Top 6 Futuristic Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men

Did you ever think that men couldn’t use or enjoy sex toys? now is the time to think again.

Apparently the makers of high-tech sex toys have come to understand that men also enjoy self-pleasure, and they have decided to do something thrilling to encourage it.

The last decade has defined the saying that the future is now, and we can never agree more. We have seen the rise of products that now rival sex with a human partner, and these products are straightforward to maintain and use.

Of course, we were here to witness the rise of life-like sex dolls. But through it all, dildos and vibrators seemed to remain King in the world of sex toys.

However, when you look closely, you can tell that technology has begun to revolutionize how both men and women enjoy self-pleasure, and it seems to be the most beautiful thing yet.

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Below are the top 6 futuristic sex toys for men

When it comes to sex and the many ways it can be enjoyed, there is no doubt that the possibilities now seem to increase at the speed of light.

With tons of innovative methods and mind-blowing machines flooding the market almost weekly, it has become apparent that the top-notch sex toys of yesterday are nothing short of laughable today.

To be honest, it has become more challenging to find a toy most suitable for you with the myriad of choices that you have to sift through. Yet, one thing we cannot deny is the fact that it is more fun now going through a catalog of sex toys than it was before.

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That is most likely why absolutely nobody seems to have complaints about what the future of sex toys for the male folk will look like.

Below are the top 6 future-inspired male sex toy options available currently:

Automated masturbation machines

Say what????
This would mean that you and your boys can stop manually pumping your penis until your shoulder hurts like its on fire. All thanks to this new and apparently remarkably user-friendly innovation.

Currently functioning as a baseline technology, these entirely automatic masturbators were the pinnacle of every man’s imagination at some point due to their integrated motors and convenient, hands-free functionality.

Of course, men had to start adding their own unique customizations to the idea, and eventually, we ended up inventing even more crazy stuff.

Interactive VR portals

You can begin to give all the gratitude to the doors that have been opened by the mind-blowing collaboration between ingenuity and perversion.

The man in today’s world is now able to do all the things he has imagined and draw inspiration from The most real scenario possible during sex or masturbation.

Now, it is easy to simply hook up an automatic machine that transports you to an interactive online adult portal where you and your penis can do all that you’ve ever wanted in a different dimension.

Like the erotica explorers of the modern-day, you can visit the places with the hottest sex mates while you remain in the comfort of your home. Isn’t that awesome?

Sex Toys for Men

Compatible devices

Don’t think the Tech world has forgotten that you may have a real-life partner. Provisions have been made for most of the best self-pleasure devices in today’s world to function even better when people use them as the couple friendly devices they were created to be.

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The coolest options usually come complete with smart features such as mobile app controllability, Bluetooth connectivity, live chat rooms or cam access, motion-sensing Technologies, and entry into a vast library of 3D and 2D virtual reality pornography videos.

People can use most of these devices with their partners regardless of where they are in the world. Also, a couple of them can be enjoyed with experiences that are pre-programmed and even connected with a device from an entirely different brand.

Virtual reality gloves

Much recently, the big shots in the industry introduced a unique and revolutionary sex product that goes a step further to demonstrate just how far we have come since the inception of self-gratification.

By taking advantage of electro-stimulation (e-stim), a curious combination of motion sensors, and other applied sciences, today’s sex toy market now features the very first pair of virtual reality gloves–a uniquely perverted innovation that allows users to actually “feel” their favorite sex partners or performers in real-time.

And when paired with an interactive or automatic masturbation machine as well as some clean VR goggles, the experience is hard to separate from the real thing.

Full-sized sexbots

A few years back, the closest thing the male folks had to enjoy a real-life sex session was a basic sex doll. Unfortunately, the old-school models were quite laughable.

However, things started getting more accurate as expected around the mid-2000s, and today we have a remarkable selection of lovely life-life sexbots at our disposal.

Features like skin-like materials, full-body detailing, self-warming orifices, texturized canals, and internal pulsations are just a few of the possibilities.

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Some of today’s most futuristic sex dolls can be programmed to learn whatever names you give them and may even hold their own erotic conversations with users.

Plus, you don’t have to pay their cab fare after sex.

Slutbot sexting tutors

As expected, controversy has developed around the invention of a high-functioning sex bot such as this. Many people argue that machines like this will make interpersonal interactions vanish from the face of the earth.

However, this has not stopped the first Slutbot Sexting Tutor in the world from entering the scene, and it’s undoubtedly making the conversation more fun.

This intuitive robot is designed to help users express their seductive and sexy side in a flirty and more efficient way. No doubt, this is both a relationship booster and a terrific add-on to your favorite interactive sex toy.

So, guys, these are only six futuristic sex toys for men that are currently available. There is no arguing that so much is yet to come, and we cannot wait for it.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to indulge in what is presently available while we anticipate the amazing future that is filled with endless possibilities for self-pleasure.

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