable.

A significant reason why many Africans do not have sex while menstruating is that they feel it has some spiritual undertone that stagnates the life of the parties involved, but there is nothing to prove the efficacy of that belief.

Another reason why some people might not want to have sex during their menstruation is that of how messy it can get, but if you can get past all of these, you might just be on a ride to the most interesting sexual experience of your life.

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Does having sex during your period have benefits?

before you worry about the downsides of having sex during your menstrual period, I would like you to know a few of the upsides and reasons why you should engage in menstrual sex.

1. Relief from menstrual cramps

Having good sex during menstruation could help relieve you from menstrual pains as orgasms help to contract and release your uterus muscles helping it shed its lining easily which is what happens when you have cramps.

Sex during menstruation can help you feel good as it triggers the release of the hormone called endorphins which is responsible for making you feel happy and for a few minutes you are distracted from the reality of the fact that you are shedding blood.

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2. Shorter days of menstruation

If you have been wondering what the possible ways to reduce your period are, well you have found one, and that is having sex while menstruating.

When you have sex during your period, you can make your uterus wall contract and release making your period flow out more. That way, the lining is shed faster and the days you pass out blood reduces automatically. Great right?

3. Higher sex drive

The female body is a very complex one, and that explains why your sex drive changes according to your menstrual circle. For some women, ovulation is the time of the month when their sex drive increased tremendously but for many others when they are on their period the urge for sex increases.

This is actually great because when your libido is high, you get to enjoy the activity more, so that’s an excellent reason to engage in sexual intercourse while you’re on your period.

4. Lots of natural lubrication

the vagina is self-lubricating that we already know but when your on your period the lubrication is more because blood is also a natural lubricant now if you can try to avoid thinking about how icky and disgusting the blood might be and focus on it lubricating you on the inside, you just might enjoy sexual intercourse more then when you make use of your store-bought artificial lubricants.

5. It is excellent for relieving migraine

not every woman has migraine headaches while they’re on their period but for the few who have such problems, having sex have reportedly relieved pains and migraine wholly or partially.

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What are the downsides?

The major downside as earlier stated is the messiness. Get ready to soil your sheets and the entire environment where you have sex during your period. Which is why it is advised that you engage in sexual intercourse in the bathroom when you are on your period.

This way, the water helps to flush away the excess blood and leaves the environment less messy. Another thing to be considered is the spread of sexually transmitted infections that live in blood.

HIV and hepatitis are two examples of STIs that can be transmitted through blood contact. Hence it is wise that you use a condom every time you have sex. This way you get to enjoy the pleasures of coitus and stay safe.

If you are a tampon user and you want to engage in sex while menstruating, it is vital that you take out the tampon before you start so that you do not end up sending it way up into your body and causing for yourself some medical complications.

Now that we have made both sides of the coin it is time to answer the significant question; Can you get pregnant from sex during menstruation?

A lot of people believe that it is impossible for a lady to get pregnant while menstruating. Well sorry to burst your bubble, you can get pregnant if you have sex during menstruation. If you are not actively seeking to make babies, it is advised that you make use of protection.

However, pregnancy usually takes place during the ovulation period which is generally two weeks before your period, but in some cases sperm can still live in your body for up to a week; if your egg is released while you still have sperm inside you, it becomes very possible for you to conceive.

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Sometimes your menstrual cycle for the month may become shorter for one reason or another. This means that the quicker your circle, the higher the possibility for you to conceive during menstruation.

However, do not let the fear of pregnancy stop you from enjoying sexual pleasures during menstruation the chances of getting pregnant are significantly low but not zero, so there is almost nothing to worry about.

The best positions for menstruation sex

When it comes to menstrual sex almost any position can work, It depends on the location you choose to have your activity. If you decide to explore your fantasy in the bedroom, firstly you need to get yourself a dark-colored towel to spread over your bed sheet so it can absorb the blood stains.

Next you can choose to do a missionary position but laying on your side and have your partner go into you from behind is usually more enjoyable. if you’re going to have sex in the bathroom, the doggy position is the best options because it allows you stand under the shower while the cascading water washes away the blood and makes it less messy.

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