What Are Sex Crimes?

Sex Crimes

Our world today introduces several controversies based on the different views and opinions the general populace has about the theme of ‘sex’.

With sex being the action that ensures continuity of life, this topic cannot be scrubbed off the calendar of human existence.

However, some approaches towards this activity ultimately lead to what may be described as Sex Crimes.

A Sex Crime arises when there are offenses perpetrated by one of the individuals towards the other during sexual intercourse.

This may take many forms including involving the other party in the action by force or coercion. It could also mean having sexual intercourse with a minor or one who is not of age.

Sex crimes boil down to a couple of heavy allegations and may result in imprisonment and even loss of life. The laws governing sex are universal.

However, there are general thoughts on what sex crimes are. Likewise, the consequences of involving in such action also differ with respect to the country or region in question.

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Types of Sex Crimes

Sex crimes occur in different ways and also take different forms. The most common forms of sex crimes include:

1. Child Abuse

This is one of the most common types of sex crimes and there is a recognition of this indecency globally.

In the general term, this affects certain people who we know as ‘minors’. These are people who fall below the age recommended taking part in sexual activity.

Since children are not mature enough for such activity, they lack the freedom to decide whether they take part in sexual activity.

Therefore, any form of sexual activity involving a child whether directly or indirectly is child abuse.

One of the means of child sexual abuse is child molestation. This is a more severe situation when referring to child abuse as it involves the child directly.

In this case, there is sexual contact with the child which may include fondling, touching, or manipulating the child’s genitals.

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Studies show that five to fifteen percent of adults today were sexually abused went through sexual abuse as children.

Further research proves that most cases involve familiarity between the child and the perpetrator. In other words, the offender could be a household relative or worker in the home.

Other forms of child abuse include child pornography. In this situation, underaged children are exposed to pornographic activities that defile them sexually.

This also involves luring or enticing the children into the action.

It also involves taking part in child prostitution which involves the use of children to satisfy sexual desires. Individuals who carry tapes, videos, or other materials that display child pornography are also perpetrators of this crime.

The adverse effects of these actions on the child are numerous and cannot be overemphasized. First, it causes a lifetime emotional injury to the victims.

In most cases, children also suffer threats or baits to ensure their silence.

2. Rape

Rape is the enforcing of one’s physical strength upon another individual to exploit them sexually. In other words, it is sexual intercourse in which there is a lack of consent between the individuals.

Rape usually involves the application of force and violence.

Many victims of rape are usually women or female teenagers. However, the male gender can also be victims of rapes from the same or opposite sex.

Studies have also shown that male victims tend to suffer more trauma after such experiences. This is because they are often in captivity in these circumstances for a much longer time than females. 

Studies have also shown that most victims of rape are youths, especially within the age bracket of 12 to 30. The National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted this survey.

In the end, they realized that 18% of the women they interviewed were either victims of rape or attempted rape.

In the U.S. and some other countries, attempted rape is also a ‘sexual crime’ or offense. Removal of protective wears such as condoms and other contraceptives during sex without the partner’s consent can also be rape.

3. Groping

This term refers to the touching or fondling of one’s sexual organs in a sexual way without the person’s consent. In several countries, this is also a crime and one can face prosecution for it. Offenders can perform this action when the person is either dressed or undressed.

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4. Public Sexual Actions

In many situations, indecent sexual actions of the general public are sexual crimes. Some might term this as mass sexual assault.

The activity features a large number of men hanging around a woman or more to perform filthy sexual actions. Most times, they do this in the view of the public either for entertainment or to prove a point.

It involves assaulting, groping, manual penetration, and even frottage. It does not go further into sexual penetration and its activities are mainly ‘outercourse’.

5. Elderly Sexual Assault

This is another quite common form of sex crime where older and weaker individuals undergo sexual assault.

Reports have shown that thirty percent of the victims report such cases. The assailants of this crime include older children of the victim, strangers, caretakers, visitors, and sometimes, the victim’s spouse.

Other types of sex crimes include domestic violence, sexual harassment, prostitution, and molestation.

Effects of Sex Crimes

The effect of sex crimes on an individual is numerous. It ranges from physical damage to emotional, psychological, economic, and even national damages. 

1. Physical Damage

During the process of forced submission, the victim could sustain physical damages. This has generally led to the symbol of a raped woman being a physically wounded and battered woman.

There are also cases of unwanted pregnancies which can lead to abortions and other health activities. All of these eventually lead to the damage of the womb and other vital organs.

Aside from this, the trauma can also lead to headaches, body pains, insomnia, and a lack of interest in physical activities.

2. Emotional and Psychological Damage

This is notably the greatest effect of such an encounter on the victim. Forced sexual intercourse throws the victim into an incomprehensible state of trauma and anguish.

The person usually falls into grief, depression, and faces other short and long-term psychological challenges.

Other emotional issues the victims struggle with are genophobia, anger, denial, mood swings, shame, fear, nightmares, guilt and regret, and hopelessness.

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In many cases, psychological traumas also lead to suicide and infliction of pain on oneself.

The process is a tedious one where one suffers an emotional scar that could last a lifetime without treatment. It also leads to contemplating revenge and seeking dangerous ways to “fix” themselves.

3. Economic and National Damages

The more individuals in the country fall victim to sexual crimes, the lower the level of security in that country.

It is important to note that on a larger scale, sex crimes throw a country into moral corruption and indecency.

With more victims suffering sexual harassment every day, more and more people are becoming emotionally useless in the country.

Though a few may recover from the stings, others only end up creating more mess in their quest for restoration.

Treatment of Victims of Sex Crimes

After suffering from sexual assaults, many individuals don’t face the real world like they used to. They end up folding into themselves as they battle with their guilt and irritation.

Unfortunately, not many people in our world today also strive to contribute to their healing. Instead, they end up treating such persons as an outcast.

Sex crimes victims should not face stigmatization, maltreatment, or seclusion. Instead, they should receive warm welcomes and smiles.

Everyone around the victims plays a role in helping the victims recover by showing love, affection, and providing material needs.

Aside from this, the victims are to undergo proper medical checks and professional medical assistance immediately.

This will prevent any form of extreme health damage and in some cases, prevents Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Jurisdiction and Prevention

The legal treatment of these vices depends on the country’s constitution and how they address the matter.

One should, however, note that there is no country in support of these crimes. Thus, countries come up with different means to administer the appropriate punishment to offenders.

The easiest way to prevent sex crimes is through awareness programs and campaigns. The community could organize rallies to spread information and enlighten the public.

In our world today, the rally against rape is easier to propagate with the use of social media. With this, it is easier to fight these crimes and assist previous victims.

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