How to Choose the Right Weapon for Oral Sex

Oral Sex

The body of a woman is complex, and it takes only a man with the right skill set to navigate it and achieve the priceless goal of helping her reach orgasm.

We won’t deny the fact that men do their best during penetrative sex to make the experience pleasurable, but sometimes it seems like their best isn’t good enough because we want more (talk about being demanding).

Except for women who have not been privileged to have a man eat their vagina, every other woman who has had a taste of oral sex would always crave more than just penetrative sex.

Eating pussy or giving a woman head is not only pleasurable for her but healthy for whoever the giver is because the vagina is home to many good bacteria.

Oral sex, also known by its Latin name cunnilingus is a unique art of lovemaking that involves the use of tongue and mouth in general. This skill is a delicate one that requires patience, dedication and practice to pull off just right.

However, once you become good at it, any woman who comes your way will appreciate you, love you, and most importantly stick to you like glue.

However, you must bear in mind that a man has no power to give an orgasm. What you can only do is help your woman achieve orgasm with your skills and a good level of connection between both of you.

A woman can touch herself until she gets the level of pleasure she desires and even reaches orgasm without you.

For your woman to reach an orgasm with you, she must receive the needed amount of stimulation and also be in the right frame of mind.

You have a very vital role to play in helping her feel and look sexy even though some women are confident about their level of sexiness.

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You already came from the factory with all of the equipment you need, all that’s left is some practice to perfect your skills and most importantly, some high level of enthusiasm.

Now that all of the above has been said, we are set to give you some very important tips that should help you ace your next oral sex experience.

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Shave everything off

Pubic Hair

I mean, you have got to eliminate that entire beard if you really want to make her come back for more. I love it when my man keeps a beard, and more importantly, I love the way it increases the pleasure for me during cunnilingus. But, it’s sad to say that not every woman likes it.

If you are keeping a Brazilian and you already assume she’ll like it when you go down there, I suggest you ask her first to decide what she wants on your face considering the oral sex factor.

Some ladies are very sensitive to sharp facial hair to the extent that they may develop a serious skin reaction like a rash in response. Some ladies would love your beard (I mean that luscious rub of clean and soft beard on a vagina is everything in paradise).

But many others may find it difficult to concentrate on the pleasure that should get them to the peak and close to the big “O”  because of all that tickling that comes with the contact between flesh and facial hair.

Remember that while you do your thing down there, your lady may be unable to see you, but then she knows what she wants and how she likes to have her oral sex served.

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Choosing the right weapons

So there is the question of choosing the better weapon between fingers and the tongue. The simple answer is that both weapons are great, but you need to understand the difference between both.

Your tongue is a lot softer than your fingers so you can rely on it to provide a softer and the gentlest of stimulation that can be given to the vulva or clitoris. Something interesting about the pleasure of oral sex for most women is the gentleness.

If you want to consider the use of fingers, remember that a vagina only embraces the introduction of fingers that are squeaky clean and have only smooth fingernails. Your fingers are a good tool if want you want to do is add a little more stimulation and sizzle to the clitoris.

Your thumb can be used to raise the clitoral hood and provide more access to her clitoris so that your tongue can continue with the job from that point on. Your fingers can also be used to touch other places while your tongue does the sucking and teasing of the vulva.

Nevertheless, one combination trick that works magic many tomes is sucking with your tongue and doing a gentle penetration with your index finger. You can move your finger in a back and forth motion or even go in circles.

As long as you are focused on touching on the spot inside the vagina while your tongue handles the clitoris, she is very likely to reach the height of pleasure in a shorter time.

Get comfortable

Being completely comfortable may sound like a terrible idea, but in most cases, it is a brilliant idea. Imagine what a crick in your neck will do, or how much making her feel uncomfortable can ruin. She most probably won’t appreciate your bad-ass tongue skills if the both of you are not comfy.

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So what should you do? Get a pillow and make it your best friend for comfort. Arrange your lady’s legs so that they sit nicely on your shoulders, then process to kneel before your queen and ask her what she would be comfy with.

If you rely on body language here, you would most probably be misled because you may mistake her writhing in discomfort for throes of pleasure and delight.

Don’t be too afraid to ask what position she finds comfortable and also find a comfortable position for yourself while at it.

Keep it slow

If she has not told you outright to go faster, make sure you take it slow and soft. Start by kissing your lady from the neck all the way down. Pay attention to the top of her breasts and her nipples.

It wouldn’t also hurt to go towards her belly button so that she gets an idea of what you have in mind, but you can spice things up by asking her if she’d like you to go further down.

If by the time you make your journey down there you discover her panties are still on, do not yank or pull them down.

Driving her crazy would be nice. You can pull them or shift them on different spots and tease with your tongue. This will be tantalising and help build up the mood so that when you take off the panties off it would be easy to get her to where she wants to go.

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