Is Masturbation a Normal Thing to Do?


How often do you need to release your sexual tensions by masturbating? Cheating, if you are in a relationship or having sex with just anyone( if you are not in a relationship) is not an option for you? More often, we tend to see masturbation as a shameful thing.

Some people believe people who masturbate are a sex addicts.

It’s actually normal to masturbate even though you are sexually active with other people or not. Masturbation involves the touching or stimulation of one’s genitals for sexual arousal and pleasure, usually to sexual climax.

Most people masturbate, although, they don’t talk about it. Masturbation is not age or gender specific, and a large number of persons masturbate because it feels good.

Although, masturbation is seen as a perversion, but now it is not just reasonable but a healthy sexual activity and it is safe. It can only be considered a problem if it disrupts sexual activity with a partner or is done in public, apart from this, masturbation is normal and healthy.

There have been some crazy things we might have heard about masturbation like it causes infertility, causes hair to grow in weird places, or once you start, you get addicted to it. Funny enough, those are all false. On the contrary, it is healthily good for not only your mental but physical state.

I call refer to it as “safe sex”- no pregnancy risk or STDs. I also wish everybody can adopt masturbation to relieve themselves when they don’t have access to penetrative sex. It’s only too much if it gets in the way of your social life, jobs or responsibility.

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Masturbation is not only for singles, a lot of people in a relationship do masturbate.

Masturbating when you have a partner doesn’t mean you are not sexually satisfied by your partner, on the contrary, it is an advantage because, it makes you know what you like, where you like being touched and what makes you get an orgasm. Then this can be relayed to your partner.

Research has shown the health benefits of masturbation; mentally, emotionally, physically and otherwise:

1. Masturbation reduces stress:

Masturbation is sex (safe sex), just that you don’t need a partner in this kind of sex. Just as the generally practised kind of sex reduces stress, so does masturbation.

It relaxes the hormones; make you feel good. Stress affects you both mentally and emotionally. Masturbation brings you to a cool emotional and mental state.

2. Releases sexual tension

This is one of the reasons why masturbation should be encouraged. For those with active sex partners, what if you are in the mood to get some, but your partner is not available at the moment?

Masturbation can take the place of cheating which can ruin a relationship. This is why I call masturbation “safe sex”. For those without stable sex partners, you can on your own release sexual tension without bothering anyone. Easy life right?

3. Help you sleep better

Sex is an antidote to sleepless nights. The beautiful thing about this kind of sex is that you gave yourself utmost pleasure, you weren’t unconsciously forced to enjoy what you are not enjoying. You touched yourself where you like and took yourself to orgasm. This is why you will sleep even better.

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4. Relieves menstrual cramps and muscle tension

For ladies, one way to relieve yourself of killer cramps is by masturbating. This also helps to reduce muscle tensions.

5. Help treat sexual problems

Some people suffer persistent or recurrent difficulty with sexual response. Sometimes it might be that their sex partners are not doing something right and over time, their body becomes unresponsive to sexual advances.

Masturbation helps treat that; it enables you to figure out how to get aroused and how to get pleasure and respond sexually.

Masturbation is a healthy regular sex and most preferred. You will love it. How often do you masturbate? Is it something you enjoy doing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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