Tips on How to Get an Orgasm From Your Breasts

Orgasm From Your Breasts

Most men are attracted to big breasts, and we cannot blame them. With the pushup bras and low cut tops ladies put on, there is almost no way to walk past those inviting pair and not turn your head.

Even ladies with smaller boobs are continually dressing up to show how tempting their nipples can be and you best believe they get as much attention as they want and even more.

The sad part, however, is that when it’s time to have sex, the attention men pay to these pretty set of melons do not go past the foreplay stage. That’s not fair, and I’ll tell you why.

When it comes to getting maximum pleasure from sex, the nipples are just as prominent as the clitoris, and if a man can adequately handle both the nipples and clit, there is no way a lady can escape orgasm (almost no way).

These four tips will help you enjoy sex better with your breasts actively involved in the love making process.

1. Did you know your breasts could get more prominent when stimulated right?

This change in size may not go past play time but while you have it, take the chance and enjoy the pleasure that it brings. Once you get sexually aroused, your breast increases in size by 25% making it more sensitive to touch.

Try leaning over your partner and feel the weight of your melons, then have your partner grab them tight or push them against each other at varying speeds.

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You realise that the pleasure is intensified and there is a feeling of fullness that gives you more confidence in your pair. More focus is usually on the nipples but does not let it end there. Let your partner explore the whole of your breasts especially the dark area around your nipples.

The areola is very sensitive and is sure to bring you more pleasure than your nipples.  Let your partner, touch, kiss, suck, and massage your areola and also give some of the attention to the bottom of your breasts.

All of these can be done while you are actively having sex, so you don’t have to tell him to pull out just to focus on pleasuring your boobs.

If you are into kinks, have your partner tie you up and use nipple clamps on you while sucking the area around the clamps. The pain and pleasure are one to look forward to.

2. Your breasts are just as sensitive as your clitoris when you are aroused

When your body is ready for sexual intimacy, the sensitivity of your clitoris increases and the same happens to your mammary glands.

What happens with the feelings that come from genital stimulation is the same thing that happens when your nipples are stimulated because both sensations are capable of causing the release of oxytocin which is responsible for the big “O”.

Besides, every man is a big baby on the inside so giving them the right directions on how to play with your breasts will be very welcomed. There’s no need to fear that he might not enjoy it because he will.

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3. Don’t be scared to take charge

Playing the lead role during sex allows you to explore positions that make your breasts more accessible to your partner. Be bold enough to grab your breasts when you feel they deserve so touch and you can say nasty things to make your partner feel guilty for letting you do the boobs catching duty he should be doing.

If you love the cowgirl position, then you just boarded the right flight to nipple pleasure land, and if you haven’t been a fan of the cowgirl thing, then you need to learn because it’s the best position if you want to get your breasts involved.

You can put your breasts in your partner’s mouth while you ride on his penis or just lay back and have him do a breast examination for you. How’s that for a role play?

4. Introduce some sex toys

Sex toys are not only good for masturbation, anal penetration, stimulating the clitoris, and all the other stuff they are famous for. Your breasts could also enjoy the use of some sex toys. Using a vibrator on your nipples will give you pleasure be young your imagination.

But if you do not have access to sex toys, you can just opt for items like ice cubes, candle wax, and even ice-cream. Having your partner lick off ice cream from your breasts gives you a cold and warm feeling at the same time, and it could be orgasmic.

Before you have sex that has to be more focused on your boobs, have a small chat with your partner, so he is better prepared for what’s ahead. That way, you do not come off as selfish or overly demanding sexually.

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